What we have here is a new toy grade, uh quadcopter, here with a camera from makerfire id like to uh thank uh maria, for sending this one out to feature on the channel now. I believe this particular drone is actually primarily sold on makifys amazon store, not so much their actual web page or online store uh, but i could be wrong, but uh. The link that i have been provided uh with this drone is, is to the amazon store and i believe this one comes in at around 60 odd dollars, uh with a 10 coupon code. So after you apply the coupon code, it will be around the 59 mark or under 60 mark. So this would probably be perfect for someone thats beginning in the hobby, um new to drones, new to flying as you can see its uh age 14 plus. So this might be a great little uh option to get used to flying drones. Take some footage with it because it does boast a 1080p camera here. It says: 1080p hd camera. We also got dual camera conversion, so this does have an optical flow positioning camera on the bottom. We could actually take footage from underneath the drone weve got hand gesture mode. It is foldable, as you can see here, weve got the foldable arm, so its nice and portable trajectory flight and headless mode, and they boast a 15 minute flight time from each battery. Now i say each battery because this one does come with two batteries, not one.

So lets have a quick look inside and see what we get and then ill take it for a test flight, okay guys. So the actual drone itself comes in this neat uh plastic packaging – shell here to make sure it doesnt get uh damaged in transit. We have the instruction manual here guys so everything you need to know its in a couple of languages. Okay, so weve got some diagrams there of the uh the functionality of the transmitter diagram of the drone itself. It takes three double a batteries: how to charge it. How to fly it? Everything you need to know guys – and here is the uh qr codes for the maker fpv app. So you got the android qr code and the apple i store qr code as well for ios, okay, bit of an outlay of the app and yeah. Basically, everything you need to know guys in this user manual. Definitely give it a read if youre brand new to this drone or any drones in general, its always good to read through this okay, so lets have a look at the rest of the contents of the box here with this make a fire drone first off lets Have a look at the transmitter now this is a very common uh design transmitter, especially with these toy grade drones. Weve got pretty smooth gimbal sticks here. Uh should be pretty good to control, especially for first timers. We have some label buttons here throughout.

As you can see, we start off at the top here. This is the speed dial, so weve got a speed, switch not too sure how many speeds it has. It definitely would have a high and low might even have a third one well check that out. When i start flying it, we also have a two uh camera option button here, quick press will do your snapshots for still pictures. If you hold it down for a couple of seconds, youll start the video function. We also have some fake antennas on the top guys, as you can see, there is no wiring going through these antennas theyre just for show and for looks. The real antennas on these are usually laid sideways here, horizontally and hot glued in the controller itself. On this side, we have the headless mode button here which looks like a compass. This one does have a 180 degree button, so in place of a usual 3d flip button uh. Obviously this one doesnt look like its going to have any flips has a 180 degree function, uh button where i guess it does an automatic yaw in a 180 degree fashion, so well check check that out. I havent seen that on a drone before all these arrows are trimmer buttons here. So youve got your left right forward and back trim. We have the on off switch. Obviously in the middle here. This one is your gyro calibration button. You definitely want to press this button before you fly the drone, especially for the first time or even after you have a bit of a crash.

If you do have a crash, i have your drone on a level surface and then press this button here and automatically reset the gyro, and this last button here is the unlock motors button. So this will start your motors and on the bottom here you see a like a helipad. This is your automatic uh uh landing button as well all right guys, so it takes three double a batteries on the back and uh. There is a phone holder underneath here, and here is the phone holder guys. This is what it looks like it just springs out on the bottom here, as you can see, it springs out pretty far where you can actually have a pretty large phone and device now, like i said before, at the start of the video, this drone comes with Two batteries, not just one, so what we have here is a set of uh 1800 milliamp hour 3.7 volt, one cell batteries here guys, and they do claim that youre going to get 15 minutes out of each one. So ive got potentially up to half an hours worth of flight time here. Okay, these are a modular battery and all they do is just clip in to the back of the drone here. Okay, just line up the pins okay, so they go in this way with the writing facing up and just clipping to the back. Okay, guys now lets have a look at the drone itself, while ive got in my hand, uh it is a foldable drone.

