We have the 53rd flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona. Before we start, i want to say thanks to our new patreon gerald at the mama bear level. Thank you for support. We appreciate it in line with that support. We do need to get another eight patrons before next monday, so that we will go out and fly lucid on monday. Once we reach 80 patrons, we will be flying every monday. We are currently at 45. So, just a little bit more to go in todays construction, they started on the roof decking on the structure on the east side, which means that there needs to be a structure on the west side and they have started a structure. The third crane is up and running and they have started on a west end structure which im sure at some point will be connected. But now we have two different structures in the northeast. Where the additional employee parking lot will be going. You can see that theyve started some utility work, we dont know if that will include the solar panels or not, but well find out soon enough. In the produced car area, we saw a decent amount of things going on just to be clear on these car counts. We are assuming they are not playing musical cars, we did get a car count of 63.. If they are not playing musical cars, then only 24 cars are holdovers and the other ‘ are new.

I think thats very possible and we did find three hidden behind a building that we couldnt see. Unless until we went around and got a different angle, we wanted to get a shot of the test track area and when we did that we found three more cars. Hiding behind the building, we hope youve enjoyed this video. We will be back on monday with a live stream of the nicholas site, so please be there to check it out, and the next episode of fast charging with bnb will be next tuesday at 4 p.m. Pacific! Please join us there well talk about all things. Tv and well also be doing a live stream of the lucid site next wednesday, so be there, and we can discuss different things that weve seen and have a group discussion with everyone on the fit and finish parts that are supposedly missing. So if you like this video, please hit that like button. If you want to hear me talk about this again, another time then hit the subscribe button, so youll be notified. You can follow us on twitter at bears workshop and thanks to all of our patreons.