Will it work good day and welcome today i shall be risking my 800 drone to see if this thing works. So what this thing is its a parachute, its a parachute for your drone, and it works just like that. If your drone flies, i mean, if your drone drops, it should work so uh thats thats, just what im going to test today out risking this drone, its its basically brand new. I bought it recently and im thinking of selling it. So i really really really would like to have it in one piece and uh completely intact, so lets see if this product actually works. Yes, oh wow. No, i did it right first time ever well. Turn on the drone now lets turn it on so yeah. This is the dji mavic air 2., a great drone, a really really good drone. I like it a lot, so the visual sensors are fine. The thing is attached holds in place, so you turn it on by uh. Basically, tapping this thing: one two Music and its beeping green. I mean its flashing green, so, basically it it means its working so uh its time to test it down. Okay, this is the moment of truth. Will it work Applause? Music? I even caught it? Yes, it works great success with serving so it works. This thing works, it will save your drone and i even caught it, so i can sell it afterwards, so uh Music, so all good, oh stop being so parachuty.

These are not reusable. These are a one time thing you have to shut up nice, its uh, its obedient, but um. You can change the capsule of it so yeah, i dont know how much they cost but wow so yeah. Thank you so much for watching. Hopefully you were able to enjoy this episode. Thank you, flywire for providing me with this very exciting event. It was actually very thrilling because well, i did not know if it will open or not, but it did so. It works its all good, its safe, and so, if you ever need to fly over a crowd or something, then this is actually necessary and you need it to do it legally, so uh, yeah or if you just want to be very, very, very safe about your Drones then these things can come in handy. I was slightly scared, but scared about this drone because im going to sell my mavic air too. Sadly, but i have to sell it, i need to sell it and uh, so i did not want to crash it or damage it and it i was able to even catch the parachute so amazing. This was an amazing experience. Thank you for watching. If you like this video hit that like button, if you want to get your own one of these check, the link in the description helps you to fly over crowds and be safe with your drone and thats thats thats. What we want these days, we want safety and amazing cinematic cool shots for that.

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