It is a real beast. It goes like all of them light, but quite powerful. As you can see now we have mounted the air unit. This is digital. Dji, it is there, but we are going to try both the digital and the analog versions. Lets see how it goes, because it looks like its a very powerful drone and if it looks a little bit at least like the previous frame 4. That was a success, and that has sold a lot and lets not say they already suffer that I know we use to assemble a drone a few months ago – and here I put the link above – it has to be one of the best selling drones this season. Very well before trying it. As always, we are going to see how the drone is, and then we are going to see how this missile flies pieces missile ahead. Video lets see first, what they bring us together with the drone. Tell you that, as you can see here, this is the analog version tves. They have also sent it to me with a receiver, the rs of 915 megahertz. Surely later I will put one of 2.4. I had you see the little guy this one doesnt look bad. We open the box, and here we have first the drone. We also have a couple of supports for go pro, to put it with the strap and here already some bags – 4 straps of different sizes, two rubber bands, so that the strap doesnt slip, battery 3 d parts and screw for the sports camera various wrenches hardware and A 3m double sided tape.

We also have two complete sets of gp rc propellers the sleeve to adjust the camera and stickers well, a lot of stuff, but lets take a look as usual in the drone, because I think we are going to like it look how beautiful what a cool drone It is very nice, the frame of the previous model, the sea 4. I like a lot and in fact it is one of the most popular at the moment, but this one has even better. It looks like Im going to tell you about the first one: the prices we have different models. On the one hand, the analog version that goes between 350 377 dollars, depending on the receiver, that we are going to put on it, and these are ent re 311335 euros. This is the analog one. Then we have the digital one. The digital version that costs between 486 and 514 dollars – this is 433 457 euros. Here. We have different options: on the one hand in terms of the video system we have with each former track, or we have another option with the aird unit and on the other hand, of course, we can choose different receivers. We can choose the ferr sky tbs crossfire, which is this version that we have here. Although I am going to change the receiver, I am going to use it with elrs and I think there are some even without a receiver, but we will see that I can tell you about the good frame because it has a diagonal of 225 millimeters, 137 millimeters Long and 176 millimeters wide compared to the previous model.

I dont know if you can see it clearly, but it is a little shorter. The arms have more or less the same distance, but the front part protrudes a little less and the back part is also somewhat shorter. It would lack this little piece here. If not, it is very similar only that this one has di difference. The other part is already differentiated where we have a different carbon plate and what is the side of the camera, as you can see, aluminum, because well that way to achieve greater resistance to shocks with a minimum weight. The frame is of white design ex this. Its almost an X, but here the X is widened, a little bit with which you get a frame more suitable for freestyle, with a structure that, according to the manufacturer, absorbs vibrations and also makes it more resistant. Of course, the legs are removable and in case of, If any of them is broken, we can change the carbon. As you can see, it looks very good what it is. The veins are well cut and, according to the manufacturer, it is quality. 3.. Here the sides are well smoothed, they are not sharp at all and it is seen that the cut is good. It looks like you can see that we have access to all the screws internally, a lower plate with another upper plate and below the legs. The 3 d printed protectors come as standard. and it is to the weight you see that the analog version is below 370 grams, around ‘1 grams, the digital version with each former view and goes up to 410 grams, the digital version with the air.

You need. The motors, as you can see, are of size, 21. 0. 7.5. They are the speed x 2 and they seek above all, what would be a reduced weight with a high power. They are 1960 kv in the 6s version, which is the one you have here and 2450 cow is the 4 s version the rest. We already have the electronics inside the frame. We are going to open it to see it. We remove the cover, and here we can see all the electronics. On the one hand, of course we have the controller, which is a span efe 700 22h. Go to it on behalf, give us some clues first. Well, of course it has an efe 7 chip. It has here in the back, an input for the jota system and with a jsp plug. We dont have to solder anything to make the change. As you can see here, it has a separate usb type c that has a mp 6000 twist barometer or sd and other things in this case. One thing that is not seen in many cases you see that it has a small antenna here and it is bluetooth. Antennas that it has internally, we can connect it to our mobile phone and use the speed ibi program, for example, and make the adjustments in the field without the need for a cable, a lot of leds to indicate the state in which it is. And, as you can see here, it has some small jsp ports that will be useful to connect leds either of this type of different colors or those of the cob.

