What If.? The episode has several easter eggs that call back to the beginning of the MCU and throughout this well be talking about the hidden details, things you missed and also giving our thoughts for where things are going with the series.. Because of this theres gon na be a sh load of spoilers. So if you havent had a chance to check it out, then I highly recommend that you check out now.. If you enjoy the video, then please smash the thumbs up button and make sure you subscribe for a partnership between us, thats gon na be more iconic than Kilmonger and Tony Stank.. With that out the way, thank you for clicking this now lets get into the video.. Ok, so the episode is heavily tied into not only the beginning of the MCU, but also Black Panther and Age Of Ultron., Michael B, Jordan returns as Kilmonger, who is regarded by many as being the best baddie in the entire Saga. In the same Year that Thanos Rocked the universe in Infinity War, Michael B was picking up best villain trophies at the MTV Movie awards and its clear his character left a big impression.. Not only does this see the return of several dead characters such as Tony Stark and Killmonger, but we also get Ulysses Claw, which Andy Serkis teased at on his Instragram, the other day.. Now we pick up in the Kunar province of Afghanistan to see Tony stark travelling out to do the Jericho missile demonstration for the US government.

Not to get to Woki, but Ive, always viewed Iron Man as a metaphor for War On Terror in the Middle East and Asia. Dont click out, yeah, no, but the first Iron Man. Film is very much about a man who sold weapons in Afghanistan, realising how bad that was., Though theres a lot of people who think the MCU only started doing social commentary recently that movie very much set the stage for how superheroes would operate if they existed in Real life and the issues that they would wrestle with. After seeing first hand the damage that had been done. He decided to take not only his company but also his personal drives and ambitions in a completely different direction.. Up until this point, his genius had been used for personal gain at the expense of others, whereas he realised that he should try and help the world rather than hinder. It. Western might could be used in a positive or negative way and its interesting to see how things are changed up for this episode with his path completely changing.. Now this shot is actually the first thing that we ever got in the MCU and its amazing. How the creative team have perfectly managed to recapture the scenes.? This entire sequence is pulled directly from the opening of Iron Man and it works. So well. Ive placed the opening side by side here, so you can see how they line up, but we watch the Funvee convoy as it moves across the desert before moving inside of it to watch Tony taking a photo.

Tony mocked. The idea of peace, because hed be out of the job with peace, but throughout the saga he changed his mind and often used peace as a driving force for his actions. Upon leaving the cave in the first Iron Man film. The first thing he did to the helicopter was hold up two fingers to symbolise this. In the senate hearing during Iron Man 2. He also help up a peace sign and used the phrase peace in our time when talking about why he and Bruce needed to create Ultron.. This all came full circle in Avengers Endgame, when Tony fully buried the hatchet, with Captain America. Upon returning to Avengers HQ and giving him the shield. He said that all he wanted was peace, and I love how this entire thing comes: full circle from this.. The first time we were introduced to Tony was his hand holding up a glass of whiskey and the subtext of this scene, painted him out as an egotistical and self centred character. Who was only really out for himself.. The MCU is great at bringing things full circle and though it might not be intentional, Ive always loved the way that we were introduced to Tony with him doing something self centered with his hand, which juxtaposes his death, in which hes doing something with his hand. Thats. For the betterment of everyone., Yes, its a reach, but back to the episode. Now after the convoy is attacked, we see as the ride is fired upon and Tony flees the vehicle to hide behind a rock.

. I believe he calls out to Obidiah who we learned in Iron. Man was actually behind the attack. Its at this point. He comes face to face with his legacy when a missile lands, and we see the Stark Industries – Logo emblazened on the side of it.. This iconography would be later brought up in Age of Ultron and Wandavision when Wanda talked about her childhood trauma, in which one of Starks missiles was used to kill her parents and destroy her home. Again. Looking at all these moments side by side, they line up so well, and it really shows the attention to detail that Marvel have put into this show.. Now, whereas in the original film, the shrapnel from it embedded itself into Tonys armour and then cut through to his heart. Tony is saved by Killmonger, who arrives and throws the missile away.. Here are two very important distinctions, as this was the first time that a suit of armour saved Tonys life, whereas in What? If he is, of course saved by someone that he goes onto strike somewhat of a partnership with.. Because of these moments diverting the MCU version. Would go onto create a minature Arc reactor and it does kinda annoy me that he didnt call it the Stark Reactor, which is what I would have.. Interestingly, Killmongers fathers ring, which he wore around his neck is missing, but well talk about that later on. In the video. Now Kilmonger actually mentions in Black Panther that he was operating in the Middle East, so it makes sense that hed appear here.

