We have the 33rd flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona constructions moving along, but with our limited views were still unable to give you a great view in the car waiting area. There are no cars today. This is the third flyover in a row with no cars out there so kind of wondering if were just missing them or something else is going on. I mentioned last week and ill say it again if theres anyone in the us that has taken delivery of their lucid air and would like to take us on a test drive or let us test drive the car please reach out to us on twitter, well, go Anywhere and maybe even outside of the us for the opportunity to do an impartial review of the car. One thing that we havent mentioned in the main parking lot area is that theyve theyve torn up a large section for what im, assuming is to install charging stations for the employees. Im pretty sure there wont be tesla superchargers. But if anyone has any info on these chargers, let us know: are they specific to lucid what size chargers are they are they free for employee cars? Anything like that would be nice. Also in the main construction area, we can see that trenches have been dug for utilities. This has to be done before the concrete pad can be put down in the staging area. We can see more shipping containers are piling up.

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