We have the 50th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona. Before we start, i want to say, thanks to all of our new patreons weve got lucid nair joined as a super bear, which is our new hundred dollar level. Thank you very much for that contribution. We have saeed late night flying kites and andreas as at the baby bear level and abc xyz33 at the mama bear level. Thank you guys for your support. We appreciate it if we can get another seven patrons before monday morning. So please help to support the channel. You can also help support the channel by subscribing to the channel. Did you know that 76.6 of the viewers of the last video were not subscribed? If you were one of them, please subscribe, we would appreciate it. It was a windy day today and the flying was not as smooth as it normally is, and there was not much action going on as it being a holiday and there was not much as far as activity. I think all we saw was security following us around, but thats what they did. The car count in the waiting area was 76, since the factory had been shut down for the last few days because of the holiday, so not much in the way of production. And we are getting anxious to see what the final numbers are and as soon as we find out when those are going to be announced, we will relay that onto you guys.

We did notice that since wednesday, our last flyover that the third crane is fully assembled and we will see which direction it goes in shortly. I think its going to go towards the other two cranes to help them out. We will be doing a live stream of the nikola site on monday, so please be there to check it out for questions and answers. The next episode of fast charging, with brian from my tesla weekend, will also be on tuesday at 4 pm pacific time. So please join us. There well talk about all things, ev and then well be doing a live stream on wednesday at the lucid site, or i should say about the lucid site where we again will take questions and answers. So if you like this video, please hit that thumbs up button. If you havent already, if youre one of those 76.6 percent uh, please subscribe to see more content like this in the future. You can follow us on twitter at bears workshop and thanks all of our patrons for the support that you give us.