Youll find one strobe light or three. If you purchase the three pack, one red color cap, one green color cap and one set of 3m dual lock for each strobe in your box step, one is taking the 3m dual lock, peeling them apart and taking one side and sticking it anywhere on the drone That you would like your stroke but note be sure to place it in an area that does not interfere with the propellers. Take the other side of the 3m dual lock and stick that to the back of your strobe anti collision light, and now that you have your 3m dual lock connected to both your drone and your strobe. Take your strobe line it up with the dual lock on the drone and mount it via a firm press to make sure that its securely mounted lets walk you through the controls. So the strobe incorporates a one button technology, which means all three settings: high strobe low, strobe, continuous light output are going to be activated via the one single button which is pushing down on the top of the strobe one tap on the top of the strobe will Give you two quick flashes, letting you know that your strobe is charged to turn it on give a three second hold to the top of the strobe and thatll activate your highest strobe mode. The next setting is in low strobe mode, which is activated by a one. Second, press on your anti collision light.

The final setting is a continuous light output mode with a one. Second, press youll activate this as setting number three now that youre in continuous mode, a one second press will bring you back to your high strobe setting and start the cycle over again at any time, while on any setting. A three second hold down will turn the strobe off if youd like to strobe in red or green, either of the included. Color caps can be mounted at any time via a simple press down which locks into place, and now you know how to use your stroke. Now that your drone meets all federal regulations, go out and enjoy the flight Music – hey riley from looncube here to introduce you to the latest edition in our drone lighting line the strobe an anti collision light for drones, as drones become more regulated, anti collision lighting is Now more important than ever for both line of sight and safety reasons. Music, the strobe meets all federal drone regulations, including 360 degree. Visibility can be seen from over three statute miles away and it has three different settings, including high strobe, low strobe and a continuous light output, Music rechargeable via micro usb. The strobe can last over two hours on the highest strobe setting Music. Our anti collision light includes two color caps in every box, so you have the ability to strobe in white, red or green color, and we use 3m dual lock technology to mount to every single drone in the market.