My 2021 m1 imac finished same task in six hours and 29 minutes the monster mac pro finished in 4 hours and 43 minutes, and my wonderful totally maxed out m1 max macbook pro finish in four hours and 34 minutes and when it comes to the same task. This mac studio with m1 ultra and it took actually you know what id like you to take a guess. So we start from 8 hours and 30 minutes, and then we are down to 4 hours and 34 minutes with m1 max macbook pro so max studio with m1 ultra. How long did it take? Did it take four hours? Three and a half hours three hours leave a comment down below right now, youre done drumroll! Please tell us, tell us wait. I actually know this machine finished the same task in 2 hours and 33 minutes. I ca. I cant i cant even Music Music dont. Let max studios minimalist design and the lack of pro in its name fool you. This one has the m1 ultra soc in it. The m1 ultra is two and one max socs, combined with ultra fusion, which means this new block on the block has 20 core cpu. 64, core gpu and 128 gigabyte unified memory at the bottom. It has a beautifully designed air intake and at the front it has an sdxc memory card reader and two thunderbolt 4 ports at the back. It has a giant grille, four thunderbolt, 4 ports, two usb a ports, one hdmi port, one 10, gigabit ethernet port and one 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack, but wait there is more. This is the brand new studio display that is released at the same time with mac studio. This 27 inch 5k lcd display has 600 in its brightness 12 megapixel ultra wide camera, six speakers, three microphones, three usb c ports and one thunderbolt 3 port. You can get it with a regular stand, a height, adjustable stand or a visa mount. You can also get the nano texture, glass version which eliminates the reflections like a boss. So yes, this machine has two, and one max is welded, together with ultra fusion, the very m1 max that we know and love from macbook pro – and i ive been saying this a lot, but this macbook pro is not only the best laptop ive ever used. Considering everything it does, it is the best computer ive ever used im still blown away by its performance in everything it does so two and one max socs welded together. What does that mean for the benchmarks in geekbench? Mac studio is far ahead of anything. I have here to compare it to even in single core results. It is in the league in the compute test. Of course, it cannot compete with my w69000x in my mac pro, but, as you can see, it scored far better than m1 max macbook pro in cinebench mac studio is easily in the lead, but in disk speed tests it wasnt able to compete with my m1 max Macbook pro but benchmarks barely tell the full story.

What really happens when you start using this machine lets start with the fan of all the tests. I did ive been pushing this device back to back with benchmark tests with exports renders anything you can imagine, and i havent heard the fans go faster at all. You can normally hear it when you bring your ear next to it and when you bring in a nanometer next to it, you can see that a really nice breeze is coming out of it. The ventilation in this machine is fantastic. I think it leaves a lot of space for the times when we get applications that is going to demand more power. Now lets take a look at final cut pro 10., as expected, mac studio is really fast from rendering a project file filled with plugins and sound effects to exporting an 8k video. It leads the max, however, when it comes to certain tests. Mac studio performed just like m1 max macbook pro the results were so close to each other, and i think that is because the optimization for m1 ultra isnt completely here yet the same thing happened. While i was reviewing and one max macbook pro some results, werent as good and when apple updated those apps when apple updated their operating system, the results changed drastically and im. Guessing the same thing is going to happen with m1 ultra. I also put a frame counter on my 8k h.265 iphone 13 unboxing video project set to playback to better quality, and when i hit play the project played back as expected, a compressed video file makes things very difficult for the computer, but mac studio doesnt seem to Care about it, even when i skim through an unrendered compressed 8k video, it performs really well when it comes to lightroom and photoshop.

As youd expect. This machine performs fantastic in lightroom. I use the healing brush like crazy to clean up a photo, a raw photo that i shot with nikon z6, that had dust in the sensor. I cleaned up the dust one by one and this machine didnt slow down at all and kept up with me the entire time. By the way, this thing has a tiny speaker on it. In case you connect this to a screen like the xtr display that doesnt have a speaker on it. It has this tiny speaker its its really cute. The ports are really tight and nice, and its also really nice to have six thunderbolt ports, two usb a ports. The hdmi port sd card reader and the ethernet port – they are all really important – ive, been using the thunderbolt dock, a lot with mac pro and macbook pro setup. I have i dont like the thunderbolt dock a lot. There are a lot of things about that that isnt, a seamless experience theres a delay in the sound, especially while theyre editing the video, no matter what i connect, no matter. What cable i use, always the externals – are a little slower compared to when its directly connected to my computer, so it is really nice to have these ports on this machine when it comes to keyboard mouse and the trackpad. I didnt have any bluetooth connection issues. I know thats something a lot of people were talking about when it comes to m1.

Mac mini also check this out. This is the mac pro. This is macbook pro. This is the mac studio. These are three completely different computers, and this is connected to mac pro. So, as you can see, we have the mouse here, but with the universal control. Now i can just go in here and i dont know move this around lets say i want to add something i can go to my mac pros keyboard and as im typing it types there right and then i can go back here. Maybe go to my ipad and start the timer, thats, okay and then go to mac studio and oh, i think i need this file im going to drag it over here and drop it and, as you can see, it starts copying it just when you think copy And paste from one apple device to another was crazy. Here comes the universal control and its fantastic lets talk about studio display when i first saw the studio display at apples keynote. I wasnt sure how i felt about it because, having that mini led 120 hertz pro motion 1600 nits display on my micro pro honestly changed. My expectations a little bit, however studio display, is totally fine. It is a lot brighter than i expected and the blacks are darker compared to m1 imac. As expected, the color and the resolution is great, and the speakers are, i think, the best speakers on any apple device so far, Music.

The microphone quality is really good as well. The camera quality is good. The ultra wide angle, 12 megapixel camera – is good compared to mac pro i dont know which one to pick. This is the studio display, and this is what it sounds like, and this is what it looks like. I can see that were cropped in. It is actually a lot wider than this, because thats how it can follow me on the macbook pro the footage looks softened and, like my hair, looks interesting. My beard looks interesting on the studio display. I see a little noise because were cropped in so if i was to pick one i dont know which one i would pick actually after seeing it on my monitors. Picking one was very easy: barely an inconvenience i prefer studio displays camera and its ability to follow me around with its center stage feature. This display has the nano texture which makes the reflections minimal, and it really does a great job. So if youre in a place that you cannot control the reflection, i think you should go with this. If youre in a place where you can control the reflection and everything on your screen, i think you should definitely go with the regular version. The mount is very much like the m1 imac. It looks up and down very nicely, but of course you cannot adjust the height. So if thats something you want to have, you should go for the other one.

One thing that i found interesting is that the cable back here you cannot detach it its its, not detachable. In the end, i think the balance is restored. Once again, the desktop is more powerful than the laptop, but what excites me the most about m1 ultra mac studio, is the freedom that it brings when a device can keep up. With my demands, i have the option to push the limits of what i do. I was trying to define what i was feeling while using m1 ultra max studio. It is inspiration because, with this machine im, not looking at a devices limits thinking how far i can push it mac studio is looking at me asking what i like to create. Next, Music. Well, thank you very much for watching this episode and i hope you enjoyed it as usual. Im very curious about what you think about this product. Is this something you want to get? Is this something you ordered because it sold out so fast? Let me know in the comment section below and if you have any questions leave it down there hit subscribe, do that youtube shenanigans, that youtube is forcing us to do that. Youtube, dance and yeah. Im, probably gon na make another video about this machine.