This is my full marvel. What, if episode 6 video, what, if Killmonger rescued Tony Stark theres a whole bunch of Easter eggs., They finally started to tease the big multiverse crossover so Ill. Explain how thats going to work too. If youre brand new to the channel be sure to subscribe, to get all the episodes it. Even though we are getting on in the what? If episodes., There will be a season 2. And it sounds as the gon na try and release it next year, careful for spoilers. If you have not see the episode yet will be talking about everything., Just turning the beginning and work our way through shot by shot. Talk about moments and Easter eggs, starting with the episode title. So like I said what, if Killmonger rescue Tony Stark the whole idea that Killmonger tries a very different plan to take the throne of Wakanda than he did during the original Black Panther Movie. This time, Killmonger gets a huge upgrade. His plan is way bigger than it was in the Black Panther movie. They start the episode with the same watcher explainer in all the episodes about how the multiverse works and how different choices cause different nexus. Events leading to further and further branching timelines, more and more alternate realities is a big difference in this opening scene is that instead, the watcher silhouette showing up watching the events of the original Iron Man movie play out.. You can actually see his face in a way that you couldnt in previous episodes, is, if hes manifesting above the earth much more fully than he has before.

. So when each of the episodes hes just shown himself a little bit more and a little bit more, it wasnt till episode for the doctor, strange supreme episode that he actually appeared in interacted with one of the characters was meant to be a pattern of increasing watcher Activity that will culminate in him helping bring together the guardians of the multiverse team, the multiverse avengers team made up of heroes from different universes that we visited in each of the episodes.. Like I said, this is basically the events of the first Iron Man film.. It all plays out., Mostly the same with a couple big twists. Obviously, but if you couldnt tell its not Robert Downey Jr playing Tony Stark, some of the actors did come back. Some of them did not so Ill point out which of the big ones came back when we see them pop up in the episode., But just like in the first Iron Man movie., He sees the stark tech bomb almost go off except this time. The nexus event is that Killmonger, who came up to the US military right out of school, saves them and takes him away from the area before the 10 rings can capture him and hold in ransom in obviously.. We learn later that this is him manipulating events.. This whole time as part of his grand plan to take the throne of Wakanda, the scope of his plan in this episode is way bigger than it was in the Black Panther film.

The scene is also important because we just saw the shang chi movie in they explain the true history of the MCU version of the Mandarin and they revealed that he was behind the events of the first Iron Man film.. So when the 10 rings hit his convoy. Originally it was Wenwus orders.. It was him trying to get his hands on stark tech weaponry, the Jericho missiles., So in effect, Wenwu was responsible for Tony Stark becoming Iron Man in the MCU., Because if it wouldve been for Wenwu attacking his convoy, he wouldve never got into the cave and thats. The whole premise of the episode., Because it is going to the cave. He never becomes iron man. This reality just a cool connection to the shang chi movie, when the watcher shows us the original Iron Man, origin story from the infinity saga from the sacred timeline version of events., The main MCU universe.. You see that iconic scene of Iron Man banging the hammer making the Mark one hess heroes are forged in darkness. Not born.. Thats also meant to be a sly reference to Killmonger, slowly becoming a hero of source like an antihero forged in darkness, because the plan that hes orchestrating here is a very dark plan, was sort of get his own redemption arc in later episodes when they had their Big guardians of the multiverse crossover episodes when the watcher is doing that montage of iron mans life of the original marvel movies all the way through avengers endgame.

. Like you see him snap, the infinity gauntlet, even though they didnt use Robert Downey Jr, is the voice of the what, if version of Tony Stark, they did pull the audio from Avengers Endgame. So this is Robert Downey Jrs voice from Avengers endgame for this particular scene, where he says – and I am Iron Man snapping the gauntlet, sometimes in the what? If series the reuse clips and dialogue from the original marvel movies is a just copy and paste them from the original movies, we get a very different version of that press conference from the original Iron Man movie when he gets rescued from the cave.. This time, hes honoring, Killmonger and naming him to his staff and Killmonger, obviously Alice obidiah stane, revealing that he was working with the 10 rings on the DL to get rid of Tony Stark. So he never winds up becoming iron monger in this timeline.. Even though Killmonger was lying about a lot of things., He wasnt lying about infiltrating the 10 rings. In order to get all this information, Jon Favreau did come back to do the voice of happy Hogan again. Like he came back during the marvel zombies episode, but Pepper Potts is not being played by Gwyneth Paltrow, even though she is a dead ringer for Gwyneth Paltrows Voice you notice Tony Stark speech during this is almost exact reverse is it was during the original movie. He says: hes, doubling down, building bigger, batter weapons to fight back harder, obviously, learning all the wrong lessons when happy Hogan jokes, that was supposed to be his promotion.

