What we have here in front of me on the bench is a purchase that i actually made from aliexpress about two and a half weeks ago. Im pretty sure i purchased this one on the first of march or 28th of february, and it came rather quickly within two and a half weeks. So im pretty happy about that. I didnt take that long at all. So what this actually is is a cheap, affordable, beginners quadcopter. It is a wi fi, fpv quadcopter and its called the ly zrcl105. Now, why did i buy this quadcopter well, im just browsing on aliexpress one night and um this one just popped up on the listings. As you scroll through the pages and i clicked on it, had a quick look and then i had a look on youtube to see if there was any reviews on it and there happened to be zero reviews on it. So i thought ill purchase, one myself and test it out feature on the channel for you guys to see what we get for the price. Now this one came in at around 50: australian, okay, guys um thats, including uh 10 gst. So i think it was around 44 45 plus the 10, which brings it up to around 50 australian uh. The shipping was free. I think on this one. It was just the tax that i had to pay so yeah very affordable, but this one came with three batteries, guys so for 50 bucks.

I think thats pretty pretty much a steal. I dont think i could get anything on amazon for anywhere near that low price, especially with three batteries, so in american dollars, ill work. It out, put up on the screen, its probably around 30 to 35 usd with three batteries. Okay, so thats the reason i got it and uh lets have a quick look inside the case. So it comes in this nice little black carry case. As you can see, uh looks like its waterproof. Weve got a little handle up. The top handle strap pretty common uh standard stuff these days, even with the cheapest of quadcopters, which is really good because um back in the day when i started flying, i think it was 2015 youd have to rely on storing your either. You know if youre, not storing your drone in a cabinet or something youd have to uh store it back in its foam box. So, as you can see, youve got some accessories here. Weve got a full set of props screwdriver and the charging cable. Okay – and there is the layout of the case here – guys so theres a little drone there, its foldable, of course very lightweight – got the standard. You know dji spark style controller and up here we have the two extra batteries, guys theres already one in the quadcopter itself. Now these batteries are one cell batteries, but they are pretty large 1800 milliamp hour batteries guys and you can see they charge up via the micro usb plug here, all right guys, so weve got two extra ones there, plus one on the drone.

We also have the standard prop guards: okay set of four and just a simple user manual guide, just one page with all the controls there, okay, and we also have the app which is on this side, the app leaflet, okay, so just download the qr code. I believe this one is called fyd uav. I think i remember this app uh a couple of years ago, i used it with the there was a little quadcopter called the teng mini and uh. It was like a the very first mavic mini clone, uh cheap brush. Quadcopter and as you can see, this app has a whole bunch of uh different functions and features. Okay, so im not gon na go through them all im just gon na fly. This drone and uh just see how the camera is on it. You know and see how it flies, of course, all right: okay onto the transmitter that comes with the l109 quadcopter here very standard, uh remote here that weve seen time and time again, this particular style for the past couple of years with these cheap drones. So, as you can see here, we have all our trimmer buttons here with the arrows. So youve got your right trim, left forward and back trim on and off switch in the middle there. We have the emergency stop button here: uh automatic takeoff and land. We also have, i believe this is the headless mode. We have the uh camera button here.

Okay, so quick press would be photos. A long press for about two seconds is uh for video speed switch on that side and weve got the 360 flips on this side. Now these antennas are fake guys they do not have any wiring in them fairly, typical stuff, theyre, always being fake on these particular quadcopters on the bottom. Here we have the little drawer that uh spring loaded, and this just clips out like that guys. The case is spring loaded and you can fit a fairly decent uh phone in there and on the back, which i havent put batteries in it yet. But this transmitter remote takes three double a batteries: okay onto the little uh l105 quadcopter itself. As you can see its a pretty small lightweight, foldable quadcopter just fold the arms out, you can do the front or the back doesnt really matter because they are parallel to each other. Okay, so theres, no one above the other on the arms um. So yeah, as you can see its got a bit of a face on there a little bit like a bugs um, mjx sort of face um, and we have the camera out the front here now with all these quadcopters. This one states in the title of the listing 4k. I dont believe that at all, they usually are nowhere near 4k uh at best. I think this camera will be probably 1080p its possible to be 720p. Looking at this uh styler camera, it is manually uh adjustable.

