Heres the thing about women and infidelity number one. It doesnt get talked about much right. Everything that a woman does is pure and if she does get caught, cheating or cheats on her spouse or loved one, then its warranted right. The guy did something wrong its all his fault. He didnt give her enough attention number two: you cant stop a woman from cheating at all right see a lot of guys think that their woman right now wherever she is that shes at work. You know doing this doing that shes not talking to the other dude shes, not flirting theres, a high chance that she is and a guy has her eye on your girlfriend or a wife, even at the gym right. So women cheat very subtly. They dont do it outright. They dont just say: okay, im gon na smash. This dude lets get together and hang out theres a small percentage of women who do that, but women who are in relationships. They know that man i got ta protect my investment, this guy darius, this guy, jim, this guy billy or bob hes investing his resources his time, his energy into me. This is home. This is my quote: unquote, bread and butter. So i cant mess that up right. I have my more provider type of guy. The guys gon na give me a better life. This guys gon na, take me on dates and actually give a crap about me. So i cant mess that up.

So i have to be very discreet and a lot of women theyre on dating apps ive came across a lot of women on tinder when i used to be on dating apps. Okay, cupid bumble match hinge all these different sites, and this is where a lot of women do their dirt at because they know that. Okay, i can even post a picture. Ive seen women post selfies from the neck down or a selfie from you know, just the chest and theyre like hey im, discreet, im married and you know i got a boyfriend whatever i got a significant other so lets you know, keep this quiet. You know i dont want anybody to know and its sad, because his thing a lot of women get really bored in relationships. I mean relationships. I said before just pretty much carousel breaks for most women, they sleep around, they have their hot girl summer. They want to start to get cold outside or when the holidays come around thats when they want to try to date with a purpose or they want a date to try to have. You know that holiday boyfriend and take some pictures and then, when the weather gets warmer right when spring breaks rolls around when they get out of school and now its time for them to get smashed its time for them to get together with this dude. Take this trip go to this bachelorette party, speaking of bachelorette parties, theres a lot of stuff that happens at those that dudes dont even know about.

So if your woman wants to go to a bachelorette party and its out of state or something like that, like its in vegas or its in miami or whatever understand that your wife is most likely gon na, do a lot of different things and heres the thing. If she doesnt do anything sexual at those bachelorette parties or girls, night out, shes, still kind of co, signing it right so shes around those type of individuals right at the at the parties, but shes sitting back and not saying you know what i probably shouldnt be Here you know, this is not the type of crowd that my boyfriend or my husband wants me to be around so im gon na leave. So a lot of women theyll sit there and theyll watch and theyll indulge and theyre like ah theyre still debating. Should i actually do this and some go forth with it right and speaking of friends a lot of women? They have single friends. I told you before women are easily influenced by outside sources by external factors, including the individuals thats in their social circle, especially their family. So if they have a single cousin right, if they have a single girlfriend that they grew up with, that girlfriend will have a little more weight and a little more cashew and influence than you believe it or not. Right, because you just came in the picture. One two three four five years ago: they knew that girlfriend or those group of girls for seven ten fifteen twenty years since they was in grade school, they was little girls so that those girls or that female is gon na have a lot of say so over Her life right women they like to follow the herd, so if their friends are doing something theyre gon na be like hmm, you know my friend is doing it and weve been been cool for a while.

We had a lot of ups and downs. She saw me break down in high school or whatever i had to break up, so i owe it to her, to you know, show her my loyalty right. So let me sleep around. Let me let me indulge in these sexual acts, even though i really dont want to, even though i got a loved one, a significant other at home. Let me do it because this is my girl. You only live once and now shes in that cycle. This is why you guys have to be careful for women who have single friends and those type of women uh who just cant, keep a relationship or something long term or concrete. What will happen? Is those friends will easily influence your girlfriend im telling you still be saying all type of negative stuff about your situation or or whats going on and with your relationship? I say you know what you should leave him. You know hey, you should go deal with this guy and women give the worst advice possible when it comes to relationship right, theres, a phrase out there, you cant teach a fish how to catch a fish right. So when your girlfriend goes uh to other females for advice, theyre gon na steer them in the wrong direction. Theyre gon na tell them hey yeah, you should just you know, leave him for a little bit or hey how about we go over here and its always going to be something selfish when it comes to women, giving other women advice right and its got to usually Sabotage your sort of situation or relationship that you have or marriage at this point for this video right so guys understand that a woman cheating number one you cant do anything about it.

I always say it right. Only thing you can do is be your best self. The best version of yourself, the highest value guy and its be seen number one in our eyes and keep working and what happened is the cheating, whether she does it or not its up to her but theres a really uh. You know low chance of her sleeping around on you if you are the best version, if you are well groomed, if you do work out, if you care about your smile, your image or your your social standing or and and the resources in your job, if you Have everything on point and a woman does happen to cheat or flirt with other guy? You happen to catch her heres the thing thats a thats, her loss right, so only thing you can do is just you know, im on point, ive been doing everything im supposed to do. You know. Ive been working ive been doing doing these different things. My eyes dotted my ts crossed, so i can easily replace her thats the thing you can replace women, these women, they cant, necessarily replace you matter of fact. Most of you think the grass is green on the other side, so theyre, like okay, im gon na go deal with this dude, because hes, cute or hes, attractive or you know, were just going through a little up and down its a little rocky right now so Ill step out and when they do step out and they they try to.

You know monkey branch to that next, dude its usually not as good as when they had it when they were with you all right, so just understand, cheating its its almost a part of relationships and a part of marriage is because whether its physical or just flirting Or emotional cheating or a woman calling up a friend and just talking about different things, hes a male, you know just get stuff off her chest. Thats still considered cheating because remember a pipe to ride on is a shoulder to cry on. So i went for a womans talking to a dude about a certain situation. He said also be okay, hey how about we go out for drinks or how about you know. Just call me anytime, come on over here, you know were going to be open, lets just blow some steam. He knows what hes doing, and he know hes going to inch his way to your woman and then shes going to you know, tell her all types of good things, things that she wants to hear and boom hes, laying the wood, cheating and non monogamy its starting To become really common right, especially with women, because women are trying to be more like men now and theyre trying to say you know i can do what men do. I can sleep around i can hook up. I can have relationships and still have a booth thing on the side or still have another dude or or a side dude and its actually sad.