That will give us more light and we can so make the drone more visual. For example, like racing drones, well in case, we are going to record it externally, so that it is easier to see at the bottom of the stack. You see that we also have ls c. Of course, we are talking about a belelli 32 system with which good, because we have information in the controller of the revolutions per minute and we can use the rpm filter without any problem, and it is 50 amps in the back. Is the video system eo in this case it is an analog system with a cloud tx or video transmitter of 16 watts of power. You can see that it is well placed on a foam here. We have the antenna and, in the front part the camera. That is a rattle two of the best. As far as analog cameras are concerned, this plate can be disassembled and instead we can mount the typical go pro mount. You see that it looks good. That is why it has this bar so that we do not have rigidity problems in case of mounting this 3 d printed part. We can mount another one for what the leading cameras are well lake prol and what would be the siesta 360 ago and others this? I think is the beta fpv type mount. You see this small detail here below it already has a built in buffer. It is not an autonomous buffer, but well at least it has the buffer on and its also curious how we have a special hole for the capacitor so that it stays here well fixed dt, as you can see here in the back.

There is also the tv receiver in signal that Im going to change now and a side of tinsel to fix what the vx is, of course, that connection to the xc60 battery covers cables and others. That is, it is a drone that looks very good here. Very clean, the design is very well put what I am going to do Now, its time to reassemble it. He adjusted it for the station and well fly it to see how it goes well. Here, Oscar is feeling cold as always, and the drone is ready to start flying. I warm my hands and we take off to see how the bichi is going Im hot the hand. We cannot warm the hands with cold hands as always. Well down there pieces that came out have things like me: the battery will be eaten Im going. These are the 1500 ones and he ate it all at once in analog Im, sorry, but its just that I m not here, I see it as dark. I dont know how you see it, but its going very well in a barrage of death, but with so little light and this time of dogs. I dont dare to do anything to the number. I want to load silent its not there. They are all, but a few protesting very m uy very well in a hurry. I mean its going super. Well, they dont make me any weird, no weird its, not making me in the perfect sense how nice you know that the sky is overcast, its been a lot of wind, it beats a scratch of life.

Just yesterday, there was a lot of sun and today the little wind martin, so Im uncomfortable with these glasses theyre, not mine, the uncomfortable touch of the drone. I, like it a lot not long ago, hosted because Im not risking enough from above many people respond from the outset. Thank you very well. I hope you liked the video Of course. I liked the drone a lot and, as I told you at the beginning, it will stay in my backpack for a long time to replace the sea 4. It is the one that we assembled in the last video montage. I leave the link above to the right. The montage of the video of the sea 4 good pilots second day of flight. This time, as you can see, it is with the digital version equivalent to the digital version that it carries. I leave it to unite an impressive wind because a storm is coming from from galicia, but well it shouldnt be a problem for this one they would have to move them were going to blow it up to see how it goes were going to see how it Turns out and watch out it goes very well or it doesnt have anything honest. It turns perfect. You dont see that if it does you listen to it Not recently, it is very well balanced.. I still did not ask myself in a video that I published on the channel about the rock that we are going to try to tell powerful what do you think is more powerful or is it not powerful that is up to the stratosphere if it is powerful, We do not have three small ones, but because they are light, many people will still comment that it is not powerful.

That is why it has small motors, but they are not powerful. They go very well, they are small, but they are at the same time light you see how it goes up, but like these 6 as just a line, and it crossed them just very well very well, they respond to how to recover and how it recovers. It goes very well from super to taste, therefore, this is super to taste well to the top the homes of the best drones that I have piloted of the best ones. It is also one of the most c sweetheart, but he says its going to be yummy here now, youre, not here. On friday, he made you live wii tm downloaded today, god charged my battery god charged it and there it stayed the charge there. I see the drone well here it is and its the battery burning your burning, but they didnt go down its perfect. Nothing happens at all, it doesnt look like it has any blow to do it. Another battery lets see. If I can, it seems that everything is fine. Well, here we go. The good lipo vein has charged me. I had. I would like the comments to know what you think of this drone. It shows that they are 5 inches. It is a lot that we say those of three and three and a half do not have this power. It is that they are too small. They all end up as one look how it goes on the page that bofa go down constance.

You can do something about my queen. If you want look how well it goes down how well it goes on the way back that it makes a lot of noise. What do you think of this drone? This is cool. I like it a lot. I like it a lot very well scraping dragging if you give me your comments. Who did you think of the this? If you liked it or not, and what do you think, but then, if someone wants one and has mounted a ready to fly well, this is a nice option. Of course, its a nice option very well guys. We we see in the next video about very interesting things like this, that we have in hand to see what you think if you are not signed up to the channel, if you are not subscribed to do it, please that always gives a lot of encouragement. Please do it that many of those who see these videos – you are not subscribed, please and give the like, so we promote the channel a little. It is that I am stuck. We did not reach 20000 subs. Do not believe me guys. You do not want me that I put all the meat on the grill. I kill my read post for you very well Im.