Okay, up to about 45 degrees down, okay, we have the wi fi antenna poking through down. The bottom looks like they do make models with optical flow sensors, but, as you can see, there is no camera or secondary camera for the sensor here. Battery is in the back of this one. This is the third battery okay, just clips in like that thats, basically it guys this is a gear driven brushed quadcopter. You can see the motor is actually housed in this little pod here with the vents there to keep it cool and underneath we have the plastic gears, as you can see. Okay, so this is a gear driven brushed motor quadcopter looks like weve, got some little landing feet on all four corners here to stick the landing and thats about it guys. I noticed the props on this are really large for this type of quadcopter. I mean look at the size of the actual quadcopter itself and look how big these uh props are and theyve actually got a pretty aggressive pitch. Usually you see on these new quadcopters in the last couple of years, uh two piece props, which are really small, but this thing should fly pretty quickly: im thinking and uh be d pretty decent in the wind, especially with such large props, like this, alright guys. So, on top of the quadcopter here we have the ly zrc logo and the on and off switch. So just press that quickly, you can see.

We have the led light. So weve got blue leds on the front red on the back; okay, guys! Okay! So if you wanted to fly this particular quadcopter indoors and you might be a beginner okay to flying quadcopters, you can actually put these prop guards on its really easy to actually put these on see the little recess on the motor here, theres a little gap there. Just line up these little tabs, okay and just a matter of just clicking it in there, you have it okay, so you can do all four and uh fly it around with these prop guards. So if you hit any walls, its just gon na bounce off all right guys, youre, not gon na hurt anyone or any furniture or anything like that any pets, okay by flying indoors, so thats pretty much it guys, thats what you get for around 50 australian! You get three batteries with this ly: z, rc, l105, wi, fi, fpv, quad, so yeah. All i have to do now is uh download the fyd uav app and um well, take it out and take for a test. Okay, guys ive charged up all the batteries uh before making this video so im pretty much ready to go so it catches out of the field and lets see how this thing flies. Guys. Look at the l y z, rc l, l105 quadcopter out im going to take it for a flight so turn on the transmitter.

Turn on the quadcopter lights are flashing up down. Okay, now just go wait for this particular quadcopter and there it is there yd 720. So 720 indicates to me that this may be a 720 uh camera on this one, all right so ill, just set up for a screen, recording and then well get out on the field. Okay, guys ive got the app up here with the screen recording now the fyd uav app. Now in the instruction leaflet there, it wasnt really instruction booklet. He didnt tell you how to do a gyro calibration, but i worked it out its just. These two sticks down to the center. You see it flashing, okay, ill! Do that one more time. Two sticks down to the bottom, okay and inwards, and there we have it okay, guys. Well, we can see the wi fi, fpv and well take it for a flight. Now they do say that uh this got a flight time with these 1800 milliamp hour batteries of approximately 20 minutes. So i might fly it for its full flight uh of the charge of the battery, but i will um, of course, fast forward this video, if thats the case okay, now by looking at the camera, i have it in the most upright position that i can and It is facing down so im, not really a fan of that its going to be pointing down a bit guys, okay, so what i might do is actually uh well, do it from the app okay this time.

Okay, so lets pull it up. Two sticks down and out and im going to try the take off button and well just check what rate im in were in three. Okay. Take it for a bit of a flight around there is wind, it is really light quadcopter as well thats, pretty quick, especially with the tailwind, as you can see. Unfortunately, the camera is not that great. As soon as you pitch forward, all youve seen is the the sports oval here. All youve seen is the grass, so you have to let go of the pitch forward to actually see youve got to have to have it like that, but by letting go of the stick, its just going to fly backwards with the wind, so theyre really disappointing with The camera um, they should have made it more level on the horizon anyway, i didnt buy it for that. I just bought it to see how it flies see how much of a good park flyer it is seems to be doing all right, especially for beginners. Now, im not too sure if i mentioned in the overview unboxing of this video at the start, but there is also a gps version of this, which costs pretty much double of what i paid closer to the hundred dollars mark, but its exactly the same drone except Its got a gps module, so its flying pretty decent, looks like uh. We lost wi fi there yeah so lets uh bring it down ill press the button for automatic landing.