Now i believe, for this one, you have to fold the rear arms from the front down to the rear first, otherwise it wont open up if you do it. The other way around lets just do that and do this last one okay and they actually lock in place pretty good guys yeah. So if you do have a bit of a crash, its just going to bend back looks like weve got some neat leds all the way around. Okay, along the tops of the arms along the center here, and also on the bottom as well. Okay looks like we have some nice little rubber feet: okay, to stick the landing just there, as you can see on the profile there, youve got one on the front. Two on the rear. Here is the optical flow. Positioning. Uh sensor also acts as a second camera. So you can actually take footage from underneath the drone here with some ventilation here to keep everything cool and on the front. Here we have the 1080p. It says high definition camera, so you just want to peel that off guys a little bit of plastic there stuck on my finger now – and here is the camera lens here – guys, okay, so hopefully this one does take some nice footage and photos for a toy grade. Quadcopter, this is a manual tilt camera. So, as you can see, it is not electronically uh adjustable because there is no button on the controller to do so, but you can actually tilt it pretty much on a 45 degree angle downwards.

Okay, what i like to do with these ones is just put it up to the top and then maybe just tilt it just a fraction. So you can see a little bit below the horizon. Okay, rather than just seeing the clouds so there we have it guys. Pretty neat little drone, it is very lightweight okay, but once you fold it out its got a pretty decent size to it. Lets turn on the actual drone itself and we have some pretty bright. Colored leds. We got blue on the front, the uh green one in the middle here near the makefy insignia logo and red on the back and also the same on the bottom here, all right guys, so pretty neat looking drone. This would be a nice night flyer. No doubt we also get a full set of prop guards here, guys, okay – and these are mainly used for indoors. If youre doing some indoor flying and just looks like they just clip just on the arm here pop it in there guys just like that on all four and you just put a little screw in the middle there that they provide in this bag here lets have A look at whats in this bag. Okay, so in that little bag, provided we have a full set of props weve got a props and b props screws for those uh prop guards, like i just mentioned, weve got the screwdriver to put them on and a little usb charger all right guys.

So all im going to do now is charge the batteries up for this little make a fire drone well install the app and well take it for a flight, so ill catch us out at the field. Okay, now weve got the uh maker fire h825 quadcopter out at the field, now its fully charged so dont. Take it for a test flight first without the app okay and uh lets turn it on turn the transmitter on up and down. Now the lights are flashing. What ill do ill go over here in the shade a bit and see the lights are on there and first off what im going to do is well. Do the gyro reset on this uh level bench here im going to do that before you fly okay, guys! Okay, so, first off we want to press this uh arming button here. So it looks like its got two speed modes. I mean rate two and go out into the center of the field. There are some people uh walking. Their dog theyve got quite a bit of wind now, which is unfortunate, hes a very lightweight quadcopter, so you dont really want to fly in high wind. We bring it down, get away from that building because it gets blown into that direction ends up on the roof. It seems like a pretty smooth flyer: yeah, not too bad, now, im, not using the camera at the moment, because im just using it without the app were in second right here and were fighting a headwind, just see the yaw thats, the yaw and rate one lets Bring it down see how the optical flow sensor works and, as you can see its rocking back and forth, because its adjusting the uh, the camera is taking some images from the ground.

So i can adjust this level where it can stay in one spot and weve got a bit of wind its making. It move a bit, obviously, but still a pretty good job. Ive got quite a bit of wind to my back here and just landed itself. Okay, take it up again doing rate one im too sure why it landed itself, then maybe its something to do with the sensor on the bottom ill. Just bring it back towards me, its a shame that the wind is picked up. I was really hoping for a windless day or windlass morning, but it is what it is now. There is a button here up the top here. That is a 180 degree button, so ill just turn. The drone away from me well press this button up here. Its usually a flip button on most quadcopters like this, these toy grays so and there you go – does a 180. Try that again its facing me now ill press that button and it does a 180 turn. Okay, so thats different havent seen that sort of feature on a quadcopter before usually you get flips now what ill do ill, just uh press the one key button, which is a landing function, so ill press this button here and then it will land on its own. Okay, so the one key button for the arming of the motors is also your landing button, one key landing, okay, so what i might do is well put the app on im going to use my android phone and well see how the app works guys, all right, Guys well, ive got the uh app loaded, its the make a fire app and, as you can see, ive got wi.

