So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of a new drone, the lyc rc l106. Now what is the l106 well, and why am i was interested in reviewing it first off. This particular drone has gps glonass. It also has a two axis gimbal, and the reason i was interested in is: it is under 250 grams at 249 grams. Why is that important? Well, this particular drone does not require registration in most countries. Okay, there are some countries that are going to require it because it has a camera. I know that some countries require all drones with a camera to be registered, but most countries uh will not allow or will not require you to register this particular drone. It is folding it’s, a folding drone, it snaps, open and shut like so um. Also before we go on. I always forget to do this so i’m going to do it right now is it comes with a very nice carrying case uh for the drone and it’s accessories that you can put inside there. Okay, i mentioned his gps glonass. That means this drone will will be capable of returning to home automatically and landing on loss of signal on command through the controller or on low battery power. If you have low battery uh let’s see well other things about it. It does have an optical flow sensor in the belly to help. You can actually fly this indoors if you wish, with this optical flow sensor, and if you have sufficient light.

What this does is the sensor looks at the ground directly below the drum and uses the view that it sees to help maintain its position if it doesn’t have gps signal and other things about it. It does, of course, come with brushless motors up here to control the partic. This drone make sure they, i might be lying folks, i’m. Sorry, these are brushed motors. I did not realize that these are not brushless motors um. This is a brushed motor drone and maybe that helps explain one of the reasons why it is a relatively low cost drone in this price range. So this is a brushed motor drone. Folks um i was, i thought that was brushless, but they are brushed um. Other things about it: it comes with 7.4 volt, 1600 milliamp hour battery. So using the seven point, this rather smaller it’s kind of a small battery folks 1600 milliamp hour battery. This should give you up to 16 minutes flight time, but why did they include this battery? Um, that is one of the ways that they are keeping the weight of this drone down below 249 or 250 grams, using a smaller than normal battery, and also using these small brushed motors in here to provide to keep the weight down on the drone. Um let’s see other things: yeah let’s talk about the batteries. You know. This only gives you about 16 minutes of flight time. If you want to fly longer, i recommend purchasing additional spare batteries at the time of purchase to keep you in the air.

But again, since this has brushed motors, i recommend that you also provide at least 15 minutes of flight or rest time between flights before doing uh follow on flights to prevent damage to the motors. Now one other thing about the battery. It is charged through a micro usb port right there, using a micro, usb cable um. You can uh. I recommend using a wall charger to charge this battery to keep the charge time to a minimum. You know, charging through laptops usually takes quite a long time because laptop or computer usb ports are generally not sufficient power to uh charge these in a reasonable amount of time. Okay, other things about it now, let’s talk about its gimbal. It has a two axis: stabilized gimbal, as i mentioned: okay with for a brushed motor gps. Drone has a 2x stabilized gimbal, but one thing about it: um and – and there are other things i’m going to bring up about this drone. This particular gimbal has a ribbon cable, that’s, it’s kind of a long ribbon cable and that prevents this gimbal from tilting up or down. This does have tilt control through the controller, but uh this long ribbon, cable that they install with it interferes with that up and down tilt. So, unfortunately, i will not be able to demonstrate tilt control, because once i do that, pushes the the uh camera down and the camera will not be able to come back up again because of the resistance to the ribbon.

I had to actually push the ribbon down with a i had a little pin, pin that helped me push that ribbon cable down, so that i could actually view the horizon with this drone. Instead of looking at the ground again that’s something that the lyzrc should look into to prevent uh, you know that’s a design flaw of this particular drone having too long of the ribbon cable to install installed on that thing. Uh but let’s talk what other things about it now this is advertised with 4k camera and also you know, as usual, in this price range. You know this is a toy drone. Folks, let’s let’s say that right now this is a toy drone with gps, 2x’s gimbal. Okay, um do not expect true 4k video from a toy drone. You know, especially in this price range it’s, not you’re, not going to get it. You know the true video that you get from this now. First off let’s mention there is no sd card slot. The sd card slot that you normally would have here this is not is false. Okay do not put an sd card in there. You will lose it. Okay, the way this records video it records, video through wi fi, five gigahertz wi fi, directly to your phone uh. Using the app okay and that video is only 720p video at 17 frames per second um, it does now the way they’re advertising 4k. It does record a photo at 4096 by 3072 pixels they’re, calling that 4096 still photo 4k, but i think that photo is interpolated.

