Now, when i did my first initial launch video of this drone, i got a lot of comments about the fact that this drone does not have a 46 minute flight time. There are a few things you have to think about when it comes to the flight time of a drone, but i definitely wanted to test the flight time and then also test the other drones in djis lineup. So i came out here to the desert and im gon na fly the dji mavic 3, the dji air 2s and the dji mini 2 to see what flight times im actually getting out of each of these drones. Now the conditions are not ideal, its windy right now, when you go way up in the sky, its super breezy, so im definitely not going to get the max amount of time out of each one of these drones. But what i do want to look at is how much flight time im actually getting versus what the marketing is saying and then the second part of that is comparing these side by side to see. If there is a major difference on how the dji mavic 3 is being marketed versus the other drones in djs lineup, because theres a few things, you need to take into consideration when youre looking at the flight time of a drone one, is that youre not going To use the battery to its full capacity because you need to bring the drum back and you need to land it now.

Typically, i fly a drone to 20 30 percent, but if im really pushing it ill fly it to like 10 left in the battery and thats like if im trying to get one last shot and its like. The sun is just setting over the horizon and im. Trying to squeeze that last little bit of footage out well, then i might push the battery, but usually i fly 20 or 30 percent having that little bit of extra charge as a safety is going to bring down your flight time and then also just the conditions That youre flying in so if it is windy, youre going to have less flight time than what the ideal conditions are youre not going to be flying in perfectly calm weather. Every time you take your drone out and go fly now. The last part is how you actually fly your drone, so if youre putting into sport mode and racing all over the place, well youre probably going to deplete your battery much faster rather than if you just take the drone up and hover or if youre putting it Into city mode and doing slower shots like the way that you actually use the drone will impact the battery life im, not worried about specifically the full amount that im going to get. What i want to see is what the difference is between these drones and, if you actually are getting more battery out of this drone, okay, so lets start with the first drone.

This is the dji mavic 3 lets just fly this around Music landing critically low battery. So the dji mavic 3 is supposed to get 46 minute flight time with the wind and the conditions im currently flying in. I got 28 minutes and 18 seconds and thats getting to 10 left on my battery, so at 10 im dropping down and im landing, and on my battery it still said i had like three ish minutes now. The number that you see in the upper right hand corner is supposed to tell you how much battery you have left, but it does fluctuate so like if youre using the drone in windy conditions. Youre gon na see this drop faster or, if youre, in like ideal conditions, you might not see it drop as fast, so this number is just kind of a reference. So its saying that i have about three left. If im going by that number, then it would mean that i would get 31 minutes out of this drone in these conditions. All right now lets look at the dji air, 2s, Music, Music, critically low battery Music. So the dji air 2s is supposed to have 31 minutes of flight time and from just flying here and in the same conditions that im flying the dji mavic 3. I got 20 minutes and 32 seconds, so a pretty significant difference between the air 2s and the mavic 3. thats a whole eight minute difference. The mavic 3 is up there for a lot longer than the air 2s.

All right so now lets compare to the mini 2, because thats such a smaller drone and in these conditions i should get even worse battery time because it is so windy. Lets see what i can get out of this drone. The home point has been updated. Please check it on the map. Battery level is low. The aircraft will go to the home point in 10 seconds driving low battery okay, so the mini 2 is supposed to have 31 minute flight time and i actually got 21 minutes 53 seconds now. All three of these i flew the exact same way i got down to 10. I was pushing past the all the alarms that were going off and i landed at 10, so the mini 2 and the air 2. Both said, i had about two minutes left of battery when i hit that 10 mark, so this test was definitely interesting. The mini 2 got more battery than i anticipated 21 minutes over the air 2s, which got 20 minutes and im flying in the same conditions. Nothings changed definitely youre gon na get a little bit more out of these batteries, if youre in ideal conditions without wind, but still you could see that there is a significant difference with the mavic 3., even in ideal conditions, i dont think ive ever gotten the full Battery life of these drones, so when youre looking at battery life for a drone, you have to take in consideration that you cant fly the entirety of the battery.

You are getting more with the mavic 3 and i dont think youll ever get 46 minutes, but youre definitely gon na get more than the other drones. And when i was out flying in alaska and utah – and i was actually working with this drone in real world settings, i feel like the mavic 3 got a lot more footage out of each battery than the other drones like the mini 2 and the air 2s. So definitely there is a big jump in the battery, but youre not going to be getting the full 46 minutes. I may be great if we could get a full 46 minutes, but from the test that ive done and just flying with it, you know 30 minutes is a good amount of flight time and in ideal conditions, youre, probably gon, na get more like 32 33..