If you are aware on each of my travel videos, there will be a drone shot that I use to establish a place. before this. I used the DJI Mavic Air 2. I think the quality is solid. Despite its small size, the video quality is really epic.. I have traveled with this drone from Terengganu to Sabah, and I think that drone is one of the best investments in my travel vlogging. Then last week, DJI contacted me ask to try their new drone. DJI Air 2S. So today, it’s arrived let’s see what the difference, in the name of God, the Most Gracious Most Merciful. I love the smell of new gadget like this DJI, not using ‘Mavic’ branding on this new drone. They just use the name ‘Air’. Instead, we can see …. The size is just the same as last year, Mavic Air 2, but it has a lot of upgrades. They added 4 ways obstacle avoidance, look at the new sensor, it’s at the front at the top to detect the top obstacle at the rear and below as well. So we don’t have to worry about hitting any tree. We can fly with a smile, but you guys have to watch out a bit because it doesn’t have a sensor at the side, so we got a remote control. The size is exactly the same as Mavic Air 2’s controller that’s, all in the box inside here. They also give a charger and … and all the propellers the propellers are wrapped like a candy.

They give just one set of propeller, so …, oh there’s, a few more, so they give a few spare as well one two, three four five six DJI sent me a standard version not fly more combo, so it just has one battery with six propellers. So you have to fly carefully if fly more combo, we also will get a bag with 3 batteries and also ND Filter set. So I think it’s worth it. If you get the fly more combo set, if the standard version you can only fly once just half an hour and it’s over let’s install the propeller open the drone first. black with black overall, all the same as the Mavic Air 2. But I really like the orange stripe at the propeller looks so sporty like a racing car. The front looks like car headlights, but there is one thing that I’m really excited to test on this DJI Air 2S, which is the camera I forgot to open the sticker. Wait a moment satisfying so satisfying DJI Air 2S uses a 1quot sensor on the camera. The size of the sensor is double compare to Mavic Air 2, so …. The footages must be mindblown too much talking. let’s test owyeah. So far, I’m impressed with the Occusync 3.0 on paper. It can fly up to 12km, but I didn’t, dare I just flew up to 4km, okay, so far, so good, so …? Next, So is this DJI Air 2S worth it for a traveler? First of all, I’m.

Really mindblown, with the camera DJI combined this Air 2S with the best camera that they have on the market. The footage can shoot 10bit HDR with 150mbps, which is bigger than the current Mavic 2 Pro. Since this drone uses 10bit color, we can shoot using the D Log profile and we can grade kaw kaw our footage really beautiful. Then I think the 1 quotsensor is really helpful. If you want to fly in low light, you can get night shots like this. Now, I’m, at Saloma Bridge, because this drone uses a 1quot sensor, so the low light should be awesome. I want to fly at night here to see how the low light performance. I think this Air 2S is the smallest drone in the world that uses a 1quot sensor. One more thing: the resolution really can’t chill. We can shoot up to 5.4K, so you can crop as much as your like, even zoom up to 8x and still looks great, and the last thing that I like about this drone is the Active Track. 4.0. I think it performs really well. I went through the tree and this drone didn’t lose track at all. However, what I think a bit spoiled about this drone first, if you shoot in 5.4K resolution, you can’t turn on the Active Track. You just can use that feature if shoot in 4K. It is so unfortunate. I hope there will be a software update later then, the 4K 60fps there is 2x crop, so you have to plan in advance.

If you want to shoot in slow mo and then the controller is still too big still taking space. If I want to pack, you see, even the drone is smaller than the controller it’s, also lighter and last but not least, what I felt spoiled the most with this drone. Is it still can’t charge using a USB it’s really frustrating when you are shooting in the middle of the jungle, have to find a wall plug to charge it’s …? Why DJI? Why? But overall, I think if you are really a professional video shooter who makes money using a drone and who wants to travel light don’t want to waste space. I think all the features, especially the 1quot sensor, are really worth to upgrade to give the best quality for your client and for beginner. I think if you had a budget, this drone is so easy to fly, just press a few buttons. It will fly by itself. Don’T have to worry about hitting any tree. It has a great obstacle avoidance, okay, now it’s time for breakfasting, I got to go home. I am alone here.. I hope we can go back hometown on eid this year.