Laughing face was first to identify my transformers shirt in the last video i did, but if you want a shout out just be first to say first in my follow on videos and youll, get that shout out. So congratulations again to pitt from mars. Good morning, quadcopter 101 here and i have a review of a neat new drone. This is the ly zrc l700 gps drone is an improved version of a previously released drone. Let me show you that drone the l900, its a smaller, lighter version of the l900 and the biggest improvements lets go over that what the main improvements of this over the original is is the the camera, the camera on the uh, original l, uh, nine or else Yeah, l 900: let me get that right. Um had a problem and that had a lot of jello, okay, very much gel and a lot of that was caused by the way they had it attached. The camera attached to the drone sticking out pretty far um any vibrations from this were amplified by this being stuck out so far away from the drone on this. This arm here for the gimbal um this up down gimbal here and then again aggravated uh vibrations to the camera, creating a lot of jello and the way theyve improved that on the new l uh 700. Is they move this camera closer into the drone uh? Give it a better, you know more secure attachment to the drone, uh, less chances of vibrations – and indeed you know – ive checked this out this weekend here checking my gutters on the house here and i didnt notice any vibrations from the new newer upgraded l700.

So they seem to have corrected that vibration problem which, from the old drone to the new drone another improvement over this drone over the previous model, is they made it lighter yet theyve increased the battery size. The original battery was a 2200 milliamp per hour, 7.4 volt. A pretty big battery, you know well the battery isnt. The problem, the case that they put in was a problem pretty big case um pretty hefty case and that added weight to the drone. What theyve done with the new l700 is theyve reduced the size of that battery. Let me show you the new battery. They reduced the physical size of the battery, making this more compact size than the original. However, they increased the size of the battery itself, its its also a 2s battery, but its now 3 000 milliamp per hour instead of the original 2200. So you know theyve increased the capacity of the battery by putting in a smaller case, smaller lighter case now. Lets talk about that weight, the weight difference between the two, the original um l900 was uh. It was below 250 grams, which made it great um. It was came in at 214 grams with the battery installed into it. So you know it wasnt. It is a lightweight drone. The original i got a spare battery in there already but um it could be lighter okay and they did make it lighter again, with this smaller battery, smaller smaller drone, this new drone here the l700 weighs only 184 grams as compared to the original 214 grams.

So this shaved a good 30 grams off of this thing by making it smaller, lighter, hey. One thing i want to talk about real quick since i got the battery in hand and were talking about the batteries is make sure this battery is fully inserted. Dont, just slam it like that in and hope that its inserted, what you want to see is to make sure that the battery is flush against the back side of this uh drone. Otherwise, you might go flying and find a surprise when your drone just stops in the air and drops to the ground. You want to make this go all the way in and to do that, make sure that you push down on the little little lever switch here. Let me show it up close this thing here: push down on that as youre pushing it in until that is flush with the back side of the drum so im going to do that right now pushing down while pushing forward and there we go its its flush. So make sure you check that before takeoff again, if you take off with that battery, just you know you slam it in and hope its all the way in and its not and you take off this drone can drop from the sky and youll be again very Disappointed youll think you have a faulty drone when you just didnt check to make sure the battery was all the way in okay.

Um lets go over other things. The differences um, the um controller, is a bit different. This is the original l900. This is the new l700 controller, its a bigger controller, bigger lcd screen same information more or less. What you see on it lets see if this has power on it and turn the power on this one same information, but uh, easier, bigger, lighter, easier to read, screen on this one, okay, much easier to read, screen and well talk about that screen. What you get the telemetry information you get off the new screen, so that is a big improvement too of the original is. The controller screen is much better easier to see with that important telemetry information, and this drone does have telemetry, which makes it telemetry that you could read on the controller. You dont need the app to read that information, so that makes it good so lets get this out of the way lets focus on the drone itself. Now again, i mentioned the improvements, its a folding drone, making it highly portable thats the idea you can take it more more or less anywhere with you. Actually. I guess this goes in first and then hes coming in the back to make it a fully floated drum. As such, so yeah nice, small lightweight drone, it does come with a rather nice carrying case. Let me show you that case very nice carrying case with a backpack, strap backpack case, so to carry the drone and its accessories.

