You see, we have a nice, clearly labeled box with all the features and functionality and 15 minute flight time. Ages, 14 and up are recommended for this quadcopter and it does have an app you can use with it. On ios and android all right open up the box youll see its kind of got a little plastic encased, pull that right on off, and here youll see everything you get in the package. You get the four propeller guards instruction manual, clearly labeled in multiple languages. Really nice to see making sure you give that a look for sure its got. Some accessories comes with four propellers, a whole extra set. Clearly labeled comes with the charger. Usb comes with some extra screws and a magnetic screwdriver and two 1800 milliamp, one cell packs. The light on the charger will be on while charging and the light will go off when theyre fully charged. Take a look at the controller youll see we have some fake antennas on the top just for looks. These are just aesthetics only. We have a pull out phone mount on the bottom spring. Loaded fits nice, large devices like my samsung, galaxy, s20 plus and pushes back in every all. The buttons are clearly labeled. You have our trim tabs. We have our calibration our on unlock and our landing button. 180 degree, button headless mode, speed button and our camera button screw on the back to remove the battery cover phillips head takes three double a batteries to power.

The controller taking out the quadcopter has a nice robust design, foldable design with the power button. On top push to hold, it turn on push and hold to turn off flipping it over. We have a camera on the bottom as well underneath. So this is a dual camera design. The front camera has a manually adjustable tilt and it will push down and up to get the tilt that you like unfolding. The quadcopter make sure you unfold, the uh rear arms. First then, the front that must be done in this orientation and they lock in very securely, which i really do like about this quadcopter, really nice design with a foam foot on the bottom to help with the landing and make sure you peel off the camera plastic. On the front camera – and this is everything you get in the box – well go ahead and take it out for a flight test and show you some of the features and functionality were going to go ahead and get the maker fire ready for a flight test were Going to do this without the phone just want to fly with the controller. First thing you want to do is power on push and hold the power button. Leds will come on. Theyll start flashing, rapidly controller power it on you get a beep. You can take the left, joystick youre, going to go all the way up down. Lights will go solid, meaning youre bound to the drone maker fire.

Okay, in order to calibrate the accelerometer youre going to want to be directly behind it in this orientation and youre going to push and hold button right here, the leds will flash rapidly indicated on the proper calibration. Now that we have it calibrated, we need to go ahead and unlock the drone and get the propellers to spin in order to do that were going to push this button right here. The unlock one time props are gon na go ahead and arm im gon na go ahead and raise out to with the left stick. Does that altitude hold okay now its drifting back towards me. So, in order to change that, take the trim tabs here and push the opposite direction, that the quadcopter is drifting. So, in that case, its forward push, it again, looks pretty locked in right there getting a little bit of sideways drift, but lets just see what it does see if it levels out pretty solid, really like the way its just kind of hovering there in place. Really nice, once you get it locked in, does have different speeds as well were drifting to the back, see that you go ahead and push forward okay, i kind of locked it in there and that looks pretty good there, a little bit of wind out here. So its actually battling that brushed motors. Okay, this is speed, one not too bad push the button. You get two beeps for speed, two, not too bad.

You can kind of fly it around. One thing about this drone thats a little bit of a downside. Is it doesnt have the 360 degree flips? Unfortunately, it cant do the flips it does. Do the 180 spin push the one button and go ahead and spin and ready to take your selfie photo or video? I do like that. That does that it. Does it really easily too just that one button or you can do it yourself manually, see that, but that is a nice feature now at this point, we can just fly it around. We cant actually record video well have to hook the phone to that to go ahead and do that, but i want to show you. The two features here take a photo thats the button on this side. This is headless mode. So if we push this youll see the lights start flashing on the drone. That means that, no matter what direction the drone is facing, it will forward us forward and backward is backward and its working really well here and thats good to do when you lose orientation and youre flying and you cant remember what orientation you were when you were Flying its a lot easier to just push and hold back – and you know its going to come back to you say its very stable. So if you want to take this and get some video of yourself and your family just to kind of start out and uh, you know a little bit of amateur photography drone.

I think this is going to be a great choice, because, even though it doesnt have gps, it is really stable and it does hold its altitude really well. So, as you can see, im having to do very little bit of movement on the sticks, to kind of keep it where i need to keep, it recommended definitely indoors if its windy out, but you can see, i could turn it like this and now i can Go ahead and take that take that photo. Take that video which ill show you when we connect the phone, how we do that, if you want to land the quadcopter, you can either hold down on the left, stick until it goes down and then the propellers will stop spinning or go ahead and arm with The unlock button and lift off you can also push this button right here and it will come right down and land. You can launch from your hand as well just be safe, go ahead and push the unlock button throttle up easy to launch off the hand. Now let me show you another nice feature of this drone. If i grab a hold of this, its got an auto safety feature that when the quadcopter is flipped over whether it be from a crash or just like i did there to disarm, the motors will disarm automatically nice safety feature they included on this. For you know, for this low price point really nice, that they did that okay in order to turn it off push and hold on the power button, the lights will go off.

Quadcopter is back off now. This does have a front facing camera with a manual adjustment tilt with a um has a zoom in the app but its not really a zoom for the camera, its kind of cool they included that anyway, and then it also has a camera underneath which you can Switch to and look directly down and take some photos and well take a look at that when we hook the phone to it in order to go ahead and hook to the uh the app go ahead and hook the app to the quadcopter were going to go Ahead and going to go ahead and turn on the drone push and hold on the power button, turn the transmitter on push to the power button im going to go ahead and open up the maker fire app here. Okay, now that you have the app and go ahead and connect the phone to the controller by just pulling out this bottom piece in order to hook the phone to the controller youre just going to go ahead and pull this down and put your phone into place. It does fit nice large phones like the samsung, galaxy s20, plus no problem, and it like locks in the top here with this little ridge, and then the bottom piece has like a soft foam. So we have the app pulled up. Im gon na go ahead and go to wi fi settings turn on the wi fi connect to the mkf should be mkf on yours, okay, we went and connected go back back into maker fire and then click on the start button.