Thats a reference to the original Iron Man movies., Because happy was eventually made head of security for Stark industries. Leslie bid did come back to do the voice of Christine Everhart for this cameo scene, where they out obidiah stane. She kind of figures, Killmongers planned out the same way that shuri and a lot of other people, like Pepper, Potts, kind of figure out what Killmonger was doing the whole time. Her questioning him about orchestrating events of that he would be there to save Iron Man. Like did you set all this up yourself is meant to foreshadow a lot of the reveals later on about him, manipulating events making it seem like he was the hero. This whole time., The big party that they have to celebrate after getting rid of obidiah stane, is at his original house before it was destroyed during the events of Iron Man. Three. Remember this is all happening during the year 2008 thats. Why a lot of people that were dead later in the timeline are still alive? Liking? Tchaka is still alive. You notice to all these scenes, especially later in the episode to Iron. Man is drinking constantly., So he still a bit of an alcoholic in this reality when he makes the joke about Maxim, cover models being similar to corporators and terrorists.. Thats also meant to be a sly reference to black widow in Iron Man, two when they had all the pictures of her modeling on the covers of those magazines as part of her deep cover.

But in this context, though, hes just joking about Maxim cover models trying to have sex with kings and missing Tony Stark, basically winds up giving Killmonger obidiah stanes job is his new partner, Pepper, Potts, obviously kind of figures, things out and they foreshadow things by him. Making the Butch Cassidy Sundance kid reference, Pepper, Potts, like wait a minute: they both died at the end of that movie, foreshadowing Tony Starks death at the hands of Killmonger at the end of the episode and possibly the death of Killmonger, eventually, at the end of the Series. Don Cheadle did come back to do the voice of Rhodey, who gives Pepper Potts all the details on Killmongers back story.. The same way the Everett Ross sort of gave them all the details on his backstory during the Black Panther movie.. But the funny thing here is that you remember, because the where we are in the timeline is Don Cheadle doing a version of Terrence Howards Rhodey during the events of the first Iron Man, film. Its the same effect that we got in what? If episode three for Mark Ruffalo was playing the whole, but it was the Edward Nortons version of the whole during the events of the incredible hulk movie, Like the recast, new actors playing the original versions as if they been playing the characters. This whole time., And because The whole nexus event didnt happen until he rescues Iron Man, all of Killmongers backstory. Up to that point was the exact same as it was in all the marvel movies.

, With the exception of him, going deep cover inside the 10 rings.. I think so. He creates all the same Iron Man, technology from the original iron man movies.. He just using. It is very twisted darker way., Like he shows in the Jericho missile that he try to make a portable version of using repulsors tech. He still got that done. The robot from the first Iron Man, film Killmonger, quotes Howard, Stark and hes correct.. I think that the quote is from the first captain: America movie. They both bond over their dead fathers and like is it because the MCU timeline is most of the same right up until the nexus point. Killmongers father still died in the same way that he did during the Black Panther movie, killed by his brother King TChaka, for trying to arm all the gangs with vibranium weapons. If you didnt realize, when the Black Panther movie originally came out, Killmonger went to MIT just like Iron Man, Iron Man went to MIT just that Iron Man graduated from MIT when he was way way younger. Because is a genius, and I love the funny anime references. Killmonger reveals hes a giant weeb and he had plans to create a version of a gundam, but just couldnt get it to work so Iron Man finish the job with this. Is him manipulating Tony Stark into creating all these gundam drones River? This is all part of his long con that he been orchestrating this whole time is very similar to the iron man.

Two armor wars, plot with the unmanned stark tech drones, the Justin Hammer created, which itself is based on the original armor wars storyline from the comics. During that storyline Justin Hammer just get his hands on stark tech using it to create a bunch of his own armor robots, so they adapted some of that for the plot of Iron Man, two Marvel is currently making the live. Action. Armor wars, Disney plus series will see how they change that just based on whats already happened in the MCU will mostly be about Rhodey stopping whoever gets their hands on all the stark tech to create a bunch of their own armor suits.. Maybe the bring Justin Hammer back for that Tony Stark makes the gundam reference wealth it doesnt work will have the worlds most expensive, gundam replica, but the anime reference is actually a reference to something that Michael be Jordan, said in real life. During a Black Panther press conference, when they were promoting the original movie., He said that hes, a huge Anime fan. If you didnt, realize they actually based Killmongers costume on with the cheetahs costume in the base, his character on Vegeta a little bit to thats. Why? He wears the armor vest, looks like Vegetas armor from Dragon Ball Z in Dragon, Ball super.! So now, when you watch the Black Panther, movie. Youll never be able to un see. This is just a reference. Michael, be Jordan said that his favorite anime series of all time are Dragon Ball: Z, Attack on Titan, gundam wing, gundam wing, endless waltz and Naruto.