So all right, it really really nice case for such a cheap drone. Okay, im surprised, but lets open this back up again, other things about it, its available in black gray or in this orange. I like this orange color because it makes it easier to see the drone in the sky, so i recommend the orange color. If you youre considering the colors again, it weighs 184 grams with the battery installed. What does that mean? That means this does not require registration in most countries. However, those countries that require registration of camera drones. This still has a camera on it, so those countries will require registration, but most most countries dont care about the camera. They care about the weight, and this is under 250 grams at 184, so it doesnt require registration in most countries. It does have brushless motors like the uh l900. So you know that makes that improves the durability and longevity of flying this drone, without worrying about the motors burning out like on a brushed motor drone, it does have gps, which enables this to fly autonomously back to you and land itself, and it will do such On command, if you press the button on the controller to come back and land itll, do that itll? Do it on loss of signal from the controller? If you fly too far away or accidentally turn off that control or the batteries die, this will return and land itself where it took off from by itself and also it lands.

Itll come back to you on the low voltage signal. I dont remember if it lands. Well find out, we go fly it again, but uh it does come back within a certain radius and then you can take control the drone. If i remember with the original l uh 900 that you had, it would bring it within 30 meters well see if that is the same with this drone, when we go fly now other things it has in addition to that gps, it has an optical flow sensor. On the bottom of this drone, this will enable you to enable you to fly this drone indoors if you like its kind of a small small drone, even though its brushless its kind of small, so you might want to consider flying it indoors if you want to Make sure you have enough room, though, because the brushless motor is pretty powerful and you dont want to smack it into your pet dog youll be very mad at yourself, as that happens um i mentioned the battery youre getting the 7.4 volts 3 000 milliamp hour. I meant i brushed on the camera. You know with the improved uh, stand on or attachment point here: um it reduces or eliminates jello. I didnt see any gel one again when i was looking at my gutters flying this thing, but lets talk about the details of the camera. First off. There is no sd card on this drone. It does not record to sd or a memory card on the drone.

The way this records is it transmits its video or its photos directly to your phone over 802.11 ac, wi fi, where you can view it on your phone view, the in flight video offline and record it if you wish now i mentioned that 802.11 ac. Let me stress, as i always do, not everybody has a phone that is capable of using 802.11 ac wi fi before you purchase. This drone first verify your that your phone indeed can receive 802.11 ac wi fi, or else you will be very disappointed when you try to use this drone with your phone and you cant connect. It so again make sure your phone has that capability of that wi fi. The camera itself is on a little up down pointing gimbal. There is no stabilization of the gimbal mechanical stabilization, although they do say it has some electronic image. Stabilization um. I flew this again and i did not see much in ways of electronic image stabilization lets see when we take it out into the field for extended flights to see how it performs there, but it records video to your phone 1080p at 20 frames per second. It actually looks relatively good for what it is going to your phone um. The images that go to your phone are frame grabs of that 1080p video that have been interpolated to a larger 4k size using the app and the app on this is the rx app or prescription app um available on google play and itunes, but again um that Records video and photos to your phone.

Excuse me they claim again 4k, but that is an electronically enlarged, still image thats recorded to your phone. There is no 4k, even video coming from this camera its 1080p again and the still photos are frame grabs that are upended to 4k resolution, um other things about the drone. We i mentioned the fpv video using the app the rx app. The rx app also gives the drone the ability it has some advanced flight modes of circle me follow me and even way, points that are available through the app ill. Try to demonstrate all three when we go flying with this particular drone and take it out into the field. Um lets see what else have i mentioned uh the ranges they predict a range of 300 to 600 meters, fpv range from this drone um. My good range good working range, as i saw on the l900, was around 200 meters um you get out to 300 meters, it starts to get choppy video and it gets worse as you get further and further away. Until eventually, you lose that video and the image freezes um with that in mind, the controllers range is rated up to, i believe 1200 meters, uh yeah, 1200 meters, but keep in mind. This is not recording to an sd card. So as soon as that, video freezes youre flying blind and you will not be able to record those vid that video onto your phone at great ranges greater than 600 meters.

