We have the 82nd flyover of the lucid factory in castle. Grand arizona construction is moving along all over the place very rapid pace. Lots of steel is still going up. All over weve got uh roof decking going down. Weve got the rubber membrane going down. Ac units get getting installed, concrete work all over the site, materials being brought in on a constant basis. So all the progress is going on everywhere. Theyve started work on the caissons for the body and white building on the north end, so theres more progress there that building will probably start going up or the stamping building will probably around the 1st of may. I was informed that the pt stands for powertrain and not paint so in phase 2. They it is a powertrain uh section of that building that is going up so from now on, powertrain, not paint uh. We did do a car count today and there were 151 cars that we can see. Uh the quarter ends in a few days, so i would not expect most of these cars to be delivered in this quarter, maybe not even any of these cars while most of the cars at the bottom of our view, look like to be gts theres, at least One dream addition in all those cars that is based on the wheels we did do a live stream of the nikola site earlier today. So please take a look at that. The next episode of fast charging with bnb will be tomorrow at 4pm pacific.

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