This is a drone by uh maker fire and its got several features on this check this out guys. So i thought this was interesting. You can get this for 65 and then theres a coupon code, where you can actually get twenty percent off at the time of this video. So if youre gon na do orders id say order it soon, because that could change, especially with the holidays, coming up in black friday and stuff, but you guys to hear some of the things it has. I did see on there yo its got dual cameras. You guys see that there its got a hd camera um. Its got several other features on here. So this is actually going to be pretty interesting. Ill leave a link, as always below in the description, so you guys can go over there and check this out. But for 65 65 and then you get 20 off. I think thats, pretty good thats about 13 bucks off the price which is gon na run. You still about 55 bucks for this um shipped out and of course you can get it from amazon. If you have amazon, prime, you can get a little bit sooner, so let me go ahead and lets get this open. Real, quick and lets see what this looks like inside all right guys pulling this out. This is packaged pretty good up in here. Um, look at some of the stuff here. Get this remote out.

Get this over to the side. Get these blades right here! Uh, these batteries and stuff out the biggest thing is kind of looking at this drone, so i wont get it actually flying in this particular v in this particular video, but i did want to at least um show this to you um in its actuality. So let me uh take a second. Let me get all this together and then uh well be back in just one. Second, all right guys got this out, like i said, im not gon na go too in depth with this, but this has a lot of um. Pretty cool features thats why i kind of said its probably the best bang for your buck um for a beginner drone at the cost of this i mean this is going to cost you under 60 bucks for this, and they give you some extra goodies, which i Always love when companies give you extra stuff with any product, i mean, of course they give you an extra set of blades with this um. You guys see that in there and they give you two batteries um with this and to charge this battery up. You basically dont charge it inside the actual drone. You actually uh plug a little charger. They give to you inside the side of the actual battery, just plug that to a usb port and youre good with that and then um. The instruction manual, i always say, read through that they give it to you, both in spanish and in english, so thats pretty good, theyre being kind of bilingual with that.

And then, if you take a look at the radio, you will need three double as um. For this, so just take in mind if you do purchase this, to have three double as um to get this up and running im, pretty sure everybodys got three double as im laying around, but back to this drone, you guys are seeing some of the stuff kind Of pop up about this, this is going to be interesting. You guys know: ive had drones before in the past im kind of interested in some of the features of this dual screen and stuff that it has so well be getting this up and flying really soon and see how this flies im interested in some of the Controls and some of the safety features it has, because you guys know that ive flown drones before some of them have flown into the woods. You guys may have seen that and they were pretty durable. So this looks like its going to hold up pretty good um. As well, so if you have one of these put down the comments um some of your um – i guess your feedback on it thus far, but i think this is actually going to be a good deal. Probably one of the best ones around this price range is going to be under 70 bucks. I mean 65 and then you get 20 off dont forget to hit that uh check mark or that check box for that coupon to get that 20 percent off.

But im excited to get this up and running. I did see a video of this running and i do want to go ahead and get this up, and i just say running should say flying pretty soon. So stay tuned for this over the next couple days and get these batteries charged up and the weather is going to be a little bit better, i think by wednesday or close to thanksgiving even thursday or friday, where it wont be so windy outside. I can get this flying, so i want to show this to you guys. I know that black friday is coming up and theres a lot of specials and deals, and this is no exception to it for the price, if youre interested in getting started um in flying drones and stuff, i believe this may be something for you but ill get. This up in a couple days, so you guys put your comments down below dont forget to like subscribe and stay tuned for more videos.