Its going to tell you to please calibrate before you take off all right, let me show you the photo function. We go ahead and push the photo button on the top here, one time and we got a photo success. Ill show you a little preview as well and were going to go ahead a little bit windy out here guys. So you dont really want to fly this when its real windy out otherwise youre going to get a little bit of drifting. So all right go ahead and do the video function were going to push and hold youll get two beeps and now were recording video and you want to be somewhere where theres, not a lot of wi fi interference at all. Definitely dont want any wi fi interference. Just gon na fly this around show you the video real quick and you can also take photos while youre recording video. It saves it directly to your device im going to push the photo button once and youll see it says, photo success. So i really like that. It actually will take photos while youre recording video okay lets, go ahead and switch to the bottom camera. So, in order to do that, youre going to push on the uh top right corner here, youll get some icons thatll pop up and then just push the little camera one time it will give you a couple of these little bad error messages, which is a little Bit of a downfall, but it does work so now you can see were looking directly down, so we did take a photo so that that does work did take a photo, lets push and hold for video.

Okay, we can record video as well looking straight down, which is nice and you dont want to fly this, like i said when its real windy out guys. This is not the best quadcopter to handle the wind im gon na come against the wind now bring it back to me, definitely want to fly with very little bit of wind or indoors. Keep that in mind. Lets go back over here. Okay lets go ahead and switch back to the switch back to the main camera there we go were back to the main camera now and if you fly an area that doesnt have a lot of wi fi interference, the lag is really not that bad, its perfectly Manageable to go ahead and line up your photos ahead and do some of these auto features that we have so were going to push the top right hand, and you dont want this around any kind of wi fi guys. This is a wi fi, controlled, uh toy quadcopter. So if youre around any kind of wi fi, you will get interference and a lot of the functions wont work. So im gon na go ahead and try the peace sign here. We should be able to take a photo and it says, take photo success, so that did work and it saves the photo right to your device. Also, the video the same thing so were going to go ahead and do the trajectory flight. It does work, but you can only have your phone connected your device.

It will not work with the controller on so im going to go ahead and push the arm button here. The left stick will control your altitude. You can draw on the box here the direction you want, the drone to move, and it will move that way forward and, as you move forward were going to move to the left and the drone is going to move to the left see that it did actually Move and we can move straight ahead and move it did move straight ahead, move to the left and move to the left so its they call it trajectory flight, but really youre, controlling uh, how the drone flies with a swipe so swipe forward. Itll move forward swipe to the left. The drain will move to the left. This stick here: controls your yaw and youre up and down for altitude were going to go ahead and fly the drone with just the mobile device and the sticks on the screen. So, in order to go ahead and get those youre just going to touch the on button here at the bottom right hand, corner youll get two little joysticks thatll pop up im going to push this button here on the bottom left go ahead and arm, and it Will automatically take off and you can use the phone to control the quadcopter, its, not um. It does work, but i i prefer the controller better, but you can use this um in a pinch.

If you did forget your controller, as you can see, im able to control it with the right joystick for the movement left joystick for altitude and yall in order to go ahead and stop that youre going to go ahead and off that will get that will take. It away from the screen, we also have virtual mode. If you want to use this with some goggles and fly like fpv, you can do that. In summary, the makerfire h825 is a great beginner quadcopter for 14, and up is a very fun flyer to fly pros. I really like the solid build quality of it. I love the way the arms lock into place once you unfold, i was able to crash this drone multiple times with no damage, so it is a very good, robust design. So, if youre getting this for someone new in the hobby, this is a great beginner quadcopter to kind of get your feel to see. If you want to get into maybe some amateur photography, the photos are really not bad for the price point, its a sub 100 dollar and i think the photos and videos are of decent quality. For the price point. I do love that it has the dual camera design, so you can switch to look straight down and get photos and take video its also nice to be able to switch on the fly trollers decent uh, the sticks and everything feel very locked in. I felt in tune with the quadcopter when i was flying it and all of the buttons on the controller worked, and it is a stable flyer.

I do like that. They give you a whole complete extra set of propellers for this really nice to include that, and i love that they give you the two batteries and the flight time on. This is really decent, 15 minute flight time indoors, without any wind outside youre, going to be looking about maybe 7 to 12 minutes, depending on how windy it is. It is using brushed motors now lets go ahead and talk about some of the cons of this quadcopter. Some of the things that i didnt like about it is the app functionality is hit or miss its very sensitive to wi fi interference, its a little bit windy outside fly. It indoors make sure you have your wi fi turned off in the house. It doesnt have a micro, sd card slot to record your photos and videos. However, i do like that it records directly to your smartphone, which is kind of nice, because thats one less thing you have to remember to bring with you when you go ahead and go to use this quadcopter, you dont have to worry about. You know making sure you remembered your micro sd card another con about this quadcopter is it doesnt have the 360 degree flips that most of these toy quadcopters do have so thats a little bit of a con? For me, i do like having that on my twig quadcopters, but it does have that 180 degree automatic yaw spin for easy, like selfie modes, easy selfie photos or videos which is kind of nice um.

That way, instead of having to do it with a stick, you can just push one button. It will automatically rotate and face you directly if youre in this orientation. I really love the led lights on the top and the bottom theyre really bright, easy to see. Even in the daylight, i love the way the batteries clicks in it clicks in nice and secure easy to put in easy to take out very nice design on the battery.