I just bought this pumpkin for halloween today, but i think im actually just gon na smash it. Oh okay, Music, mario, who will be played by chris pratt hes, so cool rings, boring whoa and they said pirating. All that anime was useless. No, why dont? You understand that anime belongs in the trash, oh Music! Here we go again next meme, Music! Oh, why? Music? Music, you, okay, mario hit me with that bat again and im gon na, be all like: hey ouch, please dont! Do that because it kind of hurts my feelings it makes me feel like. Maybe you dont even want me here: Music, im, disassembly drone n. I love three things: dog, stuff, murder, stuff and debilitating cognitive dissonance. Can you leave now sure, but if i go now, the folks back home are going to probably stab me to death for being useless and not killing anything say you wouldnt have anyone around here. I can brutally murder. Would you somebody kill me nope here we go. I love spooky memes yeah screw genocide. Lets look at some memes lets. Go oh well, um. Now what you can go check out, our full animated series. Murder draws its got your boy n here, who i dont know whats going on with you. Are you all right? Are you all there? Artificial life is agony. The full pilot just released over on the glitch channel, its the highest quality, show weve ever made so far and im so excited to show it to you guys, go check it out now.