So you know whats whats the use of having controller that can go that far because youre just going to be flying blind thats. What again, what im trying to say there? Folks, okay uh lets, go over what you get in the pack. You get the instruction manual for the rx app you get the instruction manual for the drone itself. It comes in chinese and english. You get the drone and a battery you can purchase additional batteries at time of purchase. I recommend doing that. If you intend to fly with additional batteries as youre going to have a hard time finding replacement batteries after you get this, unless you get it bundled at the time of purchase again remember to push down that button. Oh there we go thats how you turn it on. Let me turn it off here. Folks, i held it down too long. So there we go thats what you get um. You also get in the package a spare set of propellers a spare set of propeller screws to insert those propellers in case youre digging some of these up and a screwdriver to put those propellers in and you get a charging cable for the controller ive mentioned the Controller briefly, but this controller has a built in battery folks that charge through this port here and its a micro, usb port, and you get a micro usb cable to charge it with again. You use a wall charger to charge this and additionally, the battery of the drone itself.

You also use a wall charger, a phone wall charger to charge it. I recommend a two amp wall: charger theres, the the micro usb port. There dont try to charge this through your computer because it is a big battery and it might take several days to fully charge this using the low power output of a computer usb port. You want a good power output and again a two amp wall. Charger should charge this readily so without problems. So lets put that back in and again push that button down and slide it in um again were going back to the controller i mentioned. The controller has its own battery built into it. Other things about the controller lets go over the buttons on this. Excuse me again. First off lets talk about these antennas. There is no wire going up inside these antenna cases, so these antennas are fake. You can leave them down and break them off if you dont want them. Theyre not used theyre, not real antennas, theyre, just for aesthetics to look pretty on this particular controller and most of these toy drone controllers. They are fake antennas of most of these. It also has a phone holder for your phone, and my large phones actually fits into this. So im surprised they have a controller that i dont really need to, although i probably will put the rubber band on just to make sure the phone dont drop off, because my my phone is rather heavy.

So im kind of worried about that. Other things about that. This controller this button here is for starting and stopping video a long press starts the video and a long press turns off the video short press takes a photo. This button here by the video switch is not the control of the gimbal, but this is actually your rate, switch your you move it to the right or left, and that increases or decreases the rate which means increases or decreases the pitch on the drone enabling you To fly faster or slower, as you wish, i recommend going slow if youre taking video and if youre, just flying for sport mode, then put it in too high for having fun um the scroll wheel on the right, though, this is the controller for your gimbal on The camera and it just moves the camera up or down by using the scroll wheel automatically again. There is no stabilization on this gimbal, its not a stabilized gimbal, its just a fixed gimbal that has up down movement of the lens that you can control using the scroll wheel. This button here right by that scroll wheel, is your automatic return to home button. So if you want to bring the drone back and have it land automatically, you press that button and it will do so other buttons here you can turn the gps on or off pressing this button here say. If you wish to do indoor flying, you can turn the gps off and fly indoors using the optical flow system.

This button here is for doing the compass calibration very important. You want to do that before each flight ill demonstrate how how to do that compass calibration when we go out and flying in the field other buttons on this um. This is your button idle button. It unlocks the drone and starts up the drone motors in idle, and then you can take off by giving it some throttle like so so to start this drone, you press this button first and then wait until it starts up and then give a throttle and again Dont, do this until you have sufficient satellites to fly. Ive been getting a lot of questions from my viewers recently, and you know i just assume everybody knows this, but you want to have at least seven satellites being received before you take off. You dont want to take off with less than seven satellites, because your gps system will not be calibrated yet and know where it is in the world, and you might have. You will have problems if you try to take off with less than seven satellites dont. Do it folks at least seven? I always wait until i get about 11 to tell you the truth. You know its more much more accurate fix on the gps, so i usually say: wait till 11. um other things on this. This is your headless mode button. You press this and you can do panning shots on the drone, sliding left or right very easily using headless mode ill demonstrate that too, when we go out in the field.

