We have the 14th fly over of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona. We are still doing perimeter video and, if you dont know, why take a look at the video that we made on our cease and desist letter that we got from lucid. Yes, the one that accused us of breaking one state law and two federal laws, theres a link in the top right corner again today we see plenty of employee cars in the parking lot, so they continue to do what they do inside, hopefully theyre making cars. I havent seen anything come out, but i think theyre sticking them right into trucks and taking them out somewhere. The grading in the middle section of the site has expanded further to the south and maybe a bit to the west, so theyre making progress on that. Hopefully. Well see some steel shortly to the west are now 13 contractor buildings that need to be assembled. That is seven more than last week, so hopefully theyll start putting them together real soon. I thought that these might go in the area. That was resurfaced, but it looks like theyre putting a tent like structure up there. This will more than likely be for contractors, for either storage or workspace for the contractors or whatever they may need im. Sure theyll probably put another one up next to it, but now that i said it, they probably wont so thats our progress for this week, more grading, more contractor buildings and a contractor tin.

But that is progress. I want to send out a special thanks to our newest patreon member jeffrey. We appreciate your support. Thanks for becoming a member as a mama bear, we got a chance to see our first lucid car at the grand opening in scottsdale studio here in arizona on this past saturday. If youd like to see that, please check out the link in the top right hand corner, we made a video on it, of course, and if you like, this video do hit that like button. If you havent already subscribed, please subscribe to see more content like this. In the future, you can follow us on twitter at bears workshop if youre interested in becoming a patreon. Please take a look at the link in the video description below now.