That version of the classic Iron Man montage of him, creating the mark to and Mark 3 from the first Iron Man. Film, except this time, hes making Killmongers gundam drones, claiming that theyre going to use the Jarvis AI to pilot them.. It was Paul bettany coming back to do the voice of Jarvis during the episode.. He gets the same idea to create the classic arc reactor to power them like is that hes crating all the same Iron Man, tech from the movies.? He just using it much darker twisted ways., But Killmonger plants. The idea in his head use vibranium as the element to power them instead of the element from the iron man. Movies was like a different version of him, finishing Howard, Starks idea for the new element that was based on the space stone.. So if you didnt realize is actually pretty cool Easter egg Iron Man has been powered by infinity stone energy in the MCU.. This whole time, because that new element that he created is based on the infinity stones. They reference Captain Americas, vibranium shield, think its too bad pops use the last of it during the war, which was the story that the wakandans told to the US forces the time to hide the fact that they had a giant meteorite of vibranium Killmonger whips out his Vibranium ring that his father passed to him, marking him as part of the Royal family of Wakanda planting the idea that they can go see Lucys cloth, who has a secret stash of vibranium in obviously.

. This gets into the plot for Avengers Age of Ultron. They use Rhodey pull off the deal., But this is basically them doing the Ultron vibranium plot from age of Ultron. In obviously its revealed, the Killmonger manipulated events. The whole time working with clause behind the scenes so that he could kill Black Panther and take Tchalla out of the equation. Early on Killmonger also encourages them to use. Rhodey is an intermediary from the US government to purchase all the vibranium on the DL so that he can make it look like Rhodey kill Black Panther and because the war between the US and Wakanda, if he couldnt tell it, was Andy serkis. Who came back to do Ulysses clause voice for the episode., Like? Is that right out of Avengers Age of Ultron? Is the same scene of Ultron showing up the bile the vibranium? He does reference that a single Dora, milaje vibranium spear cost him 10 million.. Just to give you an idea of how valuable vibranium is around the world claw also references his history with Tony Stark. In the way they explain this Killmonger had a Ulysses clause leak. The information about the deal going down to the forces will conduct so that Black Panther would show up so that he could kill Black Panther using the special sonic weapon.. So that was the reason why Black Panther shows up to stop the deal. And it was Chadwick. Boseman, coming back to the voice of this version of Black Panther, so thats, why the scene at the end was so powerful.

Integrate scene between Chadwick Boseman in Michael, be Jordan after the events of the Black Panther movie. Because were in obviously never going to get to see that happen again in real life, because Chadwick Boseman passed away., But Killmonger winds up killing Rhodey using that same burn. It down logic that he had during the Black Panther movie, then pins Black Panthers death on him., So that when the Dora milaje show up later, they find it and declare war on the United States. If he couldnt tell John Connie also came back from the Black Panther movie to do the voice of king to Chaka. He also came back to do to Chaka in episode to for the Tchalla starlord story, Tony Stark, who was Rhodeys closest friend, figures out what Killmonger did using Jarvis, because this is a darker version of Tony Stark. He basically says hes going to revenge, kill Killmonger, saying that he used his royal vibranium ring to finish this one drone, but Killmonger is able to defeat it using the vibranium spear, then using that to kill Tony.. This is also meant to reinforce the point that Tchalla makes at the end of the episode when he saying the cure for suffering is not more suffering.. This will not end well for you Eddie, the Tony Stark trying to kill Killmonger going super dark did not end. Well for him as well. So RIP Iron Man again.. This is the second time they killed a version of Iron Man during the what, if series.

, He makes a tribal scarring mark on his body to referencing it to represent Tony tribal. Scarring is a thing in real life cultures. Do it for different reasons, Killmonger in the MCU did it to mark all of his kills and, of course, Pepper, Potts figures out exactly what he did., Even though nobody believes her right away. Thunderbolt Ross comes in declares war on Wakanda in scissor to use funds from the patriot act like billions and billions of dollars to complete the drone Army.. So if you remember the first Iron Man movie, sort of skewered Bush era, politics, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, but because this episode is like the reverse of that, it only reinforces all the bad things that they were trying to admonish with the original Iron Man movie so its more weapons, more war, more killing darkest timeline Iron Man movie, then Killmonger uses the same trick to use Ulysses cloth to get into Wakanda that he did during the first Black Panther movie, taking into the shield. But then killing him and using His body to get into the throne room, shuri figures and out from the start, sort of foreshadowing the big twist with her at the end of the episode but because came to Chaka still so much grief over killing his brother back during the 90s. He sort of taken in by Killmonger like oh, you have your fathers eyes., So Killmonger displays is this whole situation, this battle with the drones.

