So do you want to know about magic, drone reviews? So here we are going to update you with this unbiased review, but before that, let me clarify you that we are not advertising this product and or we have tested it. This review is totally based on gathered customer feedback and internet information. So guys, if you have any plan of buying this product or experienced any product over this product or not received your product or got a damaged product, then watch the full video to find out how to get your money back. Also, people from the united states are very curious to know about this product, so next guys will discuss about the full details of this product so make sure to watch the video till the end. So, first of all well talk about the product type and the full name of the product. So here this is the product. This is the original image of the product and guys after checking this product out, we have found out that this product is actually a flying. Spinner ball drone: it is a toy and the full name of this product is matic drone. Now, if you want to know about the cost of this product, so this product cost 29.95, but earlier it was 86.95. So next guys well talk about the features of this product, so this product is actually a toy which is meant for both the children and adults, and it has to mention that it flies floats, glides and climb.

It is also safe for children to use, and this product is blue in color, as you can see, but it also comes in different colors, that is red and pink. Also, it has got a boomerang effect and it features an aerodynamic, enclosed, orb design. It also has usb power cord and the product is 3.7 inches, so next guys well discuss about the legitimacy factors of this product, but before going further, we request you all to like share and subscribe to our channel. So now lets discuss about the legitimacy factors. So if you want to know about the availability of this product, so we have checked – and we have found out that this particular product is available only in this particular website. But there are some similar looking products which are available over different websites. Now, if you want to know about the launch date of this product, we have checked, but we couldnt find its launch date anywhere now. Well, talk about this websites dominate and the trust score. So this website is very new. It was registered in this year only it was registered on 10 of november 2021 and the trust score of the site is only two percent, so this is a negative sign. Now this product is not available over social media. We have checked and the most important point that are the reviews we have checked, but there are no single review of this website anywhere, so sorry of this product anywhere.

So this is a very negative sign. So in the conclusion of the matic drone reviews, this product appears to be a scam product. This product is a actually a fake product. This product does not have any reviews or any social media presence, and this website is also very old and the trust score is also very low, so it seems like a fake product, so guys hope this review will be helpful for you to decide whether to buy This product or not, we always recommend you buying genuine products from reliable websites, so for written issues or fun issues check our description area there.