This is the don gigi. Welcome to my channel. Look what i have guys: Applause Music! I have this budget drone comes with two batteries and look at this guy Music. This is the same drone Music, different company, but look at the name. Guy ylrc and this one is l y r z just take a little bit. I think they copy each other. This one guys upload this last month, its really good. Then it flies really well its a budget drone less than 100 drone door flies really well, but this uses a very basic controller, comes with two batteries. When i upload this one, it says like 25 minutes flight time, but i think i didnt charge properly that the battery is only last 15 minutes next time around. I will charge this pulley charger before i and go and fly it now. This one guy, the red one i havent – played this drone yet its uh. What once again is lyrc also comes with two batteries: 25 minutes flight time. The good thing about this here then here is the controller. Look at the controller guys its a theres, a screen on it. This this one is more sophisticated than this one, which is the same drone. Look at the controller theres a screen on it, and what what i like about it is its rechargeable see here its a c connector that you can charge the controller okay, guys the good thing about the screen on the controller.

You can see whats going on. If you you list, you lose a connection from your phone. You will see on the screen whats going on on your drone. How far is your drone? Where is your drone, its still connected in the satellite? Not like this one guys, its very basic, you lose the connection from your phone. Sometimes you have to figure it out how to work. Your drone, if you lose the connection from the phone, but both both of these dont are gpa satellite drone see the controller, is beautiful. Dont have to put a battery on it. That is rechargeable and look at this. The drone itself guys see that ylrc battery its really beautiful, though its budget tone guys not even a hundred dollar store. Its 91 drone comes with one battery, but i order extra battery this one. It went to 112 dollars with two batteries, but if you just want batteries 91 91 drone, but you really enjoy flying your drone. If you have more than one batteries at least two, if you cannot buy three at least two batteries. Look at that guys and look this one once again guys. This is the same drone you just tweak different company, you just copy each other. I think we just tweaked tweak the style. Ylrc lyrc just tweak it here, this more wrap on here and hes like playing and also the front youll, see the front. He is like led light. When you turn on the drone, you can see the led light.

Lets turn it on Music. See that guys, Music see the led. You see this one lets put material on it. I will show you the difference, see this same sound. Look at that guys. This one has more sophisticated, look, its more beautiful, also its like the copy of mavic mavic air 2, but its mini. But look at this guys look at that one guy, both beautiful dolls. Both budget drone is both brushless brushless motor thats. What i like, the brushless motor guys, its the drone, its become powerful when you apply it, see brushless motor brushless motor, see that guy how they copy each other. This turns flies really well. I havent tried this one yet because right now, its very cold, its very cold outside, but the question is: how do this drone fly? Because, as far as i know, this one flies really well this one, and this one, i think, is more advanced. I think more advanced. The controller itself is totally different than this one. Music. Look at the guy. Look like the hotel, evo orange. You will see guys im going to apply this if the weather condition is going to be good, but right now its very cold outside this thing i think theres a snow coming, look at that guys. They look so very sophisticated drone. Look. This is what i like. The look thats right attracted me to buy this one because of the look, but i didnt realize that the same drone with the my other one, my other one, is look the same.

The only depends the color is gray. Look at that guys looks beautiful, look very sophisticated and how many grams is this drone its way in all right guys? I have this that the weighing scale look at that lets turn it on put it zero: zero, zero. Okay with the battery. Look at that guys. 186 grams 186 grams, with the battery i dont know the gray one lets try. I think when i weigh this, one is 184 lets see: oh the same way: 186 grams. This both of this drone you dont, need to register at federal aviation. The faa, because this is less than 250 grams drone. Basically this, like a toy, you dont, have to worry. You apply anywhere, but you take your own dress. You dont fly in the crowded in a crowded places, if theres so many people, you dont like it, but you can bring it anywhere. You fly it anywhere, but you have to be careful too guys once again, if you wan na buy one of this drone, like i said guy this all budget drone less than a hundred dollars this one, if you only buy one one battery is 91 dollars. If your additional batteries, i got additional batteries, it went to 112 dollars guys and this one i think it went to a hundred. No, this one is coming two batteries guys its 98 dollars this one, the great one when i bought this is different company guys, but this the same, the same exactly drone.

Look at that l y r, z and y l, r z. You just tweak the name guys, i think the copying each other, but its really beautiful drone. When i blow this one, its really fly fly as well, this one, the gray one, but i havent tasted the the camera i havent tested the camera. How good is the camera? I just went straight flying, but it flies really well, but i have a subscriber theyre complaining to me that he has the same like this. His dog wont fly. I think thats, a depicted manufacturer depicted im, hoping this one is placed the same thing, because this one im more its more advanced than this one because of the controller theres a screen on it. I put the link guys where i, where i get it so hopefully you like it – and this is comes with the bugs guys inside the bag, the controller, the rechargeable controller with screen two batteries and the drone. This is a manual manual and thick guide, and also guys see that Applause four for pillar, except for pillar and once more one small screwdriver and the c connector to your battery once again guys. This is a budget drone.