They sort of fly like a multi rotor in multi rotor mode. They also have another mode called airplane mode, and it goes straight ahead like an airplane. It will transition with the VTOL tiltable tilt rotor motors in the very front, that's pretty cool. You can also add some fpv on it, which we're gon na do in this review, but, most importantly, to give back to the community, like i always try to do on the channel. Give you guys the honest lowdown on these bynum fly and these ready to fly. Quads and airplanes, and now VTOL us out of China and the XK 450 came back looking like this after the first day and now needs repairs after the first two flights and the jjrc one didn't do much better. It actually has a broken front. Armature, on the left hand side so now the motor doesn't work at all and the plane will just fly away and crash, and one of the reasons for that I'm gon na talk about that in this video and help you guys out also I'm going to do In the right direction to make yours almost unbreakable, with much better gear on board we're gon na talk about those I'm gon na put those links down below. I will try to find on affiliate link. It would be great if you guys could throw me a couple dollars my way for giving you guys to samus to information, but anyway, guys let's go ahead and let's get out to the field.

We'Ll, do a little flying with both of these and I'll show you the real deal. What the other reviewers seem to be not telling you here, we go alright guys let's go ahead and start out with the xkx 450. It has three flight modes, multi, rotor, airplane and vertical flight mode, which is kind of cool and to bind it. You have to push the throttle. Stick up and back down. You'Ll see that the blue LED goes solid on your transmitter and sticks down and out to the bottom corners to arm it. You'Ll see it go into a low idle mode, immediately hit the throttle or it'll turn itself off, so we're gon na go ahead and take off now with the xkx 450 we're in multi rotor mode and we're gon na have some fun with this we're just gon Na fly around over the grass right here when you first get this beetle system mode, that you should practice, do it do a whole battery if you're a brand new person to flying RC – and maybe this was somehow your first aircraft – give yourself a half a battery To a full battery in multi, rotor mode and just enjoy this experience, don't try to put fpv on it, yet just flight line of sight and learn it just like this it's really neat the LEDs on the bottom. I like a lot – and this is also one of the beetles out there – that actually has a rear motor on it, which will let it fly a multi, rotor mode, horizontal, not just a vertical what they call multi rotor mode.

The vertical mode is a little bit different than what you see here vertical. It just goes straight up and down and it's, not a very useful mode honestly, so now we're gon na switch into airplane mode. This is the second position switch down, and this is where it becomes fun, especially if you have an fpv camera on it and some goggles. You can fly this a pretty good distance away. I would say this has a range of about well well over 300 meters and right here, I'm still in airplane mode and there's a bit of wind today, actually more wind than shoe fly this in you should fly with zero in, but watch this it flips over Nose down into the grass no I'm on grass rope the nose off the aircraft which you know I can expect that, but look at the left motor it's bent all the way down so that's, not a good sign. I fixed the nose with a little CA spray. Some activator on it and um, I think, I'm good to go again. So I went ahead and put it in multi rotor mode to take off. Everything looks okay, but it did make a strange noise on the bench and that worried me that one of the servos was stripped and sure enough that left motor couldn't bend forward anymore to be able to give me forward flight that's unfortunate. So it just kind of flew all the way across the field here at the wind pushing it back.

I had no forward momentum at all and this VTOL is done so the weakest link in these vetoes, the plastic servos that they put in them. They are 5 gram, plastic servos up front and when I say plastic servos I mean plastic gears. They did not put metal gears in either one of these vetoes, and that is a huge fail for the community, mainly because guys that was my first or second battery. On the XK X, 450 and it's done so now, we're gon na start out with the jjrc same procedure to bind the remote get it up in multi, rotor mode I'm, hoping that this one does a little bit better. And now I have the fpv camera up. There that's the miniature foxier Falkor, a very nice little camera does great on those cloudy days if you're interested in getting into fpv. This would be a really really easy way. Keep this VTOL away from the ground, even though it has tons of control, and it will not let you flip it or roll it. Unless you press the 6g button, 6 g 3g button I'll just I believe, it's the red button, but it wasn't working for me for some reason, and I tested vertical mode also – and I just think that's kind of a see right there and it's. Just not letting me roll it at all or flip it so that's kind of cool, not as much authority on the forward momentum as the side to side, lateral momentum and there's, the all for you and honestly guys, the XK X 450 and the jjrc mo 2.

