We have the 35th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona constructions moving along, but still with our limited views were not able to give you the greatest details that wed like to. I have mentioned this before and im repeating myself, but if theres anyone here in the u.s that has taken delivery of their lucid air and would let us take a test, drive or take us on a drive. We would love to hear from you reach out to us on twitter. We will go anywhere in the u.s to do this so back to the video in the employee parking lot. It appears that theyre putting in at the very least, covered parking uh. This is the area where i thought it was going to be charging stations, and it probably still is based on what we can see. It looks like the coverings will be solar panels, so im guessing solar panel covered parking areas with chargers at the most question is: are they just doing this section now and when they finish theyll, add more solar and or more charging in other spots. Well have to see, as time goes on around the site. Trench work continues and more and more workers are on the site working on the construction. We can see in the construction parking area theres more vehicles than ever, and we can also see that theres grading on the north side. This will be for the buildings on the north north end.

Those buildings will be a stamping building and a body and white building. The very northeast corner will be extended for more employee parking and a water retention basin. So the big news that we saw today is that we saw at least 20 produced cars and possibly more. We saw 20 that were covered wrapped up in the white, getting ready to be picked up by a car, hauler and taken away. But we also see if we look close to the building, what looks like about five shadows of cars uh and then, if you look over to the left of that, you can see a couple more shadows. I cant say: if those are cars or not the five in a row, really look like cars to me: uh, just not clear enough picture for us to see. Of course, if we could fly over the actual property uh, you know wed be able to count accurately and give you some good numbers. Maybe even tell you what colors they are and what options they have, maybe but uh. It is what it is for right now, if you want to support our channel and our efforts to get better views of the construction and the cars coming out. Please check out our patreon account down below in the description. If you like this video, please hit that thumbs up button. If you havent already, please subscribe to see more content like this in the future. Our next video will be on friday and you can follow us on twitter at bears workshop and thanks all of our patrons for helping support the channel.