When fighting TChalla. He said I killed inAmericaAfghanistan … Iraq.. I took life from my own brothers and sisters right here on thiscontinent And all this death …. Just so I could kill you. Killmonger was a highly decorated Navy Seal and its great seeing him back in the same soldiers uniform that he showed up wearing in Wakanda.. Its one of the coolest character designs in the MCU for me and its so good to see it back.. Now we learn that Kilmonger had actually infiltrated the Ten Rings, which were, of course, the organisation that kidnapped Tony Stark.. The Ten Rings, of course, popped up recently in Shang Chi and the Ten Rings were the criminal Empire that Wenwue had built up over millenia. Theyre heading inbound, but Killmonger saves the day and thus Tony retains some of his more charming personality. Traits. Cut to a shot of the MCU version in which he hammered away in the cave and created the Mark 1 suit.. This black vest that we see is a very important and it has appeared at several points throughout the saga, including Iron Man, 2 Iron, Man, 3 and Avengers Endgame.. It tends to be used when Tony is at his weakest point and he needs to build his way out and its very important iconography.. The sound of his hammering also appeared at the end of Avengers Endgame as the credits rolled and with the multiverse opening up. There is potential for his return.

Now in my first video I said this might be Kilmonger due to the cracks, but you know your boy takes Ls too so shoutouts everyone who said I was wrong.. You got me. Next, we get the infamous Avengers, Assemble, shot and close out on Tonys final act.. These are all perfectly recaptured by the What, If animators – and it makes you realise how much the MCU would change without tony.. Now his film of course ended with a press conference with him announcing to the world that he was Iron Man.. Here we see a similar scene, but instead hes annoucing to the world that Killmonger is here. With him is Obidiah Stane, who now is no longer a villain, because Tony is continuing down this selfish path, Pepper and Happy.. I love how they sneer at Killmonger, as they have him sussed out already.. We learn that hes now the chief of security and, as we know from Iron Man, 3 Happy, would end up becoming Forehead of Security, which he remarks was meant to be his promotion.. Rather than learning any introspective lessons from the cave. This Tony states that they need to build bigger and badder. Amongst the journalists. You might also recognise Christine Everheart, who did a big … big spread on Tony in the first Iron Man movie.. She correctly figured out that Tony was Iron Man and at the press conference when he announced it, she was the only one who didnt stand up because she already knew.

Again. She asks the tough question and it was actually Christine that spurred Tony onto act when she presented him with Photographs of his weapons. Killmonger reveals he knew of the assasination op and Obidiah panics and tries to shut it down because, as Killmonger reveals, he was involved in It. Man brought the receipts and amongst them we see the Ten Rings. In the centre are two swords and you might have noticed in the post credits scene of Shang Chi that this was changed once SPOILER. Happy gets to show off his boxing prowess and we journey to Tonys Miama beach. House. Killmonger is appointed as the new COO much to Peppers disapproval and she of course went onto get this poistion in Iron. Man 3. Rhodey arrives, and we see him played by Don Cheadle rather than Terrence Howard, who of course took the role in the original film.. He brings up that Killmonger was from Oakland, which is where we were introduced to the character at the start of Black Panther.. They travel into tonys garage and we see the set of sports cars that he has, including the hot rod on the end, which would go onto inspire the colours of the Iron Man Armour.. We discover that hes been working on repulsor tech, but rather than being for his suit its for the jericho missile, which has been minaturised into a portal firearm. See women size does matter, sometimes the smaller the better. Killmonger brings up his fathers catchphrase that Peace Means Having A bigger stick than the other guy, which Tony mentioned during the first Iron Man film.

