Now I actually bought this product a few weeks back, but I never like to rush into a review. I always like to take my time go out in the field and thoroughly test something before I'll ever talk about it in the channel and what I'm trying to figure out when I'm testing a product like this are really three things number one does the product work? Does it do what the company says it should do number two? Is it a quality product? Is it something you're gon na be able to use for a long time or is it something that's gon na break the second time you throw it back in your bag and number three and probably, most importantly, is the product worth the price the companies charging for It is there enough value in the product for you to spend your hard earned money on it. Are you gon na get a lot of use out of it because let's be honest, there are so many whiz bang accessories out there on the internet that you'll go to a website. You'Ll see something you think you need the order, you bring it home, you take it out in the field with you and you find out a couple of things probably happen number one. It either breaks the third time, you've used it or worse. You thought you needed it. You took it out in the field you find out after a couple of flights, you're not actually using the product, and it ends up in the bottom of your bag and you've wasted money that you didn't have to spend on an accessory.

That looked cool but isn't really effective. So I always use those criteria to judge any accessory I'm testing and in the case of the loon cube strobe I'm, going to give it two and a half checks and I'll. Tell you why number one it's a quality product, it's, absolutely built to fantastic specifications, they've done a really good job building the product, it's, also exactly what they're advertised. So it does everything they say, it's going to do and it's a wonderful product for both of those two categories. What worries me a little bit is, I think, it's fairly expensive for what they're accomplishing here, because this product is designed essentially to provide a light beacon on the top of your drone to let other aircraft in the area know that you're flying there. So when I look at a product like this, I think to myself, am I really going to get a lot of use out of that because that's, a pretty narrow use case it's only gon na be on your drone, typically at Twilight, either sunset or sunrise, and If you want to be overly cautious, you could put it on your drawing to fly during the day, but it really is designed for flying at night and flying during Twilight hours. Now I don't fly in the rain. I don't fly at night. I don't really fly at Twilight I'm, not upper enough to fly in the morning most days and I don't fly in the afternoon.

So for me the use case on it was fairly limited, but I thought let me get one and just be super safe. So, if I'm flying anywhere near that evening afternoon hour, I can put this on my drone and notify their planes that I'm in the area. So I like the product, I think it's wonderfully built and it's a fantastic product, but it's a bit pricey and I've got a couple other things I'll pick on, but overall I think it's an amazing product. So before we get too deep into that, I also have a couple of the use cases where this applies were for me at 50, which is what this costs I don't think it justifies buying it as a beacon for your drone unless you're gon na fly a Lot at night, then it's something you can definitely use, but if you're a regular flyer that's flying during the day on sunny days, I don't know if the use case is enough to justify it but hold on I've got a couple. Other use cases that you can use this with that. I think, justify that price and I'll get into those in a little bit. But before I do, let me do a brief unboxing I've already taking things out of the box. I'Ve been using it for a couple of weeks, but when you pop open the box, you're gon na find an instruction manual that explains how to charge it because it's got an internal lithium battery.

It also explains how you can turn it on and how you can step through the different stages, so it's got a continuous light. A slow beacon, strobe and it's got a fast beacon, strobe and you just basically tap it to start those different modes. In addition to that, you get to 3m sort of dual lock setups. Here they look like velcro. I can't use that term because that's been patented, but three M's got their own and it's a really secure mount. You put one half on the bottom of this. The other half and your drone – and you can stick it on and take it off when you need to the unit charges through a port in the side there's a little rubber sticker in there to keep water from getting inside it's a micro USB connection. So again, if I'm going to pick on it, I don't know why they went with micro USB rather seen a USB C connection, but it's nice. They include the cable, so you can charge this thing up. It takes about 45 minutes to fully charge it. You get about 6 hours of use out of it. Also included in the kit. Are two lens covers here, so you can make it red you can make it green. For me, my most expected is to leave it white and you can see that a further distance and you can with either the covers, but if you're flying at night it might be kind of cool to stick one of the covers on the company loon cube.

If you haven't heard of them they've been around for a long time, they make a lot of really high end photographic lighting equipment and different mounts, and things like that. They make a lot for drones as well. So I've got a couple other products that I use. They make a nice little loon cube, cube, basically that's a high intensity light that's, waterproof it's great for action hammers. If you're going underwater you're near wet environments, they also make a really nice light panel that I use on my camera. If I have to light a scene that has a variety of different colors, you can get out of it from you know. 3700, all the way up to I think 5600. So you can make it softer. You can make it sharp, so they make a lot of great products. This is something that I was really interested in because I'm thinking I'm gon na use it for sort of an anti collision light. But I wonder if there's other things I can do with it, and there absolutely are so let me explain how it works. Basically. So right now I didn't put these two 3m s on there I'm, using a different one here, it's similar to that, but it's, smaller and the reason I'm doing that that's. Another reason I'm going to pick on these guys is that when you open up the box, you only get one set of these. So if you stick one on the bottom of that and stick the other on your drone, you can use it on that drone.

