We have the 208th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona. We did a live stream commentary of the nikola site earlier today. So, if youd like to watch that, please look for it on our channel. The mega crane has put up the majority of the hvac units and, of course not while we were there, so we havent been able to catch that. Yet the tent that theyre putting up in the car waiting area is almost complete. At least the structure is some more walls are still needed and you can see on the right side. There are some ac units, so some additional work will be needed to get those working, though we are still not sure what they are for, though i dont think that it is a car storage area anymore, because it doesnt seem necessary to actually cool down the cars. The cars will be outside all the time anyway, so they will be subject to the same heat that they would be sitting in that lot. So we just dont know at this point: the stamping building foundation is still continuing and some of the areas are being backfilled with dirt. Those are the areas where the concrete walls that are underground have been completed around the site. Everything else continues, more walls are being put up. We dont have much visibility on inside the factory, so we cant say what else is going on, but theres still plenty of contractors there.

The contractor employee parking lot is still very full theres, a lot of activity around the site and just for the hvac units. Theres more work is getting done on that roof and its a lot to do 2.7 million square feet. Our next live stream of the lucid site will be on thursday, so please join us there while well be flying over the site and talking about what we see and we will be having an episode of fast charging with bnb today at 4 p.m. So, if youre, seeing this video and its after four go ahead and take a look at it, its already there, if its before four go ahead and join us, and if you like this video, please hit that thumbs up button. If you havent already hit that subscribe button, so you can see us do this again in the near future. You can follow us on twitter at bears workshop and a special thanks to all of our patreons.