And finally, this is your on off switch and the information. Let me see if i can get this to focus properly. I dont know if its focusing or not, but what we got here. It tells you the um reception quality of both the drone and of the controller being seen by the drone. So you know how how well these this controller is talking with the drone you can see on these sliding bars on the left and right. It tells you the battery power of the drum battery power of the controller, whether youre taking a photo or video, whether youre in return to home mode. The reception quality of the wi fi, the 5.8 gigahertz wi fi, is in the upper right corner here, um, whether youre in gps mode or not, and whether youre in headless mode or not, is up here. Additionally, we got telemetry information of both height of the drone and distance of the drone, along with the number of satellites being received. Remember i say: wait until you get about 11., but you want a minimum of at least seven and again if whether the gps is on or off and uh, also it tells you the rates either youre in a lower high rate and it goes mode zero mode. One mode, zero. I believe, oh no, because one mode two mode, one is gps and mode. Two is optical flow. It has nothing to do with mode one or two of the controller, if i remember correctly, but i believe this tells you whether youre in um, again gps mode or in optical flow mode mode, one being gps.

So that is the controller and telemetry capability. Nice again, a nice larger screen than the l900, so that is the drone and it what you get with it lets take it out in the field folks and see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 and welcome to beautiful erie Pennsylvania – this is what its like in the wintertime folks well its late november. Actually, but it dont get much better this, so i got to take advantage of today its going to get worse the weathers going to get worse for the next week. So lets fly this ly: zrc7 l700 uh. To start this up, you got ta press this little button in the back and hold it down until youre. A chirp then put the drone down on a flat level. Surface then turn the controller on like so, and the first thing we want to do folks is do that compass calibration to do such lets act now see how its flashing right now, the red press, this button here once and then it starts flashing rapidly and when It does that take the drone like so and rotate it horizontally until you hear a beep and then go vertically and rotate until you hear another beat there. Second beep and we have compass calibration, do that for each and every flight. Folks, when you put a new battery in, i recommend it: okay, um next thing we need to do is connect the 802.

11 ac wi fi being emitted by the drone, connect it with our phone. So im gon na go into the phones, settings and connect that and then well open the app so hold on folks. Okay, this is the rx drone app available on google play and itunes and we hit play in the lower right corner and that should bring up the drones, wi fi video here shortly and there we go okay right now, its pointed downward at the mat that its On, let me raise up that gimbal there. It is on this beautiful sunny day it dont get better than this, so were going to fly folks today, uh, but no keep in mind um. We do have some limitations here because of the lighting. We have very light snow also going on at the same time. So there are some limitations of the camera that you know its not going to look as good as a bright sunny day, but im not going to get a bright sunny day and youre here in erie for quite a while. Now, before we take off notice in the app and also also you can see it on my lcd screen that we have 18 satellites are connected, says it there and there. So we are good to go and remember. We need at least seven satellites, the more the better for a more accurate fix. Okay, now before we take off, i want to start that video camera by holding this button down here and we notice the number starts chirping away there on the upper right corner.

So we are recording and were going to uh start the motor by pressing this button here and then were going to give a throttle and check stability im just going to let it sit there. What im looking for is it doing weird rotations like its going down a toilet pool? If you ever see that with a drone folks, you want to recalibrate the drone land immediately and recalibrate those gyros? Okay, let me get into the picture here: come down a little lower, so you can see me in the picture say how do you, like my jacket today, folks yeah its cold out here, aint that cold its about 35 degrees, but lets see how the drone flies And records its video on a day like today, so lets go out folks going up and out its a fast little drone isnt it. It was very quickly how far away are we 60 meters, 70 meters, 80 meters and what their player has error message? I dont know what that was. It stopped recording lets see if i can start recording again. I hit the return to home button by accident. Well, lets see return to home. Its coming back were almost to the road. There lets do an automatic tournament man. I noticed that we lost the video feed so yeah. You know thats the disadvantage of drones, that uh dont record directly to an sd card and that uh, once you lose wi fi reception um, you lose the signal and it can freeze like it did there.

I want to see this. How close this landing is, though its coming down, and i want to see also if we can get automatically uh regain the drone, but it doesnt seem to be doing that again. We were only at about 100 meters, or so when that happened, but lets see how accurate now you know these drones in this price range. Okay were off about three meters now i dont want to go into this snow, so im going to stop it right there. Okay, we still dont have connection. What i want to do folks is: i need to land it again. Actually, let me see if i can reconnect the wi fi, while its in the air so hold on. While i do that – and let me try it so lets see here going into settings and where are you settings okay over here in this page there? It is see if i can gain that wi fi again going into the network internet. Oh im connected, so you know what i think happened. Folks is my phone asks. Itll tell me that i dont have a connection, a wi fi connection and you know, or on the wi fi connection that i dont have internet and this does not have internet and if my phone in particular, if you dont, select stay connected, it disconnects automatically. I think thats what happened there, folks so hold on while i reset the wi fi and tell it this time to stay connected after it connects so hold on folks, okay, thats.