Now, as my wife says, sometimes its better to have a smaller stick Paul and we see Dum E come in and grab the gun off. Him. See even Dum E knows., Dum E was actually Tonys first invention, and it was a cool bit of comedic relief throughout the iron man. Trilogy. Killmonger says that his father was killed by Gang violence and later see that he kept his ring, but rather than having it on show, he hid it away so that questions wouldnt be asked about it. In black panther. He has it on show at all times, but this changing highlights that his mindstate has changed and hes somewhat hidden his motives away in order to infiltrate Wakanda through a different means.. He inspires Tony to create a drone army and, as Ivan Vanko said, Drone better.. Clearly, the idea of drones was matched by Vanko, who shared similar technological skills, and I like that. This is somewhat a callback to Iron Man 2. To show us where weapons technology wouldve gone had Tony not became Iron Man.. We see Killmongers design for this, which looks like it was ripped right out of Gundam and Tony creates a more efficient design.. Now you might catch that the character is starting to drink more and more, and this idea of Tony being an alcoholoic is ripped right out of the pages of Demon in a bottle.. In that Tony became dependent on Alcohol and though the MCU dealt somewhat with his mental health issues in Iron Man 3, they never out and out painted him out to be an alcoholic.

. What I appreciate about What, If is that, even though its a cartoon, they still go after dark themes and theres a lot of subtext to Tony constantly ordering up drinks., We see him taking the design apart and the scene massively mirrors him, creating the Iron Man suit.. They even have an operations test which feels like its ripped right out of Tony testing. The flight pattern of the mark, too. Jarvis, will be put in control of the drones, and this is somewhat this timelines version of him getting to be in a synthetic body.. Tony theorises building a minature arc reactor, but he shuts the idea down and Killmonger ends up using his fathers ring, which is made of Vibranium. Tony says his father used the last of it during the war, and this was of course, to make Caps shield in the First avenger., It wasnt really the last of it, but Wakanda hid away their source, and this is why Klaw ended up attacking the country so that he could get more.. They scan the ring, and this circular mesh that breaks down its elemental structure., Something similar appeared in Iron Man 2, when Tony was creating a new element and its sort of like poetry, they rhyme. Realising they need more. They reach out to Klaw, who is operating out of the salvage yard on the african coast that we first saw pop up in Age Of Ultron.. Its at this point that the US military start dealing with black market sellers – and this is the type of thing that Tony wanted to avoid in the first Iron Man film.

In Age Of Ultron, we learned from Klaue that he knew Tony due to the machines speech. Patterns. Turns out, Klaue has a wealth of Vibranium, including not only a dora milaje spear, but also several containers of the stuff.. At this moment, the lights go down and its when bLack Panther rolls into town taking everyone down one by one, including Klaues, right hand. Man who you might recognise from Age Of Ultron. This scene, including the flash lights and the firing on TChalla, feels like its ripped right out of the opening of Black Panther and its such a cool action scene in the middle of the movie., Its kinda heartbreaking and The actor was, of course, severly ill at this point, but still pushing through it, even though every day wouldve been extremely painful.. What, If has managed to be the perfect way to say goodbye to his character and hes left behind several brilliant performances in the series. Klaue calls him cuz and the pair were, of course, cousins. And then he uneleashes the paralysing sonic taser, which Obidiah had a minature version of in the first film. Killmonger, kills TChalla and takes his armour before revealing his true plans and making a union with Klaue much like how he did in the MCU. Turns out that hes Been using Tonys wealth and privelge to open doors that he never could have and hes been working. His own agenda, in order to overthrow Wakanda., TChalla and Rhodeys body, are taken away and we see the similarities between the fallen soldier coffins which are carried by the soldiers of their country.

