It was either morticia or pepsi and we flipped a coin and we got Music what’s up. Underdogs it’s me your boy eric and welcome back to the channel nice good to see you here. Are you that type of person that just can’t sit still and you would have to modify everything that you own or customize it whatever you call it just you know for your liking or you’re just bored, or is that just me so last year 2020, i got Into aerial photography, a co worker of mine made me take a video of his farm. I was like you know what sure i’ll do it, so he got himself fully decked out mavic pro to zoom. I think it was um and yeah. He went all out. He had a custom case, um crystal sky, monitor and whatnot. It was. It was a fantastic experience really, and it got me thinking i’d love to do this so here’s, my daughter, pepsi. A month later i was like you know what i’m gon na get myself. My own drone thought to myself i’m, not gon na drop two grand into a drone um. No thanks! So i went to facebook marketplace and i found a pre owned mavic pro the first generation for 700. I was like great i’m gon na get it bottom line. All i want to do is mod. My drone that’s that’s, it that’s the video, so i ordered this last month. I got it like two weeks ago and uh now, let’s install it.

So this is the first generation dji mavic pro the video that i just showed. You was taken from a dji mavic pro to zoom. This is pretty decent for 700 bucks. You know it’s it’s, pretty nice. It came with two batteries, so that’s nice and you know the controller. Obviously so, with this mod i would be able to wrap all of these. I don’t know i don’t. Remember the price i’m, just gon na put it right over here, blam right over there, so i got this in the package. I haven’t really opened it yet. I guess it’s gon na be an unboxing geez, so i opted to a uh digital camel. I think i got it from decal girl, um it’s, a nice print, really it’s kind of a matte print, so this is for the body of the drone batteries. What i opted to get another uh skin for the battery, because i have two: i didn’t know that it came with two so rip me right: anyways, um, what’s, this, oh right, oh that’s, nice! It has three. It has three uh three colors, so there’s black there’s silver and there’s white. So this is for the uh registration number for the drone, because since 2019 uh the government passed a law that you need to have a drone license to fly these. So you can’t just fly it. You know and harass people and yes, i’m, a licensed drone pilot, it’s, pretty cool, actually lucky enough.

It came with instructions and they’re numbered. So that’s great. You know you can just mix and match them looks like here that you need to clean it. Uh blah blah blah and it didn’t came with um an alcohol wipe or an adhesive promoter, but that is a okay. So first things: first, you got to clean the drone itself and the controller and the battery. So and surprisingly, i have alcohol wipes laying around so i’m gon na use these to wipe around the surfaces just because just to get rid of the oil dirt. That was stuck in like the crevices, because this one’s textured all right. So i got everything wiped down just to get the feel of um wrapping stuff. We are going to start with the batteries, so these ones are pretty self explanatory yeah and obviously be careful not to rip it apart. I mean it should be pretty durable, there’s two dots that didn’t pop off Music Applause: Music, oh Music, foreign, Music, Music, oh Music, nice uh i’m, actually really happy how it turned out. It’S it’s. What i wanted it kind of blends in with the actual like the oem body, it’s it’s, not too crazy and whatnot, but hey it’s camo, looks cool tactical and because i love modifying stuff and putting branding i’m gon na put my underdog brand. I have this sticker book just filled with underdog stickers, which is obsessed much so now, i’m, going to probably use a black well, this mod is not just for you know the looks it’s actually for protection as well.

I mean if you really love your gear, you would protect them at all costs. So so now you know that there’s a wrap mod for drones for me, it’s worth it i’m, the type of guy that wants to brand everything. So this spring i will be dropping underdogs, first apparel collection, which is just a bunch of hoodies t, shirts, beanies cars, stickers and decals. This drop will definitely help the channel, obviously, and a percent of the proceeds will actually be donated at the end of the year. To the real underdogs, you know: a local charity help me help. You help them right. So if you like, this video guys hit the thumbs up if you haven’t subscribed. Yet you know what to do hit the subscribe button and hit the notification bell. I’Ll see you in the next video.