We have the 26th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona today were going to see more caissons being put in were going to briefly talk about caissons and pilings. In a moment, i had some clarifications on that, but yes, more going in just like the previous video and the previous video. To that we can see some things have been brought over to the supposed staging area in the west, just a few things. But that says that theyre done setting that up also big news, we uh pretty exciting stuff. We saw some lucid airs in the waiting area. We saw three of them, they are covered in a white protective film, and a few months would be pretty cool to see that whole area filled with cars waiting to be delivered. We had some discussions in the comments regarding caissons ive. Had several people tell me that they are caissons and not pilings pilings are driven into the ground uh. Thank you for explaining this to us, and it was also stated that there are 750 caissons already installed in 500 to go. Uh therell, be a slab. Thatll be poured over the caissons. What we will have to see is if there will be utilities under the slab or over the slab. Theres got to be some things under, but well see, whats above also, if theyre doing all the utilities under the slab. That means that theres still a decent amount of work to go before the slab can be poured and also weve, got to wonder if theyre going to pour the slab before putting the steel up, because the steel can go up before that, and then they can put In the concrete, as needed with certain places need reinforcement, uh weve, seen that in tesla weve seen that in nicola so different things like that can happen.

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