We have the 85th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande. We will be going to austin texas this week and we will be trying to get into the gigafactory celebration. We dont have any tickets yet, but we will be co hosting a pre giga rodeo party in a park nearby. If you want to come out and be there for the meet and greet theres going to be quite a few youtubers there. So please take a look at the link down below in the description. There are tickets available, the tickets are free or if you want, you can buy a ticket and donate to the cause, uh getting kind of expensive to get out there, but we are going to be there and we are going to uh partake in the celebration. So well be doing some live streaming while were there so look for that uh. That will also be coming out. Probably on thursday we wont be live streaming lucid on wednesday, because i will be in texas, or at least on my way there as far as todays flight. It was super windy today, but we still got it done just a little shaky at times. Tons more construction has been done, you can see the steels going up, the roof work is getting done, lots of things are still going on and theyre just making a whole lot of progress every day. It looks entirely different. There was a lot of cars in the waiting area today and there were some car haulers there taken away, and that is a really good sign.

We want to see a constant flow of car haulers taking cars away. Every time we go there, there should be a car hauler there thats. What id like to see so no live streaming shows this week, except for fast charging with bnb will be tomorrow at 4 p.m, pacific and then ill be meeting up with brian in texas and then well be doing some live streaming from there, but no nicola or Luced live streams this week, if you like this video, please hit that thumbs up button. If you havent already please subscribe, so you can see more content like this in the future. Dont forget to hit that notification bell. You can follow us on twitter at bears workshop and a special thanks to all of our patrons. We do appreciate you now lets.