We have the ‘th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona. We want to thank our newest, patrons tesla den joined as a mama bear and paul joined as a baby bear. Thank you guys for your support before we get into the actual video. I just want to ask everyone for a little bit of help. We have a year end goal of getting 10 000 subs at the rate, were going were gon na need about 21 subs a day to get there for our lucid videos were finding out 75 of the viewers are not subbed if youre one of those not sub. Please sub so we can reach that goal by the end of the year, thanks so much if you do want to support our channel on our efforts to get better views of the construction and the cars coming out. Please check out our patreon account down below in the description were looking to purchase a new drone that has a seven times optical zoom lens on it. So we can zoom in on the construction, get some better views since lucid will sue us. If we fly over the property, not joking, we are real close to the purchase and hopefully we can be in a position to get it soon. Total cost before taxes. Looking to be about forty one hundred dollars with the upgraded remote which we have to have, if you missed a live stream from yesterday on the channel, please check it out.

We did not talk about lucid, but we did talk about some new evs that are coming out and a host of other topics. Construction on the main building is continuing. With more trenching going on uh, we can start to see a build up of supplies. Theres uh piles of white material cant tell what it is because its just not in a place where we can get a good shot, but hopefully well have some better views coming in the next few weeks. In the employee parking lot area, they have continued work on the solar panels that one section that first section that they started, which is the southwest section, looks to be nearly complete and just to the east of that which is down further on your screen. Theyre working on the next section of the parking lot for the covered parking, which will then turn into more solar panels, and then we will see if they will continue north through the rest of the parking lot. Its going to be a really good. Look if thats all covered with solar panels, i think it was really going to look awesome. The grading continues on the north side, where theres going to be additional parking, the stamping building and the body and white building you can see in the northeast corner. The retention basin is taking shape its easier to see from ground level, but its actually getting pretty deep. The news on production, we saw 16 cars in the waiting area today and a car hauler waiting to pick up some more.

This is a holiday week and we dont know if lucid will be making cars for the next few days, but we will be doing our next flyover on friday. Dont know if therell be any action going on, but we will see our next live stream of the nikola site is next monday. So please check that out. The next episode of fast charging with pnb is next tuesday at 4 pm pacific time. Please join us where we will talk about all things evie, if you like this video, please hit that thumbs up button if you havent already like i beg before, please subscribe to see more content like this in the future. You can follow us on twitter.