We have the 37th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona. We want to thank our newest patron kirk. We appreciate your support if you want to support our channel and our efforts to get better views of the construction and the cars coming out. Please check out our patreon account down below in the description were real close to pulling the trigger on the new drone, and we could use your support. Its gon na cost three thousand dollars again. Construction is moving along, but still with our limited views were not able to give you great details in the employee parking lot area. Theyve continued to work on the solar panels and theyre about halfway done so theyve got some covered parking going on over there with some solar panels to boot. The grading continues on the north side, whether it be new parking lots, the stamping building and the body and white building got some news on production. Cars keep showing up in different spots, and today we can see. Some of them are wrapped in a gray car cover. Dont know if the extra protection is needed for maybe overseas shipments. I dont know there are at least 31 cars waiting to be picked up. Two of those are on the charging stations and the rest are scattered around. There is a car hauler there and we dont know if he was already loaded or he was still picking up from what we can see either way.

It was a record day for cars. Our next flyer of videos, for both nicola and lucid, will be this friday and well be doing our weekly podcast on fast charging, with bnb next tuesday at 5 pm. If you like this video, please hit that thumbs up button. If you havent already, please subscribe to see more content like this in the future, you can follow us on twitter at bears workshop and thanks all of our patreons.