As you can see, it is landing by itself. I can just uh adjust the pitch and roll, and then we got video back. Okay, all right. So what ill do ill put it up in the air again and well, do some flips, okay, so ill just manually, take off and lets see how the flips work yeah, pretty cool roll left roll and you can actually do the flips while youre actually pushing forward. Look at this see that im just holding the stick down. This thing is flying quite good. Actually, nice and quick, not bad at all, lets see if the uh i want to see if the headless mode works. Now i dont im not really a fan of headless mode to be honest with you, but well see if it works, ill, bring it down and back a bit yeah headless is working. I can turn it and go forward, see back right and left so headless works. If you want to use that im, not a fan of headless mode, be honest with you, but its there if youre new to flying drones – and you might panic, let me just turn it around the correct way and get out of headless all right, not too sure. If theres a one key take off on this, i couldnt see anything in the user manual leaflet. What i might do now is just take a couple of photos see if it does take those photos.

Its a pity always seeing is ground which is yeah im. Not a fan of that gon na take photos while flying backwards, im pressing the button for the photos, but i might press the app just to make sure im getting something all right bring it down. Getting pretty windy up there guys i might have to bail on this one and bring it down very light quadcopter. So you just got to watch with a gust of wind. It will take it back away from you, especially if you got wind to your back like i have alright guys and the wi fi froze okay, guys ill retrieve. The drone and um looks like its got: lvc lights, there put it up back in the air. It sticks down an eye out now, ive moved over because theres a couple of workers now and ive also disconnected the wi fi too guys because the camera i wasnt impressed with anyway its just taken up battery life. So it looks like it might be in lvc mode yeah its definitely. What it looks like the lights are. Flashing can still do flips, no flips anymore, so yeah it definitely didnt fly for the 20 minutes that they stated lets just do some uh. Funnels third rate is the funnels, but not a bad flyer. It is lightweight, like i just said, so, try not to fly too high or too far away from you, especially if uh theres, a bit of wind, like i just experienced uh its altitude hold.

Of course. Okay, so im not using the throttle, so it holds altitude hold pretty decent and its a pretty nimble. Flyer flies really good nice and smooth look at that almost looks like a mini bugs with those eyes and the angry mouth yeah pretty cool. Well, if that is lvc its a pretty long one so get a flight time, for you guys ill just keep flying it around. I cant do any flips, so it definitely is lvc lets check the your thats, your in rate, one look: how slow that is! Lets bring it down a bit, got a b near it. So thats your in rate, one pretty slow rate, two and rate three, a little bit quicker in the second and third rate: yeah cool little drone, especially uh for beginners the camera. They could have uh done a better job with that looks like it might be 720p, but the angle of it yeah, i dont, know why they so its not the first uh cheap quadcopter that ive had the camera being a manual uh adjustable one where, when you Have it in its most upright positions, almost like, oh, its on a 45 degree, so im just trimming it up and weve got no wind at the moment, not much wind anyway, and its uh, its fine for a long time, thats for sure. Okay, i think its forced landing now thats a flight time now. The ly z, rc, l105 y5pv quadcopter guys not too bad at flight time.

Definitely not what i thought would which would uh like they stayed around 20 minutes um. As you can see the arms fold in when it lands a bit roughly so theres no chance of breaking it in a hurry. Its very lightweight, like i said, um if youve got a windy day, try not to fly this one outdoors, even in third row, as you can see uh once i got a bit of altitude and i was over, there did uh actually start flying away with me, But i had full connectivity and i brought it down as soon as i could so there you have it guys. A little uh drone from ly zrc ill leave a link in the description below if youre interested. This one came with three batteries, which i think is a pretty good deal. Um ill definitely put the flight time from todays test flight on screen, and you can basically times that by three uh for the flight times youd get on three batteries, guys so yeah pretty good deal on aliexpress like i said this. One cost me around 50 bucks. Australian uh, that included taxes. I think the shipping was free on this one uh the drone came in at around 43 to 45 bucks. Then i had to pay 10 gst tax, so so in us dollars. I think this one would come in around possibly 35 u.s. Okay, depending on shipping to the usa, of course, so all right guys! Well thanks very much for watching this is the ly zrcl105 wi fi fpv quadcopter uh.