I already thought the m1 was crazy. Then we got pro which was like holy crap max and now we have ultra this massive tower of performance. Ive been using the m1 max macbook pro for a good few months now, and not once have, i felt like ive hit the limit, and now they just threw two of those together. The max studio is possibly the most insane machine ever made for creatives, especially at this price point: 20, core cpu, 16 high performance cores and four high efficiency cores up to 64 core gpu and 32 core neural engine 128 gigabytes of unified memory, which i dont even Know if i can possibly utilize, i dont see any situation where im gon na need that much memory, not to mention the media engine which handles all the video codecs like h.264 h.265 and prores thats all great on paper. But the real question is: will that make any difference for us filmmakers and content creators on a day to day basis, and to answer that i have some very interesting results. The mac studio is really a new way of looking at the pro setup. Lets forget about the mac pro for a second, because thats only for a very specific high level of pro that few of us will ever need. But now, instead of something like the imac pro, we have the mac studio, which you can pair with anything you want, including the brand new studio display, which im really glad they came out with, because the pro display xdr is very, very expensive way too expensive.

For most of us to actually buy the studio display starts at 15.99, whereas the xdr is starting 4999.. If you want the nano texture and tilt and height adjustable stand, then its 2 299, but still way cheaper than the pro xdr with nano texture and the stand at a whopping seven thousand dollars. The studio display is a 27 inch, 5k retina display built in camera. With center stage and studio microphones, which is really handy for all of those conference, video calls that were doing all of the time nowadays. It also has really nice built in speakers and its a little smaller than the pro xdr monitor. The xdr is a 32 inch. This is a 27 inch, but its also thinner, so it feels quite a bit smaller than the pro xdr. I actually have both displays here and if you look closely, you can see a difference. The pro xdr is definitely crispier and a little bit sharper, especially if you look at the icons and stuff like that, but the 5k studio display is beautiful. I love the colors, the brightness. It is a really nice high quality display and, of course, remember that you can also use the studio display for something like your 14 inch macbook pro or the 16 inch. But i absolutely love this 14 inch macbook pro, i think its my favorite laptop ive ever used in my whole life. I feel like its the perfect size for all of the conditions that im editing, whether its at the office or traveling or wherever it is this.

I love but its nice to have more screen real estate also, so you could just have this at the office plug it in and now you have a beautiful inch display and we can actually afford one or even two of these, maybe three if youre going crazy, Whereas with the pro xdr its pretty hard to afford two of those overall for pro use, im pretty happy that were moving away from the imac, the imac is a beautiful machine. Its always been the nicest looking computer out there, its literally almost like an art piece in your room, its that nice, but for pro use. I would much rather the computer and display not be tied together, because over time you will need to upgrade the performance of the computer and the display might still be really nice, so it kind of sucks to have to upgrade both. At the same time, when you could just swap out the computer and get more performance and keep using that same display, and even though i am a pretty big fan of the look of the mac studio, i would imagine most people would say they, like. The look of the imac better, but for pro users i think we care less about the looks and more about the performance and how much its gon na cost us. At the end of the day, the mac studio is super minimalist. It basically just has a nice logo on top two usbc thunderbolt plugs on the front and one sd card reader, which i will take.

The air goes through the small holes on the bottom and then out the back and then on the back. We have four more usbc thunderbolt ports, an ethernet two usb a and a pro audio jack. The mac studio fits nicely under the display, so its really unassuming doesnt take up too much desk space and you could even possibly travel with it. Unlike something like an imac or let alone the mac pro. I think mkbhd used to actually travel around with an imac pro when he was at like conventions doing videos outside of the office, which is just crazy. Massive dedication, uh well done mkbhd, but uh. The mac studio is a little bit easier to carry around. They even uh the box it comes with is just really high quality. That sounds weird saying that about a box, but its really high quality and even has a little handle up top. So you could easily transport the mac studio in the box that it comes in and holy crap. This thing is fast: cpu performance is 60 faster than a mac. Pro 28 core xeon and gpu is 80 faster than the mac pro. What those numbers are absolutely crazy, but what does this actually mean for real world use, and i havent had a ton of time to test it out, but they did ship it with a project that has a bunch of 8k prores footage and guess how many layers Of 8k prores video you can have playing at the exact same time, 18 18 layers of ak prores footage and you can still throw on motion graphics and it plays back perfectly smoothly no issues at all.

Absolutely insane. I havent had any issues with my m1 max macbook pro its been absolutely perfect, no lagging no bugging out its been so nice and this is even faster, even more performance, and then i did an export test in final cut. I wasnt sure, where we gon na see really much of an improvement here, so i didnt have my hopes up too high. This is where it gets a little bit crazy on my m1 max macbook pro fully specked out for a one minute clip from my sony. Camera it took 69 seconds to export that in final cut on the mac studio, it took 38 seconds 38 seconds, thats, almost 50 45 faster export than on the m1 max, which was already crazy, fast mind boggling. I was like what is going on. This is 45 faster. I dont even know what to say: thats thats, actually crazy, the amount of time thats going to save so many people ill. Take it and its really nice. On my m1 max ive already been using h.265 video instead of h.264, which, if you dont, know its basically just a more efficient codec. So the file sizes are much smaller, but it is a little bit harder on your computer n1 max totally fine mac studio. No issues at all, so you get to save a whole bunch of data and a whole bunch of money on data storage. This is a full on pro machine. I dont even know if it gets any faster than this for filmmakers and creatives and all of that starting at 2 000.

Now that is the m1 max version for the fully spec m1 ultra its 7 999, which is still thats a lot of money, a crazy amount of money, but thats pretty doable for a lot of creative professionals, whereas something like the mac pro. That starts to be at a level where most creative professionals just cant ever afford that, and also a mac studio fully maxed out is complete overkill for most creatives. You do not need to max this thing out, but i love that its overkill, because it means that i can use it for many years to come and its not going to be outdated in just like a year or two its not too long ago. That i felt like uh computers were just not keeping up with the video codecs and the 4k ak, and just felt like you, couldnt use any of those things without doing proxies and all of this stuff, and now all of a sudden, m1 max comes out and Im totally fine, all of my editing needs are completely fine, and then we have the m1 ultra mac studio and its like way more than any of us will ever need for editing unless we all start shooting 16k like next year, 18 layers of 8k footage absolutely Mind boggling never have we had such powerful machines to help us do the things that we want to do to tell the stories that we want the 3d motion. Graphic designers are going to love it.

The video editors, the photoshop people, the designers, all of those people. Now have this like next level that can be unlocked, and i just cant wait to see what everybody does with something like the mac.