We have the 16th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona. We had some exciting action today, riley went out by himself and while he was pulled over on the side of the road, we had a police vehicle pull up, trying to see if riley was in distress or if he needed any help. He did not stop because of the drone stuff. No, it was all about looking to see if somebody needed help that was on the side of the road. Needless to say, they stuck around for about 10 15 minutes and they were talking to riley, asking him different questions about drones and things like that. Asking about the tesla and lo and behold as theyre talking and rileys just hovering 4 000 feet away waiting to fly safely without the distractions uh a lucid air drives by out of nowhere. So the drone is 4 000 feet away. Riley has no camera hes using his phone for the drone, so he has nothing to take a picture of so the only picture we were able to get was off the tesla cam, so we got a picture of it coming up and then we got the side Picture and we got a officers butt in the picture, and then we got a picture from the the rear camera, and this was the first time weve actually seen a lucid air driving anywhere uh. You know with in person we weve seen him in videos but and weve seen him at the lucid air shop in scottsdale arizona, but weve never seen one here at the site.

So it was pretty pretty startling. We were pretty pretty excited and we just didnt get any real good footage because our camera was so far away, but obviously you can see it in the footage here. Uh. Let me know what you guys think it looks just like the one we saw in scottsdale. So, as for the lucid construction site, theres, a lot of construction action, more pilings have been dug out. There are still two deep drilling augers and they have augered out more holes than we can count theyre putting boards over the hole. So its just hard to tell if every board has a hole or not a lot of work going on down in the south section for those foundations, it will be interesting to see which way they start moving after this section is complete im thinking its going to Go to the north uh to the west. We have the 13 contractor buildings theyre all connected now and it looks like theyve trenched out a area for utility lines. It goes directly from the contractor buildings to an electric line, so it looks like theyre going to get that connected and get those uh trailers up and running. If you like this video, please do hit that like button. If you havent already, please subscribe to see more content like this in the future, you can follow us on twitter at bears workshop and a special thanks to our patrons.