All right, Music, Music, hey guys, welcome back to another video on the channel. I hope everyone is doing well out there and that everything is going according to gods plan for you. I do want to give a quick shout out to nicolas cortagna, who was the winner of the recent drone giveaway on the channel. Hes uh already received his gift and has told me that hes really uh happy with it. So congratulations to you again, my friend, alright! So getting back to todays video, i have here a cool new product that is called the magimask, which is made by a company called ludenzo and its an fbv mobile phone headset. That was originally designed for playing augmented reality games and watching movies. But it also works as fpv goggles for drones that use an otg cable connection via the remote, such as the dji mini 2 femi, x8 mini or even the new hubsan xeno mini pro, so lets go ahead and uh check it out. So inside of the box, you get a nice linen pouch that stores the headset itself and underneath it is the instructions manual, a box containing a deck of cards and a mat. These two things, i believe, are to be used with the ledenzo augmented reality. App now in this video ill only be focusing on using it as a drone fpv set, so i wont be going into the whole virtual reality thing. But if you are interested in that, you can check out some of the videos out there where others demonstrate this.

For you, so inside of the pouch, we have the magi mask headset, along with a square thing that i believe is also to be used with the ar app, and it also comes with a nice little cloth for cleaning the optical glass when it gets dirty. As you can see, the headset is uh really well made and the front compartment. It has two zippers which you would unzip and place your phone into, and you can fit phones of several sizes as well on the back. It has a head strap that is adjustable to fit your head size and the eye cups have foam padding all around it so that they fit comfortably around your eye. Socket. Although i do wish that they could have added some sort of padding around the nose area which would make it more comfortable on the bottom of the headset, it has a cool, unlocking mechanism to adjust the lens focal length to your eyesight. And to do that, you just unlock it like this and adjust it to your exact liking. Now sony asks themselves whats, so cool about it. It just seems like another vr headset to me. Well, the main difference with these over others is the high quality optical glass that it has incorporated into them, which produces a very sharp high definition image magnification. That makes it stand out compared to other brands out there that are currently on the market and how it works. Its pretty simple you just unzip the front compartment insert your phone between the two extendable clips, and now you can connect your phone to your drones, remote using the otg cable.

Unfortunately, you will need to buy an extended otg, cable and an adapter to connect directly from the remote to your phone. I think that this is something that should be already included for you in the kit, especially if youre going to be using it as an fpv headset with your drone. So maybe the makers of magimask will see this and consider adding this option as an accessory in the near future, so heres, some short video clips of me flying the xenomini pro using the magimask Music and how it looks through the actual lens Music. Music do Music. So whats my final thoughts here personally, i think that its an interesting new way of flying a gps camera drone and experiencing the fpv feed differently than how you would normally view it through your phones screen. The image truly looks amazing through the optical glass, and it feels like youre sitting inside of a cinema, watching your footage playing on the big screen thats what it felt like for me. The only thing that id say that needs improvement is the padding on the nose area an option to be able to remove the frontal compartment, maybe through some sort of a magnetic strip design instead of the zipper function, which is not that convenient at times, especially if You have to go into the app in mid flight and adjust any parameters or whatever and last would be the necessary cables and adapters to properly operate your drone, while using the headset.

I think that these should already be provided to you inside of the kit that you purchase other than what i mentioned. I think its a great headset i myself will be using it with some of my other quads from time to time and uh yeah thats. My take on it anyway, thats it for this one, thanks for watching dont forget to hit that like button and subscribe to the channel. If you havent done so already, click the notification bell and stay tuned for more god bless you all and ill catch you on.