We have the 17th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona. We had something interesting happen today during our perimeter flight. We were buzzed by another drone at low, not at low altitude, but it just went over us and then continued to fly and went right over the lucid property. This wasnt us and we dont, want to get blamed for it, so were announcing that right now, its not us uh, we did notify security since theyre in the area were still obeying the cease and desist letter. Despite the fact that its uh 100 bs, i know we havent heard from lucid in a while and dont expect to, because why should they anyway? The pilings that were being worked on in the south end are now complete as much as theyre going to do for right now, probably going to let them cure. There was no workers over there and well probably get some better footage of it on our next flight. They have moved to the north side and theyre working on more pilings over there, so the entire crew that was down in the south end is now, in the north end doing the same thing up there drilling out some pretty deep uh pilings and then dropping in The rebar and then some concrete because of the location we werent able to get the best shots, but were going to show you what we can greeting is also continuing around the site as well, and that was it for everything that we could see going on on.

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