Okay, it’s i’m, pretty sure it’s interpolated from much lower resolution, so that is not true. 4K. Okay, other things about now. I mentioned the issues with this particular drone um. First off there is no instruction manual for the drone. Okay, i had to figure this out from past experience with other drones how to use this particular drone. Um it’s not really hard, once you’ve seen one drone of the one of these drones, you’ve seen them all, but uh again, no instruction manual. The only instructions you get is for the app now let’s talk about that. You get two instruction manuals for two different apps. One for rc pro, i believe this was rc gps and the other one was lw pro rc. Gps did not work at all with this app with this particular drone. Okay, so you can toss that one away lw pro was able is able to pick up fpv video from the drone okay, so you can use this drone for seeing the fpv video. However, i was not able to view any telemetry information and i’m, not certain that it’s going to work for the advanced flight control features. Now this is supposed to have advanced fight control features. A circle me follow me and waypoints, but i’m kind of doubtful, because i there are bugs with that app. There are quite a bit of bugs with that. First off you can’t it’s in chinese, you can’t switch to english. I tried doing it.

You know i find the section where you do switch languages to english, but it wouldn’t take again no telemetry and finally, the video that it’s recording to your phone is in black and white. I don’t know why, but it records a black white. Although the video that i record with mobizen the screenshot, you know, the video that you actually see on the screen of your phone is real, looks really good. You know it’s, you know it is 720p, but it’s in nice color. You know nice just looks real nice much better than what’s recorded to your your phone through the app, so there are bugs with the app lyzrc. I strongly recommend that you correct those bugs with that up. If you would want to sell this drone it’s important um i mentioned this – is a 5 gigahertz drum. You are going to need a phone with 802.11 ac wi fi to use this phone as usual. Let me stress that not everybody has 802.11 ac before purchasing this drone. First verify that your phone indeed does have 802.11 ac wi fi and the way to do that is first or just google, your phone’s model name along with the terms 802.11 and specifications and see if 802.11 ac shows up in the search results. Okay, let’s talk about the controller. This is the controller again, it doesn’t have a instruction manual, but i’ve seen this controller before and what you get. Is you get the on off switches right here now this controller beeps when it connects to the drone and it also beeps uh you, and you also get two lights here when the gps is uh, has sufficient satellites to take off so wait until this beeps and You see two lights and also the the backlights of this drone will change from flashing green to a steady green when you do have sufficient satellites to take off when it’s ready.

The gps is ready to go. Okay, other buttons. On this controller, you have you can adjust the rates of the drone by moving the scroll wheel here to make it fly faster. If you wish this again pushes the or can adjust the tilt angle of the camera up or down. But again i am not going to touch that because if i do i’ll be looking at the ground because that ribbon cable, you can start to stop the video by holding down this button here and take a photo by a quick press of this button here. But i recommend using the app because um well i’ll try to use this button, not on the field, because the app seems to be a little more dependable start and stop videos but um. It does show you if you are recording or not by holding this button down here. This button here is for activating return to home and landing on command. If you wish, this button here is for calibrating the uh gyros on the drone. If you wish to fly using the optical flow sensor, only you press that button, while the drone is on a flat level surface and it will calibrate the gyros. This button here is for activating compass calibration, which you must do before each and every flight. You know when you put a new battery in always do a compass calibration. First i’ll show how to do that once we go out into the field, and this button here is for turning the gps off.

If you want to fly this in sport mode and altitude roller, only this button here is for activating um the headless mode. If you want to fly with headless mode – and this button here is for automatic takeoff and automatic landing and finally other things you get in again, you either get one two or three batteries, depending on what you purchase and also you get a little bag with spare Propellers um the charging cable for charging the drone or charging the batteries, and this little micro, screwdriver micro, phillips screwdriver for changing these propellers so that’s, the ly zrcl106 let’s take it out into the field and see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good Morning, quadcopter 101, here with the review of the ly zrcl. 106. 249 gram – drone. Okay, we are out here at pleasant ridge park on a little bit of an overcast day um, but i got to fly today folks, because the rest of the week is going to be really windy. So, okay let’s get this into the air. First thing we need to do is start it up and to start it up, you need to press the on off switch on the back until you hear the esc’s chirp. Well, i guess they don’t chirp. They just uh lights, light up green start flashing and then put it on a flat level surface to enable the uh um gyros to sink, and also that two axis gimbal also is going to calibrate at the same time.