As if hes on their side, wind help them defeat. The American Army a coy a gets a couple lines and it is denied career coming back to do her voice., Just like she did during the marvel zombies episode last week in their whole plan here, for defeating the drone Army is meant to be almost exact same Plan that they use during avengers infinity war with the outriders, letting them through the shield to make it easier to pick them off. The one big change, though, is that leaving the will Condon army is Black Panthers mother.. It was Angela Bassett who came back to do her voice.. She hasnt done any big action scenes in the live action. Marvel movies, yet., Maybe theyll change that in Black Panther to. But you have to remember that she wouldve also received exact same training that all the Dora milaje did when she was growing up, even though she is a little bit older than someone like a coy. A she just as bad as a fighter is all the rest of them. Killmonger manipulates events using the backup transmitter to reactivate the drones after they disconnect them. Shuri also figures this out to like. Why would Tony Stark create a backup transmitter that does make any sense? Is only meant to be like a 30 minute episodes, obviously that can a blows of this plot pretty quickly the because this is meant to be a darker version of the original MCU timeline and they have the infinity war battle instead of Tchalla doing the big Wakanda Forever line when they charge and it winds up being Killmonger who charges in with the vibranium spear it is to like it was too easy for them to take down the drones.

You have to remember. The Killmonger was responsible for programming, all the drones. So think he engineered their programming, so they would be easy to take down just making it easier for him to pull off his plan to come off. As a hero said, everyone was see him taking the drone sound like oh youre such a hero to Wakanda that after the battle notice here when is looking out over the landscape Wakanda, the watcher appears in a kind of looks like hes, getting ready to cry like The watcher is super sad here., He doesnt have any speaking lies hes kind of watching it in sadness and Killmonger manipulates Kang TChaka into believing in his plan to arm the rest of the descendents of Wakanda other Africans living all over the world. Remember. This was the whole reason why came TChaka killed his brother back in the 90s. It even though his plan successful and now it sound like theyre, going to go around and conquer the rest. The world Wakanda will conquer the rest. The world and shuri winds up figuring. All this out, TChaka winds up, naming Killmonger the new Black Panther in the heir to the throne., But this time when he goes into the ancestral plane, instead of talking to his father., Like he did during the Black Panther movie., Because they had Chadwick Boseman for the Episode. The apathy wanted to have this Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan scene bespeaks the Tchalla spirit, who gives him the moral message of the episode.

. Just letting them know that the cure for violence and suffering is not more violence and suffering. Saying that this is all get to catch up with him eventually. And when he says on multiple planes of existence.. This is also kind of meant to foreshadow. The big multiverse crossover with the guardians of the multiverse is coming up in the future episode as well as shuri working with Pepper, Potts and Stark industries to try and stop the war, like things will catch up with him in this reality., But also in another reality. When all the different universe characters start crossing over, he winds up wearing the same golden version of the new Black Panther costume that he wore the Black Panther movie, the back in the United States. This poster of Tony Stark references, the avengers thunderbolt Ross, also says the words escalating, claiming that he wants the blast Wakanda off the map, and I can go down that way. It like its and shuri breaks into Stark headquarters to team up with Pepper Potts., Revealing how Killmonger manipulated the whole situation., Claiming that theyre going to team up to stop him and stop the war.. If you remember in the earlier what, if trailers. Theres footage of Pepper, Potts and shuri fighting together in the episode that we have not seen yet., Which I think the payoff when all the different universe, characters start crossing over with each other., I dont know exactly which Episode thats going to be.

, But we only have three episodes left now, so its can be happening pretty soon and when the watcher ends the episode with that speech about how heroes are never really gone, they live forever as to the ones they inspire to carry on. The fight what he means when he says that is that heroes live on forever as symbols, but you could also think of. It is a sly reference to Black Panthers quote about death. Only being the beginning in the ancestral plane is also a lot more impactful statement. When you consider Chadwick Boseman, passing away in real life in trying to inspire people with his performances, Black Panther, but if you spotted any other big Easter eggs in the episode that I didnt talk about during the video just right them below in the comments.. Mostly a mishmash of all the iron man movies. The plots of the avengers movies through age of Ultron and avengers infinity war, as well as a version of the Black Panther movie. We sought to meet party Thor in a couple, the other characters and they start crossing over. So Im assuming party Thor might be episode seven next week.. We just got that brand new trailer for the Hawkeye series, which will be doing episode. Videos, for that will be the next big marvel Disney plus series.