This is the ly z, rc, l900 and the reason im making this video is because i reviewed this one way back last summer. In january, okay of this year and the reason im making this video is that even seven to eight months on now, it still seems to be getting really good views. Um. I think the initial review video is over 30 000 views and the range test i did in march, which was about a month or so after my initial review id done a range test, thats getting pretty good views as well, but um in the recent id say A couple of weeks ive been having a lot of uh questions like you know, comments in my in those videos and concerns about an app called rx drone. Now, up to that point, i never even heard of this uh particular app, because this uh one ive had got here. I used in my initial review video um the hfun pro app because thats what it actually had linked in the qr codes in the user manual. Uh so ive been running on the h fund pro app, and i had no issues with it now. Theres been the old comment, like i mentioned, about rx drone app uh comes up in the in the comments and also concerns about a person. Has you know, bought this drone. They can only calibrate it compass calibration one and uh calibration compass. You know the the second spin cycle, doesnt work um.

Another person has said that the telemetry screen doesnt work. Well, i put those two uh ladder. You know comments down to maybe a defective unit, but theres something about this app that i was sort of curious about. So rx drone app so what ive gone and done tonight, ive decided to download this rx drone app here, as you can see its at the bottom here now i used on this l900. The hfund pro app ive also got the hfun fly app for a different drone, because these are both h, fun, apps, im, going to try all three just to make sure that they all work still. Okay, i want to see if this rx drone app actually replaces the h fun pro app or or what you know im not too sure, because this one keeps coming up in the comments section a lot lately, i dont know if uh this is the only dedicated App for this drone because i havent flown this drone for a while last video ive done on this was a start. Rc dji, light kit, for that was a couple of months ago. So in this video im going to start a screen recording and were going to see if this app actually works with this drone, still, okay, so im going to set it up now and uh, well, move on to try out all these three apps, okay! So, im going to turn the drone on okay im not going to bother using the controller im not going to fly it or anything so im just going to go into my wi fi ive got it set to airplane mode im, going to look for the uh.

The wi fi, which is that one there m85g okay, so ive, got that connected okay. Well, i should start a recording here. So im going to start a screen: recording okay ill, just check if the microphone is on okay, so i can sync it up. Okay, so im starting recording now im going to go back into the h fund pro app here. This is the app that actually ran that i ran in my initial review. Okay, so im gon na go in there im gon na press start and, as you can see, it does work. Okay, theres a bit of lag in here, but, as you can see, it does work, so it does still connect the original app h front pro app. Does still connect to this drone, okay, so im going to get out of that now, im going to get rid of it completely and next were going to try the rx drone app. So this is the rx drone app its looking to connect lets see it has connect its got. Wi fi, m8 5g im going to press play doesnt seem oh now, its come up. Okay, theres no wi, fi feed looks like ive got the map trying to load up okay, theres, no wi fi feed at all, so um. How do i get out of this? Let me try to get out of this. Go back. Lets have a look at the settings. The settings seem a little bit yeah.

It seems similar to the uh h front in a way, but uh yeah theres. No, no connectivity. There is half connectivity, you could say because its trying to locate the you know it looks like its pulsating there, the location but anyway yeah it doesnt work all right. So there goes that one get out of it. Lets try h fun fly its asking me to log in im. Not going to log in click, start confirm, got it and there we have it so h, fun fly works, the h, fun, apps, work guys. There is some pretty bad lag here. Maybe because im around you know im in a got a tin roof and a lot of metal in here i dont know out at the field. There was not lag like this on the h front app but uh yeah guys, as you can see, i mean this is the h. Fun fly app and it works all right guys so um im just going to stop that screen. Recording now see you guys, it seems to me that this drone uh, the one that i have the very first release of them – might only work with the eight fun pro apps. You know, including the fly app as you can see: um just there still working, but uh yeah doesnt seem to be working with that rx drone app guys so im, not too sure whats going on there um. It looks to me that maybe the latest models that theyre manufacturing uh only working with the rx drone app, but i still suggest if you do have this drone, you know maybe uh try to actually try these two apps out the h fun fly or the h Fun pro and see how you go with it, because a lot of people are saying well, a few people are saying that uh theyre having issues with the app not giving much signal or distance so um anyway, guys.

I just thought id make this video um just to maybe help some of you guys with your questions and concerns ive just been noticing lately that ive been getting comments like that about this drone and um. You know comments about how the apps you know failing on them and uh yeah its just totally different to when i reviewed it guys so uh yeah theres been calibration issues as well, which im not aware of because this one calibrated fine, so yeah guys, maybe um. If you did buy this drone lately, maybe in the last month or so, you might want to try those two h, fun apps and you might have some luck. I dont know if you will, but it looks like um to me, because the rx drone app does not work with this drone that i have here anyway. They must have changed something. Maybe the wi fi module im, not too sure why they would have done that. But it seems to be the case where my one will not connect to the rx drone and what some people have wont, connect well theyre having problems with the rx drone, app um, so yeah guys give that a go. Try the h, fun pro apps and if that doesnt work well, i dont know what to say. I just thought ill test it out. You know tonight to see what the go was with that app rx drone app, obviously doesnt work on this one and uh yeah thats.

All i can pretty much say so uh anyway guys. I hope this helps any of you guys that might have watched my previous videos and commented in my previous videos regarding the rx drone app, and hopefully this video in itself would be some use. Id have id have to recommend if you did recently buy this particular drone, maybe give the actual uh h, fun, fly and h fun pro apps ago. If you have any issues with the um with the rx drone app, what more can i say and if they dont happen to work with your l900 drone and only the rx drone does well yeah? I dont know what to say: theyve theyve, possibly just uh, changed the software for the apps that actually work with these drones now. But, as you can see, ive still got this drone since january um and it still runs the h, fun apps. Fine, all right guys. Well, actually, tonight was the first time i tried the h fun fly out because ive only used the h fund pro app like i did in my review, and also that was the very first time i just quickly downloaded the rx drone app from the app store And tried it out for the first time on camera guys i never even tried it out beforehand, so i had no idea whether it would work it or not. Um. You know the settings look a little bit different, but yeah guys so anyway, its starting to rain.

Now so i better pack, this one up and head inside so uh yeah anyway, guys hope you liked the video and um if youre new to the channel feel free to subscribe. And let me know in the comments section uh which apps work for you and which dont all right, guys so uh best of luck. If you own this drone, hopefully you dont have any issues with it. Hopefully, you have some good flying experiences with it um so yeah, i just thought ill. Try it out because of the concerns and uh. In my comment, sections uh in my other two videos, so i just thought ill. Try these all these three apps out to see if they still, i wasnt too sure if they actually deleted the age fund, pro app off all the ly zrcs and move to the rx drone app or not so um anyway, guys thanks for watching and ill catch.