What happened? I went in back into wi fi reconnected and this time i waited a few seconds and my phone eventually said this wi fi has no internet. Do you want to stay connected and i select it? Yes, a lot of phones do that. So keep that in mind. Folks, you might need to wait a few seconds there after you connect to verify that you want to stay connected to that. Wi fi, okay hitting play again, and we have signal again taking off again or by starting the motors by pressing this button here and giving a throttle. Okay, while we got battery power on this cold day, lets try some of the other features of this drone, namely everybody wants to see you follow me and before i do that, let me start the video recording again by pressing this button here and double checking the Video is recording, although im not seeing a number flash there so im going to stop it. Okay now it says its recording lets hit. Stop no! No! No wrong! Button. Cancel thats emergency! Stop! Okay! So this upper right corner button that says: stop thats emergency! Stop! Do not press that okay, unless it is emergency its coming down a little bit now we want to try the advanced flight modes in the upper left corner. The little drone insignia press that and you get a bunch of selections here. First off lets. Try follow me. Im going to step back about 30 meters and sync up the cameras, real quick, so my voice is moving in unison with the drum and then selecting follow, and i want to do gps follow and it think my phone is over here.

For some reason, let me get into the picture and its sliding with me, and the type of follow me. Its got here appears to be hubsan style where it stays at a geo position away from you, wherever you set it lets see if i can adjust that. Oh, you can adjust the pointing lets see if itll stay pointed at me, though yeah its working so thats. The follow me folks lets see if we can get closer lets turn off. Follow me turn follow me off and getting closer see how close we can get, because some people like to do um lets see now didnt follow me: gps fault. Okay, it moves to 30 meters away or not 30, how many meters uh 20 meters, so it has a default distance of 20 meters that you got to keep it at, but again its a hubstance, hubsan style. Follow me right, although right now it doesnt seem to be doing that lets. Try that again follow follow. Gps, follow, okay, would come follow me or is it gon na stay right there? Well, i had to work. Oh there we go now its working again, so theres the follow me its working thing, one toward it will go away from me, yeah, so thats following me, folks on this wintry day here. So the next thing i want to do is come out of. Follow me pressing stop going up a bit higher, and the next thing i want to do is circle position.

First off im going to lower the gimbal there then im going to hit circle orbit position. That is not it cancel lets go back again. I think i selected the waypoints. No, that was a circle lets, try it again circle and that seems to want to do waypoints instead, so were in weight. Points lets go zoom in zoom in where were at thats not way points. Let me select waypoints just to do it multi point mode, centered zoom, in a bit we all, oh, i cant get weight points to work. So next thing ill do lets. Do circle, position again and circle position. Doesnt want to work. So what have we got? Left? Thats about it there, the advanced flight modes, the circle, position and waypoint seems to be an issue right now. Let me bring it over here. Lets just fly it now, i am am i, in high rate lets, adjust the rates thats, all right? Okay, that should be signal rate and going back to this view and going up and out now remember the last time we flew outbound. Let me adjust the camera up again. Last time we flew outbound, we couldnt go very far until we lost signal im starting to lose signal right there, okay, thats going raising the camera starting to lose a signal right there, folks and thats not too far away. Let me go up a bit higher see if that helps well, not much its kind of choppy and im, not sure that i want to go too far out.

That was our battery power by the way were about half battery power so for the remainder of the flight, lets bring it in closer and show you the drone. So this you know youre not going to get cinematic drone again, as i explained before, in this price range um, the reason being they shaved a lot of things on this drone to keep the price down and keep the weight done. The good thing about it is its a good flyer. I can tell you that right now, let me lower the gimbal, because what i want to do next were going to try this uh waypoint or headless mode, so pressing the headless mode button: okay forward, okay! This is the headless mode direction in that way, so i want to get behind it and were going to push up and away up and away folks didnt do it is what i wanted to do, but were going to bring it back in again, turning off headless Mode and bringing it back toward me: okay, im raising the camera up, raising the camera up thats. I keep getting that mixed up coming back down again: okay right now, the batterys giving me a warning that its getting low um but lets lower it well right now i tried follow me. Follow me, worked trade circle me and waypoints. They seem to have problems. Lets try circle position one more time. I dont know why it goes to this map mode and i dont know how to activate circle position right from this map mode, but uh yeah.