They both fly very similar, almost exactly the same, and now I'm gon na go ahead and do some forward flight still in multi, rotor mode I'm gon na get it up a little bit higher and try to put it in airplane mode. So we're gon na go ahead and switch that and now I'm in airplane mode. You can see it kind of twitch, it'll twitch on you and actually you'll hear the RPMs on the motors go way down and you conserve a lot of battery because when you're in multi rotor mode, it requires quite a bit more battery and it's drawing more amps. The battery so you're gon na you're gon na see your voltage go drop dramatically now. We'Re gon na switch over to the camera and I'm gon na show you strange phenomenon that happened right here. It just kind of rolled over to the left here on me and bam into the ground and that motor took the brunt of the crash, because these motors sit up front, and this is why you need metal gear service on this feat, all it's ridiculous. To me that they put plastic geared servos on this thing or money they're, just with all that force, they're just like glass, it reminds me of the old school blade. I believe it was some 450 helicopter that came out maybe 12 years ago. All plastic servos in the head every time the heli blades touched the ground. They would break same instance here, except even more force, because you have a very tight brushless motor right there, just cranking.

So now I decided to get a little more adventurous with the jjrc m02 and fly between some trees and some gaps and sort of fly it in multi rotor mode and and do some of the things that I would traditionally do with the multi rotor, which is Actually, a lot of fun: you can do it also in airplane mode, but we're gon na go up high in airplane mode, because I'm scared to touch anything with this VTOL I'm. Afraid that if I do, people never work again but here's. The good news about this. I have put a link down below for you guys and we're going to talk about those at the very end of this video, as well before the metal gear service that I found it took me hours to find them for you guys. I had to look around for 5 gram metal gear servos forever on Google and I eventually found them on the banggood website, which is kind of funny, because I was looking everywhere else on the internet for them, and the folks in the hobby shop were no help. I stopped by a local hobby shop to pick up some servos. I was prepared to pay that spectrum servo price just to get one of these working again because it's, it is really worth the upgrade. I was prepared to pay. You know 30 for two or 30 for one or something at the hobby shop, but they seem to not even know what a nine gram servo was yeah.

They only knew parts by stock number. They didn't know parts by specs, but everybody knows that a nine gram servo is pretty much the go to servo and about 80 percent of von who fly little park. Flyer type airplanes out there very experienced they didn't know what that was. But anyway I guess they're more of a car shop or whatever now I'm back into multi rotor mode, and this is so cool guys that you can stop from airplane flying and just look around. The Sun finally came out a little bit it's coming out. Even more so cool to just stop and look at the scenery and see that voltage dip down at the middle of the screen, 10.8 volt now watch what happens when I flip back into airplane mode. The voltage will dramatically increase by about 4 volts there for it's, not 4 volts partial volt, now 10.9 getting lower, but you know I was able to squeak around nine and a half to nine minutes out of this battery and that's the stock 3s. One thousand milliamp battery that's pretty good on a cold day. Today it was raining, it was snowing and I waited. I waited out the weather. And finally, it looked like this for about 35 minutes, and then it looked like this for about 10 minutes, which was great Sun, is full out. Clouds are about to cover it up again, but we're gon na stop in multi rotor mode and just check it out.

Fox here, Falkor mini camera, looks beautiful on a nice sunny day. This is a great camera now back into airplane mode, because right now I want to conserve my voltage. I want to see how much battery I can or how much time I can fly it at this battery now we're at seven eight minutes back in the multi rotor mode. I decided to maybe come in for a landing, but I think I'm gon na go back up here in a minute and yeah let's go do one more gap here I want to fly around my van and in between this tree and this light pole. You guys will see me power loop, those trees. I did a line of sight, video and power loop as well. You guys should go check out if you haven't seen that but that's the big deal with these is the weakest link. Is the servos and let's talk about where to get those servos now let's go back to the studio, alright, guys welcome back from the flight test, so both of these failed and my suggestion to you honestly, is to buy Metal Gear servos. If you decide to buy the x Cave X, 450 here or the jjrc em 0 to get yourself, the PT K there I'm gon na pull them up on the screen right here. They call it pro tronic PT, k, 70 350 mg d, 5 gram, metal gear servos. Those are the ones that need to be on both of these vetoes to make them last more than one flight.

If you have plastic gears on these things, with such heavy torque and power, and the slightest crash in the grass is gon na end this detalls day and what you're gon na need to do is i already opened up the xk x 450 here and you can See underneath the servos wires come out across the wing i'm gon na snip those off and you can need to solder them up to the new servo wire and the reason is because they have different connectors inside here. They have little tiny jst connectors on the flight controller right here that your new servo is gon na need to go to so three wires to solder on each motor, and you should be good to go on your veto. Otherwise, you're gon na have probably a failure out on your first day and I think that's kind of a shame that I haven't seen anyone talk about that yet on the reviews of both of these vetoes. So hopefully, this information helps the community and helps keep you guys in the air. As always guys, I'm Justin, Davis take care and I'll see you on the next one.