We have the 42nd flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona were getting close to our 10 000 subscriber goal. So thank you to our new subscribers and uh, thanks to our subscribers that have been here since the beginning were about 200 subscribers away from 10 000. So please, if you havent, go ahead and subscribe now, the new drone that we ordered that will give us better views, was still awaiting shipment. So at this point i dont know when it will be here. Uh, all it says, is we ordered it november 29th and its waiting to be shipped. So as soon as i know, i will let you guys know we flew in the afternoon for the first time to get a different lighting perspective. Uh. Some of the footage is a bit grainy towards the end, and we apologize for that. Uh security also kept an eye on us for some reason, not sure why they didnt come over. They just parked about 100 200 feet away and just sat there. Production cars waiting to be delivered today was about was 42, not about so theres 42 cars there. They all look like different cars than what we saw last friday, so that is definitely 42 new cars. In our opinion, over in the construction area on the south end, we can see plenty of work going on for the foundation to be poured, so that is coming soon. On the north side, we can see more materials, are stacking up, theyre all covered in white, from where we fly so its hard to see what were looking at.

But we were able to zoom in, and some of the material looks like theyre uh, roof, trellis, thats kind of the shape and that thats what it was thats what it looked like. They were just laying there. Everything else just looks like long white bars of some sort. They it could be steel, thats covered, it could be white steel, but i dont think so, but well find out. Once we get that new drone in the employee parking lot area, solar panel installation continues, you can see that one area is completely finished and being used by the employees, so that is all good to go. Our next live stream of the nikola site is next monday. So check it out, i was thinking about once we get the new drone if we do a live stream once a once a week for lucid, if you guys would be interested in that, let me know in the comments below, if thats something that you guys like To see the next episode of fast charging, with brian from my tesla weekend, is next tuesday at 4 p.m. Pacific time so join us there well be talking about all things ev could be lucid, could be nicola could be tesla, it could be meridian. Who knows its going to be whatevers in the news? So if you like this video, please hit that thumbs up button and if you havent already subscribed again, please help us get to our goal and you can follow us on twitter at bears workshop and thanks all of our patrons.

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