Fi fpv just have to move my phone over a bit because the power button hits the actual controller and was turned the screen off. So lets. Take it up again, what were going to do is take some video, okay and check out the video okay. Now the wind has died down a little bit since setting up the app, so i hope it stays that way. Actual camera looks pretty decent, actually need to have a 1080p camera. I can actually fly fpv with it. The delay doesnt seem that bad either not much uh latency bring it down. Okay, so yeah, the camera looks pretty decent so far for a toy grade. Quad of this price range like this one is uh with a coupon code on amazon is under 60. You, you can get this one for around 59 with a 10 percent off so lets. Take it over there a bit. Take it up a bit higher, go against the wind there, not too bad. Let me just save that. Recording take some photos, oh disconnected. Maybe i went up too high with it and it disconnected. We are okay, so let me bring it down. I just checked the wi fi settings, so it looks like try disconnected. It will actually disconnected when i try to take a photo all right, so lets check that out. Uh yeah, totally disconnected so lets see if its the wi fi itself, all right guys well reconnected. The app again so im, not too sure whats going on.

I have uh airplane mode on as well, so im going to quickly. Uh have a look at some of the other features. Weve got a downward facing camera here before the battery runs out and looks like theres some error. There lets go back. Oh here we go lets see if i can do some recording with that. So you can see there is a bottom camera there. Okay, now that is a low resolution camera because um its just a pinhole camera thats a pretty cool feature. If you want to get some overhead shots, see if i can be seen under here and the winds taking it away again so anyway, theres an overhead shot and were back to the normal camera, now take some photos, hes saying taking on the screen and theres a Bit of a prompt where i can see a little uh photo being taken, but we still have battery power left Music, okay, im going to try record with the actual button here and it doesnt seem to be doing anything. So it looks like you can only record from the app so do a bit of more recording here. Take it out a bit not too far, because it seems like the further i go out the easier it disconnects. Take some photos see if i can get it to sit stable with the optical flow and take some photos. Okay, maybe get a thumbnail. Take another photo. This whole position rather well, you know considering weve, got quite a bit of wind happening now like that.

Take one more photo there: we go overall, not a bad little flyer um apart from those app issues, you know um, not too sure whats going on there. I did have a couple of issues with the uh. I tested this on the iphone 6 and i had issues with that app as well on the ios system, so maybe its inherent to both platforms, or you know both running softwares, but the android one seems to be working a bit better than what i experienced with Uh the iphone so anyway guys i might land it now, its enough of a flight test, see id land on the grass couldnt catch it because of this wind, so uh stop that screen recording and that will be it so yeah guys it looks like it. Um might be in lvc mode, because the back, the actual lights are flashing, but uh anyway thats my review of the make a fire h825 overall, not bad for the price i mean considering. This is under 60 dollars, uh on amazon at the moment, especially if you clip that uh coupon uh on the listing. You just check that little box there you get 10 off, and this would be a roughly around 59 us considering in comparison to a quadcopter that i reviewed about a month ago from another company. It also sells on amazon, rather popular uh quadcopter company there, that their one that i reviewed was uh very similar to this in specs and size.

It was a brushed quadcopter foldable like this one, and it was actually double the price uh closer to 110. So in comparison with uh, that particular one and this one id probably go for this one because uh its pretty much half the price, and you got two cameras on this one, the other one did not, and you got two batteries and theyre rather large uh milliamp Hour batteries are 1800 milliamp hours and im. I dont think the other quadcopter was supplied batteries that were that uh that large. So, as you can see, i didnt fly until the uh quadcopter landed itself. Today. I just uh cut this video short of the flight time, but we got quite a bit of flight time from this one uh. The only disadvantages i could see is that its a bit too lightweight so, like i said, do not fly this in heavy wind because, as you can see at times its getting blown away and uh, you dont want this to result in a fly away. But anyway, guys id like to thank makify for sending this one out. I sure do appreciate it and uh yeah. If you want to check this one out guys therell be a link in the description and you can check it out for yourself on amazon.com.