. We see King TChaka, Ramonda and also a younger Shuri. In the timeline we were in 2008 rather than the age she was in Black Panther. Hence why shes still a kid., I think that happens in 2016, but Homecoming kinda messed everything up so who even knows at this point. Screw you sony.. We also see General Ross meeting Rhodeys and you will of course know him from several films in the MCU.. Tchaka goes to the UN, and this is similar to the post credits scene of Black Panther.. It also riffs slighlty on Civil War, as it was in that that Wakandans had been killed and he was about to address his people being killed at the hands of The Avenngers.. We learn that Tony discovered what Killmonger was up to and he used the same holographic technology that appeared in Iron Man, 3 to survey the site of the extremis. Explosion. Killmonger arrives to take him out in his own home, and this was somewhat mirrored in Obidiah. Who did the same thing in the first Iron Man movie.? This time? Tony is prepared, though, and we watch as he activates his own quoute unquoute iron man to kill Killmonger and much in the same way that Tony was able to scan Caps, fight, patter and counteract it. The drone can do the same., Killmonger says hes gon na have to freestyle it, and his shirt is ripped off, revealing the marks that he made for every confirmed.

Kill. Theres actually a lot less here than he had in Black Panther, and this is obviously because it takes place earlier in the timeline than the MCU one. Using the vibranium spear. He impales Tony and does a nice pun about how he didnt want him to make the cut.. You might also notice that Tony has a bracelet on, and this is similar to the one that he had in The Avengers to line up his suit to his body. Im. Guessing that this was used to summon the drone and its great that Marvel managed to show. He was already thinking of automation. This early on. Killmonger drops the great line. The difference between you and me is that you cant see the difference between you and me.. Killmonger, of course, said Just bury me in the ocean with my ancestors thatjumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage. Its up there. For me, next to lines like what is grief, if not love, perservering and of course, do you know what happens to a toad when its struck by lightning Its at this moment that the Watcher stares over everything – and we see that Killmonger pins it on the Wakandans, Which leads to the US government going to war with them. Every asset that Stark has is seized and the drones are mass produced which builds Killmonger an army that can take down the Wakandan Kingdom. With Klaue. He travels into the jungle, which is where the holographic entrance is revealed.

. Klaue calls Killmonger boy, and this is often deemed as a racist term as throughout history. White people used the phrase when talking to black people to show that they werent on equal footing. Much in the same way that Killmonger took Klaues corpse into Wakanda to infiltrate their security. He carries him through, after murdering him at point. Blank range like how he did in Black Panther., He reveals the tattoo under his lip, and this was something that he did in Black Pantehr whilst revealing he was Wakandan to Klaue. Hes taken before the king and we can catch Okoye to the right hand. Side. Okoye is the only Dora Milaje member to wear Gold, and this is because she is the bodyguard for the King. Its at this point. That Tchaka reveals that he kept Killmonger hidden, and this action of course came back to bite the Wakandans in Black Panther. Much like how it does here. Similar to Tony hes, now operating as somewhat of a Trojan horse and hiding his true intentions.. He lied about his father being murdered by a gang and Tchaka clearly only accepts him because he believes he doesnt know the truth. Shuri is the only one who suspects anything and it shows off her true intellect., The Americans roll in and under Killmongers command. We watch as they wait on the outskirts of Wakanda in a scene that feels very similar to the battle there. That happened at the end of Infinity War.

Cut to the Drone centre in Nevada, where Ross leads the charge and the shields are opened. Much like how they were in IW., Their power is seemingly destroyed, but this is actually a ruse by Killmonger who activates the drones this time under his control.. It leads to an epic final act in which Killmonger rides into battle against the Drones. On the back of a Rhino., These were, of course, used in the finale of Black Panther and Erik pretty much cant lose because the Drones are, of course, inder his command., Its very much a false flag attack that paints him out as the hero, and he saves. Okoyes life, which wins the trust of the Wakandans., The drones are destroyed and Killmonger stabs one through the stark logo summising the destruction of his legacy.. We cut to the Wakandan sunset and in Black Panther Killmonger, remarked on how his father said that they had the most beautiful ones in the world., Whereas he died whilst looking over them. This is the beginning of a new chapter in his life.. He convinces TChaka that he should reach out to their brothers and sisters who are in dire need across the world and TChaka agrees with him.. This was, of course, his plan in Black Panther, but going about it, this way has worked out way better for him.. He becomes the black panther and is given the herb that allows one to have the power. On the ancestral plane.