Okay – and next thing we need to do is bind the transmitter to the drone and you turn on the transmitter and you hear the double beeps. That means it’s now bound to the drone and the front red lights, stop flashing when the drone is bombed, but the green lights in the back are still flashing because it’s looking for satellites right now, but first we also want to do the compass calibration and to Do that we press this button here and now they all the lights are flashing rapidly: the green and red lights. What we need to do now – and you need to do this – every flight folks – is, do a horizontal rotation like so, while those lights are flashing rapidly. Until we hear a beep okay, green lights are now steady front, lights are still flashing, so you go vertically like this and continue rotating until you hear a second beat. Okay and now the red lights are flashing slowly, but all lights are flashing. So we’re going to put it down the ground again. That means the gyros okay, now it’s the we heard that second beep we are completed. Red lights are solid. Red backlights are flashing, slowly, green right now, it’s looking for satellites and now it’s fondum, because the backlights are solid, green. We are ready to fly in effect, but first i need to connect my drones or my phone’s wi fi signal or wi fi to the drone’s, wi fi signal and then open that lw pro app so hold on folks.

While i do that, okay, this is the lw pro app available in google play and itunes and, as you can see, everything is in chinese and there is an option to switch it back. The third one down to english, but even if you do switch it to english and i’m, trying to break back out of that um there we go. It does not change okay, so there are some issues with this app. Actually, there are a lot of issues with this app but to start fly that’s the bottom selection hitting the bottom selection, and we now we see we have fpv reception, as you can see here. One thing about it: notice: in the upper left corner where we’re seeing the telemetry data, there is no telemetry data from the drone, so that’s something ly zrc is going to need to fix with this particular drone um. I am going to record screen recording from or i am going to record the video from this drone, but i want you to see that um i’m going to demonstrate it for a bit, but you’ll see that there are some issues with this uh, the not the Screen recording the recording from the drone, okay that’s, going to my phone and in fact it’s black and white, okay uh, but the screen recording from uh. You know the fpv video that i’m seeing looks fine, so we’re going to start off starting the video. Actually. Let me stop the video before we do that.

I want to take a photo first, but let’s get to the air first. Okay to start the motors down and out, starts the motors, and then we could either hit this automatic takeoff or just give it some throttle and i’m going to check stability. Stability looks good, so that comes calibration. We did worked fine and i’m going to get into the picture here and we’re going to take a photo so uh pressing the photo button. I don’t know if that took, but we could also use the app. I don’t think the app button works actually folks. Let’S. Try the photo one more time again: that’s recording to my phone via wi fi, now we’re going to start the video recording i’m going to start through the app or no let’s start let’s try with the phone okay, it’s recording through the controller i see hit the Controller button, so this is the video. Let me sync it up that the drone is capable of producing. Now this video looks fine today, i’m gon na shut. You know, keep on uh producing this earth, including this uh recorded video. But if it’s, you know had problems like, i had at home i’m going to be in replacing it with the screen recording from mobizen that i’m, seeing through fpv. So with that in mind, let me put my glasses on so i can see this drone while we’re going off on okay, so i can see it and let’s go up and out and see what type of range we can get with this and fly outbound.

Let me go up first, because i don’t think we’re gon na get very good range, but now another thing i can’t tell the range i’m just guessing it folks, uh and the reason being again. We have no telemetry we’ll, go up a bit higher and plop it right there for now and we’ll do a uh, slow rotation around the area and again i apologize for the day but uh the weather here at erie is very unpredictable and uh again they say: There’S gon na be a lot of wind, the rest of the week so i’m flying today. While i can okay, so i i notice i am getting uh wi fi going in and out so expect a lot of dropped frames here, but let’s go outbound a bit because i want to go over here and test. The return to home we’ll go to the end of the field here right now. I notice i’ve lost fpv, reception and we’re in a range of about uh. I don’t know about 70 meters, so i lost it about 50 to 60 meters. Let’S see if i can rotate it and get it back. I’M rotating the drone, but no reception’s not coming back in so let’s. Do that automatic return to home by pressing the return to home button, which is this upper right? No that’s the rate yeah that’s return home, pressing the return to home button here, let’s see if it returns to home.

It is it’s coming back, come and step back we’re going to see how accurate return to home is and i’m going to also probably stop stop. It before it hits the ground as i do not want it to land on the wet grass, but did i get any fpv back yet not sure i might have to restart the app okay here’s its accuracy? It looks to be about it’s, not too bad, not too bad of return home less than a meter. Let’S stop it there. So that was a good return to home, but i had not received uh gotten back reception, so i am going to land it and i’m going to restart the app. Let me try to land it on this pad there we go so wait. While we start the app and when we resume the flight here so hold on folks, okay to regain the wi fi back again, the fpv back end had to reconnect to the wi fi from the drone so uh it doesn’t automatically um rebind. In other words, if you lose the app doesn’t automatically sync up with the wi fi again, if you lose connection so for the remainder of the flight, we are going to keep it close. Okay, just to prevent that now started video recording again, i hope i didn’t lose the other video recording but we’re going to do that and starting the motors again this time, let’s try that automatic takeoff holding it down.

