We have the 55th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona. Before we start, i want to say thanks to our new patrons harry at the papa bear level and nick at the mama bear level. Thank you for your support. We appreciate it. We got out late to the factory today. It was about 4 p.m. When we got there, we can still see plenty of work going on with the construction, and the employee lot is still pretty full for producing those cars. On the construction side, we could see a lot more steel going up and more roof decking being put in place, some more grading going on more perimeter grade beams on the south side uh. We didnt focus too much on that since we were running late, but we did get a nice shot of everything for you guys. We did do a car count in the waiting area, and that was 115. That means theres at least 43 new cars there, but we all know that theres more than that, because that would only be the case if they didnt remove a single car from wednesday till today, and we know there are car haulers there on wednesday. So we know that cars have been taken out and new ones put in there, so production is looking pretty good. It was about 53 hours since our last visit, so thats the time frame to make at least 43 cars, but im gon na say that they made a lot more than that.

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