But that's the only place you can use it if you've got more than one drone. You'Ve got to buy a couple more of these from their website and they're asking nine bucks for three sets of those which i think is really high. So if you go on Amazon and I'll put a link below you can find these little dots. They'Re three quarter inch dots that actually made up with the the piece that comes there. So you can use this on the bottom and it'll stick to it. Just fine, but if you want to also expand that to other drones, you can buy a bag like this. Where you get, I think, eighteen of them in the bag, and you can move them around between your drones. So I've got the small dot on the bottom. I'Ve got small dots on the top and essentially what you're doing is just sticking it on your drone, like that it's not going anywhere, and then, if you're flying your drone, you can hold it down, which turns it on. It starts off flashing fast and you can move it to a slow flash by tapping at once and if I tap it again, it stays on. And if you want to turn it off, you can hold it down for three seconds and it turns off and you're good to go, and if you want to move it to another drone, you can pop it on your Mavic mini and fly with it there.

So that's what it's intended to do but I'm thinking to myself is that really enough to justify the price of fifty dollars again, if I'm flying a dusk or I'm flying at dawn, it's, certainly something I'm going to use, because technically the statute says you have to Have a light on your drone when you're flying during those periods are called civil twilight where you can see it for three analytical miles. This is guaranteed to be seen for three nautical miles. It'S about 500 lumen it's a very, very bright light, but I thought: could I expand the use case of that because we'd son on top of the drone and it's flying, I can't, really see it so it doesn't do anything to increase my visibility, but it does Let people above me like planes and helicopters, look down and see it so it's great for identifying it there, but if I'm flying during the day, it's in my bag and I'm, not really getting any benefit out of it. But what if I added a second dye to the back of the drone and stuck it on there and now, when I'm flying the drone, my visual line of sight, because I'm, an older guy is between 500 and a thousand feet, especially with a small drone like This, if I get 750 or thousand feet that would be great in a clear day. The minute I put this on the back, I can take it out to 1500 feet and even beyond that, because now I've got this beacon on the back that's flashing to.

Let me know exactly where my drone is in the sky, and it really does make a huge difference to be able to see your drone out that far now, one of the challenges you've got, though, when using it on the back is that these two drones is The anafi that's, the Mavic mini both of these are fine because there's no sort of collision sensors on the back of the unit. But if you're flying something like a maverick or some of the more sophisticated drones, the new Evo 2 that's out, you can't, really stick it on the back cause you're gon na block those sensors. But what I do on those drones is instead of putting the dot in the back, I put the dot in the side, so when you're flying it, you can clip it on and still see it. You have to spend your drone to find it in the sky. If you lose it, but you can actually see it pretty far on the side and it doesn't get in the way when you close up the drone. So you can actually fold the arms in or not have a problem so that's. The first use case and it's incredible how far you can see it once you kick that in so. For me, I was seeing the drone, maybe I'm gon na, say 750 or thousand feet away the minute. I turned that on and put it in the back of the drone.

I could see it 1250 1500 feet away and clearly make it out in the sky, so my visual line of sight increased by at least 50 on any flight that I did with this particular product on. So I like that, an awful lot. I did try the lenses on it and, to be honest with you, even though it's cool, to see that color flashing it cut down pretty dramatically how far I could see it. So the lensing does decrease the distance. You can see it so I wouldn't use those that often, but if you're flying it at night, it might look pretty cool to have that on there. The other use case for it beyond. That is, if you ride a bike, it's a great thing to take. One of these dots and stick it on the back of your seat when you're not flying your drone, if it's a little bit dark in the afternoon or in the evenings, stick this on the back of your seat and turn it on. Maybe at that point put the red LED on the back and that way, if you're on the road or the sidewalk cars approaching, you will know you're coming up a lot of guys use those LED, headbands or they've got a hat with LEDs in it. But this is a nice little use case that you can expand it to another place. I use it, which is gon na sound, really goofy, but it works is when I'm walking the dogs.

I put this on the collar of the dog and if the dog is wander a little bit because my dorms like to walk out into the street, I can be really careful, but I'll pull them back. But this gives the drivers in the area at least another indicator that there's something there. They should be paying attention to so as goofy as that looks I'm a nerd. So I like that kind of stuff having a blinking light on my dog's collar walking them down. The street just gives me a little extra assurance that the car isn't gon na miss him in the street, so be careful out there when you're walking your dogs, but anyway that's the two cents. I'Ve got to add to this it's a wonderful product. Again, I bought it thinking I'd use it as a nanny collision light and turns out. I don't use it often for that, but the distance increase it gives me on. My visual line of sight is really impressive. So for me, for 50 dollars, that's perfectly good use case for me to actually afford this light and make sense of it from a value perspective. Now, if you stay tuned, what I'm going to show you next is a couple of tests. I did at 500 feet 750 and a thousand feet and you can be the judge of how much it really increases the visibility of the drone in that area. Because for me, flying a little bit further and still sang within visual line of sight and staying safe is a good thing and no one.

