You know its rush to discover boss. So yes were here for another update on the cambridge right here, two to four monster: grave avenue. The developer is guardian group now theres, a very big insurance company here in jamaica, cambridge moving a pretty bit slow for me, to be honest, probably its now three, our four years that theyre working on this. I do love the colors, though. What do you guys think about the colors? I like the integration of the blue? I know some of these apartments are integrated like bright, blue or red, so, like parker is one of our red integration, so i like it, you know not not boring all right. So ive done some previous videos, so ill definitely put those in the links on the channel or in the comments on the channel. So you guys can see where its coming from in terms of one of the first video i did. This property is also for the guardian group, its a very big company, with quite a few properties on this road, which is mastery of happening so its the cambridge. So its a drone, video as well so stay tuned for that remember guys, remember to like leave your comments and definitely share as well, so not only persons locally, but persons overseas um can see these great developments thats happening in jamaica, almost at 10 000. Subscribers so borrow somebody phone im sure that youre watching you who are watching its already subscribed, because what else would you be waiting for you know, subscribing is free.

So if youre beside someone a family friend, neighbor co, worker uh, just borrowed your phone and subscribe to the channel were on our way to ten thousand, so some of the amenities were seeing pool dragon trail. They have gym kids play area, covered parking, elevator access, uh, lots of glass and light as well um in this area, which is most grave and braymar avenue. You have other apartments close by, like the im sure finished about a year two ago. You have another apartment beyond this one on the construction we have via braymar as well all right guys so remember to leave your thoughts. Let me know what you think this is the finished. Look right here all right guys so leave your thoughts, sorry underground parking, then one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, its got a nine floors. All right guys so well incorporate some drone shots um. So you guys get an aerial view of the construction around the end of the area and ill put in the comments one of the first video i did as well bye Music. So this is the amshare finished about two years now they have a pool on the rooftop, and then this is the cambridge Applause.