You saw the word giveaway and thats. Why you clicked on the video, so this uh video is just gon na be for giving away this little usb tester were gon na talk about that in this video uh, i have one extra one sent by makerfire and im going to share a little demo, how Its used theres some other stuff here there are going to be other giveaways in uh well in other videos, so i already posted this charger up on my community page theres, like 40 offers only that if you grabbed it for like 18.50, congratulations its now its now Sold out so i will post this again when theyre back in stock and uh therell be a different discount code in that video. Not this one! So wait for that video. There will be a giveaway for this as well as uh this power brick or this power bank. Twenty thousand million power power bank also from the same company evertronic again, that giveaway will be in a different video. So if you dont want to miss that one make sure youre subscribed and have your notifications turned on. Otherwise, if you miss the giveaway period, which will be only 24 hours, then basically you snooze, you lose so you make sure youre ready for that one. If youre interested in getting this giveaway and therell be two winners for this, for that, for that video one for the um power supply, this is a power brick and one for the power bank um.

If youre seeing this video and youre like well, this heres this vlog whoop store. I have an active giveaway on this one, but its probably going to be over in a few hours. Um im posting this video on the same day that the the whip store. Uh giveaway will be ending. So if youre coming to this video a bit on the late side, uh youre, probably not and were not aware of the giveaway for the whoop store, then youre probably going to miss it. So im selecting the winner for this giveaway pretty soon later later that the day that this video comes out, so i know its a little confusing i just want. I know theres a lot of giveaways going on on my channel right now. Um and the only thing thats been given away on this video. Is this tester right here and were going to talk about that? So i have it actually plugged in and active, and you see its actually charging up this little 1s whoop battery on this web store and its a pretty low voltage and amp its like 0.2 amps, and this little tester here gives you data on um. How much milliamps are going in the amp draw, etc? So just basically gives you like data on like uh voltage, amperage and capacity, and then this also has a little button over here. You can rotate this display. So basically, it says 12 volts on input on this uh usb c port here and this power bank is putting usb c power delivery at 12, volts and so far about five milliamp hours have gone out.

You can see some of the other data here, 0.07 amps. So you can see theres a slight difference between whats going into the battery versus like how much amperage is being used to power up the tester plus the store charger, and then did you cycle through the different displays here. 12.1 volts and these these numbers are super tiny. So hopefully you will see that on video and again more data and im not going to read off every little thing here about this guy because um well its this is for those of you guys. I want go deep dive into how your devices are working in terms of usb stuff. You can see here we have a usb type c input on the side, uh regular, usb a input over here and then on this side. You have a usb type c output and a usb a output on this side, and let me just instead of reading off all the specs here im just going to show you whats in the manual. You can pause the video and read to your hearts content when you get this into focus here, so yeah its a pretty useful tool if youre interested in getting some sort of data on uh whats, going on with your usb devices, how much capacity, for example, you Want to test like how much capacity is on this power bank ill. Probably do that on this thing here for that video um, but you know otherwise its not super interesting.

I know that you know some of you guys are like. Oh great. You know. I probably already have one of these or oh, i need one of those either youre kind of one of those camps. I kind of didnt even know about these things. I was like. Oh, its kind of interesting lets uh check it out and i actually think this is pretty useful. You know especially like seeing like stuff like this, so you can see um. You know, for example, and i can see its working on usbc power delivery, seeing 12.1 volts, etc, so its useful data. In that sense, you can kind of test things if things are working the way its supposed to be working. Now, regarding the giveaway um, i have one of these. They sent it to me, so i have to ship it to you. So, unfortunately, i have to ask you to pay for shipping. Also uh theres going to be a entry form in the description you need to fill that out and on top of that, also leave a comment as well ill leave all the giveaway instructions on the entry form so youve got to click. The link to entry form, read all the rules etc and leave your comment in the comment box down below and thatll uh complete your entry, and i will pick the winner 24 hours after the release of this video. If youve seen this video um a few days later, uh just keep in mind that im going to be doing all these giveaways kind of quickly, and so you know its really important to have your notifications turned on.

Otherwise, if you dont uh, come to the video right away and comment right away, or at least within the 24 hour period that giveaway windows are open, then yeah youre, unfortunately not going to be able to win. Unfortunately, i i want to do this way because otherwise um im it just takes too long to do the turnaround and all these and also you know by time the winner is selected. I have to contact them and then im only going to give them 24 hours to respond back to me. Some of these guys never respond back to me, or they take six months to respond back to me and so im, just like i dont want like these giveaways to be like you know out there for too long. I just want them to be done with and pick winner and move on to the next one, because i want to keep doing more of these. If i have basically um if these are too slow and basically the system gets clogged up, i cant do as many of these giveaways because it takes up too much of my bandwidth so thats. Why im doing this way? Unfortunately, if you dont, like it im sorry im trying to do about it um, this is the way its gon na be going forward. So just make sure your notifications are turned on and then youll know when the videos come out and if you see theres a giveaway in them, you can enter now, probably not going to be advertising every single giveaway.

You know. So if youre, like only looking for the words giveaway, maybe you know uh, you might miss that video, if you dont click on it, so im going to try and make it a little bit more stealth because theres some kind of good stuff. I want to give to my loyal viewers that are clicking on my videos and so um. Those probably wont have the keywords: giveaway click beating everyone to click on it in the title. So, just something to keep in mind and again i will have in another giveaway for the power bank and the power power brick in another review. Video again have your notifications turned on, so you dont miss that video thats going to do it for this one ill.