This is on there and can extend that to maybe 1200 or 1500 feet is a really good thing for me. So stay tuned that I'll show you that next in this first segment I have the Mavic mini a hundred feet up in the air about 400 feet away from me with the strobe turned off in this second segment, I've turned on the strobe again 100 feet up 400 feet away: you can see how much more visible it is in the sky in this third segment, I've, taken it out to 500 feet and again clearly visible with the strobe on in this last segment, about a thousand feet 100 feet in the air, and you Can clearly see that Mavic mini up there I'd be stretching it to see that with the naked eye, without that beacon on so being able to fly my drone further, while still maintaining a clear visual line of sight by simply snapping the strobe. On the back of my quad makes this product totally worth it for me and, as I mentioned there's a lot of other use cases that extend its value even further. Now I don't fly that often in the morning, but every now and then in those beautiful summer days, I'll fly late into the afternoon and I'm approaching that civil twilight time it's nice. Knowing I have it with me, because I can snap it on the top of the quad turn it on put the quad up and give all the pilots around me that 3 nautical mile notice that I've got a drone up in the air, but even beyond, using It with my quad, I use it with my bike a lot of times, I'll, take my bike and ride to allocate.

I want to fly I'll pop it on my back seat turn it on and that way cars around me know I'm out there. On my bike. I also use it with the dog, like I'd mention, I'll put it on the dog's collar I'll snap, on the red lens and I'll. Take the dog for a walk at night, and you can. You can see the dog blinking as we walk down the block, but that's important because it lets cars know my dogs over there. I'Ve used it with bags out in the woods if I've got a backpack I'm taking out, and I put it down near a tree a lot of times, you walk a little bit and all the trees look the same so having a little light. That'S blinking to let me know: oh yeah it's, that tree over there is really a nice little thing to have so I'm sure you can figure out a lot of other ways to use it. So let me get into the pros and cons, because I want to give you my impression of it after having used it for a couple of weeks, so the product, the pros the product, is really well built. It'S built by lune, Cube they're, a wonderful company. They build a lot of really high quality products, so you can rest assured that if you buy it, you're gon na, like it or not, it's gon na hold up I've had it out in the rain I've had it out in dirt.

You just wipe it off with a cloth and it works. The build quality is fantastic and again the company's gon na stand behind it. If you have questions or problems so great product, now me to tell you some of the cons now I love the product, but I got to be honest right. I think 50 for an LED that flashes, like this seems like a lot of money until you extends its use case to other things that I've talked about. If I were buying this just this sort of an anti collision beacon that I put on top of my drone that I might use once or twice a month, I can't just a 550 dollar price point. So I think the price is a little bit high for that use case. But if you're like me and you find other ways to use it, it definitely is a handy little thing to have and for me I can't overstate this enough. Putting it on the back of the quad gives me 50 better distance out of my quad, because I can maintain that visual line of sight out to 1500 feet are a little bit further, especially on cloudy days. That just gives me a lot more flying distance that I would get from the quad naturally, because these quads are small and it you get a little older, it's hard to spot the head quad more than 700 feet away in the air if you're following the rule.

So having the beacon on there, it just gives you sort of a way to find that quad in the air and maintain that visual line of sight that you have to stay with the rule. So price is a little high. But again I can justify because I use it for a bunch other stuff, some of the stuff I'm gon na pick on microUSB. What were they thinking with that everybody's going to SPC, and I know you can charge it and include the cable, but all my new cables are USB see the ones they use in. My car are the ones that use at home, so they could have gone with USB see they went with micro, I'm gon na a couple points off for that. I am gon na pick on this, so they used these 3m attachment pads. I don't know why they didn't include more of these, because we're gon na use these on a bunch of different drones, so it would have been really nice matter of fact, don't give us a cable next time. All of us have some hundred cables around the house that are microUSB include a couple extra of these, but the way you get around that, like I'd mentioned is you can buy the ones from their site. They'Ll be exactly like the ones that came with the kit and they're high quality. So if you want to pay the nine bucks and get three extra sets that's a way to go, but I've got a link below where you can get the dots that I describes.

A minute ago – and you can move them all over the quads – you can stick it to the back here by you can stick it to your dog. You can stick it to your kids too. If you lose a kid in the backyard, you might have that flashing light on this hat. But anyway, I like the product an awful lot, all things being equal I'd recommend this product to anybody flying just based on the visual line of sight extension that you get out of it and if you're going to be out flying especially at night you're flying during Those civil twilight hours. You need something like this on your drone anyway, and there are a couple of companies that make these none of them as good as this one. They really thought this product through and I got to hand it to loom tube they've built the quality product here, so that's pretty much all I had today. Now I have links below if you want to go check this out. I'Ve got links to those attachment pads that I was talking about a minute ago, and I love doing these kind of reviews. Now, as I mentioned before, I've got the loom tube product. I'Ve got the loom tube light panel, so if you guys enjoy these kind of Clips, I'll review both of those in the channel as well. So let me know what you think if you want to hear more about the loom cube products, but this wasn't a sponsored review, I paid for everything.

I'Ve got on the table in front of me. I just love talking about this kind of technology and I think it's interesting. So if you guys find it interesting, I'll continue to do it and that's pretty much it for today. So thanks an awful lot for watching make sure you subscribe to the channel. I'Ve got a ton more clips coming up.