Taking a look well, my home, I check it out for those that didn't know I painted the ramune tur, yellow now you do know all the people that wanted me to paint the Rings yellow as well, no way Hulkamania man, you got to know where I come From I'm gon na kid to the 80s right, Jim yeah, you know look at this it's. Looking beautiful, it is a nice day. Today the sun is shining. I don't really have much area to go over because I live on the prairies, but you know what I'm gon na do it anyway. You know why cuz RC is fun and look at this truck. I actually put eight shocks on this. All of them sprung. Yes, let's get it out of the way right now. The truck is too springy that's. Why I put Springs on it now? I don't expect this to work perfectly. I don't expect it to work hardly at all, but in the memory of the Tamiya Claud Buster, the Claude Zilla, if you guys go back and watch that you can check out and see that those Springs are about as spring is we're gon na see this eighty Pound monster truck today, 49 cc's of gas powered modified engine and pipe let's rip it up in the snow and see what kind of you know we can fling around yeah. Are you filming yeah, ready to rock made a rope activated? I, like that name, kill switch thanks a lot of revs to get it going.

It'S made really for a higher speed, but not too high of a speed, a scale, speed and yes, I'm wearing swimming Applause, so one fifth scale monster truck in the snow. Basically, a mini quad. Oh oh, I thought we're gon na scream. Oh, he did oh, oh! I can hardly wait till we have Jackson. My wife just discovered how important it is to pick up the dog pill in the winter Music. You Music. Okay, so I see what's happening. The snow is so deep that it's having almost a beneficial impact with the high suspension on there because I'm not getting as much slowdown. It seems I'm, not sinking down into it. So here right here is super deep. This is like a big drift in here at least two feet deep let's see if we can get it over the ridge because of a huge fish scare which reversed how you feel about that I'm loving it. I actually thought it was gon na do way. Worse than it is and look at it on the most beautiful tracks, they are they're huge they're, like eight inches Applause, Music, it's, perfect, come on baby, come on Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, it's gone: these are we looking for the drive pit, the drive pin it's, Not here, yeah, I'm, literally in dirt, right now, there's no way. Yes, of course, it's the same one we found last time. I noticed that there was an issue long before we came up here, though, like our last jump should have been much higher than it was, and with all this dirt, there's just no possible way to find it.

No at least I have more pins on order, though that's so sad at least we got some footage for you guys today. I wish I could find it for you, but there's, just this no possible way, but there you go. I should have listened to y'all's advice and put some electrical tape or something around that Drive pin, but I was so eager to get out in the Sun today. I forgot it's a beautiful day, though I think that's. What is the most important thing? Couples getting out enjoying a good time: hey what's, our C all about having fun setting up the truck the way you want the way you want to play until next time. Guys, thanks for joining us on rcadventures and we'll, see ya. Get outside and have fun with RC.