He sees the spirit of TChalla who appears in his white garb much like how he did in the film. The pair debate back and forther, and it really shows the difference between the characters as we watch Killmonger suit up in the gold uniform that he had in The movie. We see Tonys image is used in memorial and simialr. Things of course happened in Far From Home, in which he becames an inspiring figure. Due to his sacrifice., The poster says only you can Avenge Tony Stark and ey no prize for guessing the wordplay. There. Pepper sees the folly in attacking Wakanda and she finds Shuri in her office, who, of course suspected that her cousin wasnt all that he seemed to be.. Now we know from the teasers for What, If that Shuri and Pepper will be working together, so expect to see a continuation of this story at some point in the season.. Now, if youve been checking out the trailers for What, If them youll, know, theres a big Avengers assemble moment with several of the characters from across the series. Amongst these, you can catch Party, Thor, TChallord, Thanora and lastly, Killmonger in his own Black Panther uniform.. I think that the series is clearly heading towards a big big team up moment that will pull a character from each episode and have them come together in order to face off against one giant threat.. We already know from the first look that the Strange Supreme version of the Doc will be meeting with Captain Carter at some point, and it just makes a lot of sense to have everyone team up to defeat a giant multiversal enemy that could be destroying everything.

. Now there was a big episode list leak when the season first started off. That said which episodes had which concept and what order they would be coming. In. Last weeks was actually listed as being Party Thors and because this was wrong, I thought that the list might be made up. However, it did state that Episode 6 would be the Killmonger one so bar that episode, its got everything right.. The list stated that the final episode would be Ultron Infinite and, judging by the Hundai commercial, we have a legion of Ultron bots that the heroes are teaming up to destroy.. Now again, the list so far has got everything right, except for the Party Thor one. So there is still potential that it could be wrong, but, judging by everything thats going on around the series, it does look pretty accurate.. There are rumours that Disney werent getting the expected viewership for the series. So after the Doctor Strange one, they moved up the Zombies episode to help create some hype.. I still think that its all heading towards a big team up, because well … weve seen the trailers, but whether the Ultron thing is true or not remains to be seen.. However, Id love to see this Kilmonger amongst the ranks as hes such a great character. Marvel are, of course known for building their teams up bit by bit, and not only does it look like theyre doing that with the dark avengers, but also the what? If heroes, which I think, will work really well.

Now, as for my thoughts on the episode as a whole, I think this probably ranks amongst the middle of the list for me. Zombies was probably my favourite with the Doctor Strange Episode in a very close second.. However, this one was great and I think its probably better than all the other ones below it.. I cant believe its been six weeks now and the series has flown by but Ive really enjoyed it.. I dunno, if Im gon na, include everything in my bi monthly MCU binge that I do, but I think there are some episodes this one included that ill go back to every time as it worked really well.. If Tonys destiny was changed early on, then it has massive ramifications on the MCU and outside of the Zombies episode. This is the one that I really hope gets somewhat of a continuation in the second season.. Now, before we close up the video quick, spoiler alert for some new leaks on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness., If you wan na dive out the vid, then please hit the thumbs up on the way out and dont. Let the door hit you on the way. Back. Next week. You succccka. Anyway, theres been a big plot leak for Doctor Strange In the Multiverse Of Madness dropped that says America. Chavez will be in the film and that she will have the ability to open portals across the multiverse.. She will apparently come from a dimension in which she is chased by an evil doctor strange who is none other than What Ifs Strange Supreme.

. Now we did talk about an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch last week in which he had to hide his face because he had some spoilers for the film on and now knowing what we know. I think it makes a lot of sense that this would be Strange, Supreme. Anyway, thats just a minor little update on whats happening with the ongoing story and Id, of course, love to hear your thoughts on the brand new. What, if episode. Make sure you drop em below and were running a competition right now and giving away 3 copies of the Zack Snyder DC Trilogy on the 30th Of September.? All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is like the video make sure you subscribe with notifications on and drop a comment below with your thoughts on the episode.. We pick the comments at random at the end of the month and the winners of the last one are on screen right now. So message me heavySpoilers if thats you., If you want something else to watch, then make sure you check out our breakdown of perfect scene in Spider Man Homecoming., We break down the entire thing, so its definitely worth checking out. If you wan na know more. With that out the way, thank you for sitting through the video Ive been Paul and Ill see you next time.