Besides the hellfire missile mounted on a small swarming drone, they are using the m72 light anti armor weapon, the law. This is normally a man portable, shoulder fired weapon to take out enemy, armored vehicles. Now it could go airborne to hit a tanks weak spot. The top of the turret lets discuss the law first and find out why it is still popular. After all these years, the law is a 66 millimeters tube launched weapon with rifle sights. It is still light and portable enough so that it can be carried easily on a soldiers shoulder, while mainly designed to take out light tanks. It can also be utilized against bunkers walls, caves and gun emplacements. The weapon is quickly aimed and fired in service since 1963 and used in the vietnam war. The rocket flies at 650 feet per second, with an effective range of 250 meters and a maximum range of 1000 meters. Numerous variants over the years have improved its specifications. It only costs about two thousand dollars each one of the reasons it is so popular in armies around the world. Now about that drone. This is a creative idea. I never even thought that a weapon designed to be shoulder fired could be mounted on a drone but thats. What defense contractor namo short for nordic ammunition company has created namo is a joint norwegian finish company. The idea is simple: fly the drone over a tanks turret and shoot downward while penetrating up to 450 millimeters of steel of a tanks weak spot.

The company says the drones can operate in swarms and overwhelm an armored platoon. The drones and laws are cost effective. As the unmanned system has a range of two to three miles: Music theres video feedback to the operator to help with targeting and with more modifications, the company believes it can extend the range up to 31 miles. The law mounted drone could become a mainstay in the norwegian army. The system was showcased at the adex trade show in seoul in october. The drone is still in the proof of concept stage, but if norway takes it, it could spread to other nato countries for potential use against a russian mechanized warfare operation. If you combine this with operators on the ground and drones up high, you could severely accurate an armored column. This is an intriguing and inexpensive weapon and lets hope the prototype advances to introduction on the field Music thanks for watching and dont forget to subscribe. Also, if you want to support warthog defense, please become our member and get early access to new videos, exclusive members, only videos and become administrator in comment section. The membership link is in the description.