No that stopped it let’s. Do a quick press! Okay, i guess this button is just for landing automatic landing so giving a throttle. Now i want to try these advanced features on this drone. Um. Follow me circle me way. Points let’s start with uh. Follow me i’m going to get back a bit and press the follow me, and i am going to use gps, follow me and hitting yes let’s see if it works and apparently not okay, let’s, try, um Music optical. Follow me by pressing the top one hitting yes and no that’s, not working either. Okay, so let’s come out of that and stopping gps let’s try circle position and see if that works with the app okay. I do have my gps turned on, but again there are issues with this particular drone in that we don’t have telemetry and um. Obviously, these flight advanced flight control features don’t seem to work. Let’S, try waypoints uh, try that one and again i think, it’s, saying it’s not receiving my gps and that’s, probably because of the fault of the app so for the remainder of the flight. Let’S fly it around and demonstrate. Let me show you real quick that you know it’s two axis gibble is working. Okay left right, left right, see it works out back it’s, it’s whole it’s worth my. You know view. But again, if it’s features are not working. Okay with that by let’s. Do it up and away manual up and away uh pulling back it up up up up up up up up up up up up up and again i’m not going to go out too far, because i don’t want to lose fpv reception.

So coming back down and again so you know well at this price, this is meant that though there goes our low battery wearing. So again, you don’t get a super long flight time with this, but um this drone. Let me sync up the cameras. This drone is meant as a beginner’s learn to fly drone um again it’s here let’s go a little bit further too. I want to see what it does on the low battery, but do not expect at this price range. True, 4k. Video, obviously not you’re not going to get it, do not expect uh super quality in the drone, either because they’re making to get this under 250 grams, they made a lot of uh um. What do you call an engineering trade offs to do that and uh also to keep it at a low price range? They made a lot more engineering trade offs, so there are going to be some issues in this lower price range, namely uh. We, you know the droning isn’t too bad, but it’s, not a long flier, because a low battery they put that smaller battery in there to keep the weight of the drone down um. They do have a good gimbal on it, except that ribbon cable. They didn’t think too much too well in that riveting cable. That needs to be adjusted, so we do have pan or tilt of the drone i don’t. I didn’t demonstrate that and i’m not going to, because if i want here i’ll, do it what the heck let’s lower the gimbal i’ll show you what i mean lowering the gimbal okay.

Can i get it back? Oh, i can get it back up again. I lied. Okay, what i did folks was, i adjusted the ribbon. Cable and uh pushed it back. So you, this gimbal, now works, but it wasn’t working before, but i can’t lower it and raise it. But out of the box that ribbon cable was obstructing uh the work, the workings of the gimbal um, the app the apps that they give you. You know they there’s two options: one of them doesn’t work again that was rc gps and then lw pro was the only one of the two apps that actually worked with us and uh. Lw pro obviously has some issues that they need to correct. So you know particularly the recording in this video. I know that the video is probably looking bad uh, the recorded video, not the screen recording, but that is because of the app not necessarily the drone, so they need to fix up the app and also they need to include an instruction manual with the drone that’s That’S, just not right so that’s, the l, 106 okay for the remaining flights uh. What i’m gon na do now is increase the rates. The angle that’s, the angle here’s, the rates let’s bump it up let’s do some sport flying okay. This is high rate. We’Ll go until it either drops or does something else. Oh i don’t have control of it anymore, what’s, the door it’s doing this return to home and landing so that’s, a low battery return to home and landing and that’ll be the flight time.

Let me stop the video recording video recording stopped, so that is the flight of the l106 gps drone ly zrcs uh under 250 gram drone, so hope you enjoyed this flight. Let me sync up the cameras one more time. One two three hope you enjoyed this flight. This quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101 back here with a final word. Sorry um! If you notice, we finally have color in the video and why? How did i do this? Well it’s? I got another app to work with this particular drone. This is the issue pro app on google play and itunes used for eachine drones. Um. It does seem to work in terms of color. You know recording color from the video i’m a reasonable looking color. However, if you notice in the upper portion there, uh upper portion of the uh screen recorded screen, you’ll notice there’s, no still no telemetry information, so the drone is still not transmitting telemetry information to the app. So you know that the drone still has some issues that l y z rc needs to work out here, um regarding this uh, either the app or the drone i’m, not sure what’s, not caught. Why it’s not showing the telemetry and because it’s not showing telemetry. I doubt that the advanced flight control features are going to work until that’s corrected so well that’s. The ly zrc final word on it: l, 106 or yeah it’s 106. I believe this is quadcopter 101.

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