We have the 44th flyover of the lucid factor in casa grande arizona. We are getting close to our 10 000 subscriber goal. So if you havent please hit that subscribe button, we would really appreciate that and dont forget to hit the bell for notifications. Our new drone has been partially shipped. The drone is on its way we should have it tomorrow were going to do some test flights and were going to not sure when were going to fly for the first time, because we want to make sure that weve got everything set up correctly. The new controller has been delayed, but we will still be able to fly with the stock controller, so hopefully uh next week were gon na have some really good close ups at lucid today, uh the production car waiting area was 31 and all of these cars appear To be in the same spots from our wednesday video, this doesnt mean that they are the same vehicles, but chances are, they are the way they rotate the vehicles into new spots. It seems that these are probably the same, so it leaves a question of did they produce any cars. Yesterday we flew late on wednesday. We didnt fly yesterday on thursday and we flew in the morning on friday, but there still should have been some cars new cars out there unless they came out and they went right onto trucks its always possible. But it does seem a little strange that we didnt see any new cars out there.

So just want to give you guys our unbiased opinion, its just a little odd over in the construction area. On the south end, we can see that theyre getting closer to pouring concrete. On the north side. We can see more and more materials stacking up thats over by the north main area theres, another north area, which is the far northeast corner thats. Not what were talking about that area, though, does appear to be done. As far as grading goes, the retention basin looks complete as far as grading and so does the park. The new parking lot area, the grating over there is done theyre still grading on the northeast, where the i think the stamping building is going to be the materials on that north side in the main area, its theyre stacking up, theres a lot of them, and we Have a new crane, a big red crane? It was spotted on wednesday by one of the viewers that it was being assembled and we can see that its getting ready to lift stuff and it was moving around while we were there just not lifting anything. There are things coming out of the ground: you can see them from ground level, but not from the air. Well, probably have to get you a picture from ground level so that you can see all the things that are coming out of the ground. Theres been quite a few man lifts brought in theres some over by the construction staging area and then theres also some on the east side entrance thats in the southeast area, theres.

Also, some grading going on on the west end past the construction staging area over where they have the triangle section. There was some grading going on over there today, so lots of actions still a lot of things going on there. Also, the employee parking lot uh, the solar panel installation continues, and probably panels will be going up next week. So next week should be a big week, im hoping to see some, maybe some concrete getting poured. Maybe another crane who knows uh, but things are starting to really pick up and im glad were getting that camera just in time. The next episode of fast charging, with brian from my tesla weekend, will be tuesday at 4 pm pacific time. So please join us where we talk about all things ev. So if you enjoyed todays video, please hit that thumbs up button. If you havent already please subscribe, so you can see more content like this in the future and maybe become our 10 000 subscriber. You can follow us on twitter at bears workshop and thanks to all of our patrons for helping support this channel its the patreons support that helps us keep this channel going.