It seems to be an issue with the app itself, so lets turn off circle position and waypoints, and all that go back to this mode again and just talk about the drone, its an easy to fly. Drone um its simple drone good drone for beginners just to mess around with youre, not going to get cinematic photography from it. You are going to get reasonable. Looking photography, though, what im seeing right now, especially on a day like today, doesnt look too bad its its an awful day to be fine but other than that, its an okay drone for beginner pilots to learn the basics. Again, not cinematic dont expect cinematic, not stabilized, but reasonably good for a beginner, so lets try. Sport mode lets, find a higher rate high rate and lets just see how fast it goes so right now again the battery is low. I want to see right also if we have a geo fence, this is going to bounce into a geo fence im not seeing a geofence wait a minute. I take that back there we go theres the geofence, and how far is that 30 meters, as expected? Okay, which, which way is the front point toward me, come back toward me. Look for that blue light. That blue light is the front. Let me turn it toward me. I see the blue light now: Music, a little zippy little thing, zippy, indeed a fun little flyer yeah, but a basic gps drone basic gps drone for uh new pilots um.

I dont know what it there we go. Lets turn it back to where now were gon na fly it until its battery dies. Reason being i want to see what it does it doesnt do a return to home. Let me lower that gimbal. Does it do an automatic return to home or it will land wherever its at again? It brings itself in within a 30 meter circle, and you cant fly any further than that 30 meters, so linking it up again while were here. Let me stop the video recording and where is that? Was it even recording? I dont think it was its recording now: okay, its thinking up the cameras. So while were here, uh quick, summary again: basic gps drone for beginner pilots, basic gps, um, the camera works. Uh follow me, works circle, position and waypoints seems to be a problem with this rx app. They need to update that um. It might still work with the. I cant remember what the previous app that went with this drone, but that had issues to the rxf but again basic drone for beginner pilots, basic gps, drone uh, with a bigger battery its supposed to fly. What was it 30 minutes, or something like that? I dont know if itll do that, especially on a cold day like today. I doubt it but im going to keep it close. Actually, i want to turn it toward me because, if it doesnt, if it gets a low battery and makes a b line back to where it took off from, i dont want to be in the way.

Okay, so were over here. Um, the video again is coming over wi fi, um, fpv, video and again with wi fi theres, always inherent issues with it like uh, namely um frame, drip frame, dropping and frame frozen frames, and i saw that already when we flew out of range or actually, i Think what happened again was that i accidentally did not wait until you verify that you are connect or that there is no internet and you want to stay connected. So, okay, for the remainder lets fly it around again, as in sport mode. Actually lets go up a bit show you eerie, i dont think you can see lake erie today, although who knows who might get lucky but lets go up higher. I think well have a ceiling of about 30 meters. Oh its doing something right. I dont know what its doing its low battery, so it does actually does a return to home its doing a return to home and landing on a little battery. So it does that thats good. I dont like the ones that just land anywhere you know it could be not over trees or something you want it to come home if possible and then and doing so. It does raise itself up. It looked like it raised itself up to about 20 meters or so and then coming back and the idea of it raising itself up on low battery is to prevent um hitting objects on the way back lets see.

If i can stop that, i dont want to land in this snow. I cant, stop it. Okay, never mind its going to land the snow, so thats it lets. Stop that video recording video recording has stopped and give you my final thoughts. Okay, again, the l 700 uh beginners gps, drone um, it seemed the gps system is very good uh on the l900 and on the l700, both of these drones. They have a very safe gps system, ill. Give you that uh, the cameras on them could be better, especially if they put sd card. I really recommend they do an sd card on these thats. The next step, who knows maybe thatll, be the l500. So, okay, this quadcopter 101 hope you enjoyed this flight quadcopter. 101 signing out hi quadcopter101 here again, hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to Click that bell button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.