Jesus Music, the model s changed everything its the beginning of the modern day, ev story, but its not exactly a luxury vehicle, its more luxury adjacent. But what? If the head engineer of the model, s decided to build another eevee and one that takes aim at german luxury from that idea, the lucid air was born, built by a company populated by formular, tesla engineers and, of course, people from other automakers, its run by peter Rawlinson, the man who well made the model s actually work now the vehicle next to me, isnt just any lucid air, its the 169 thousand dollar dream edition. This is the launch edition. If you want one well im, sorry to say that its already sold out – and this isnt just any dream edition its the performance edition with 1111 horsepower so yeah its fast lets, take a few moments to talk about this. An all wheel, drive ev with 1 111 horsepower and 1025 pound feet of torque is insane its far more than the average person needs. I mean it does 0 60 in 2.5 seconds. It has a top speed of 168 miles an hour. I cant test that without access to a track and even then, why would i whos going to go that fast? In this thing, i will say that having all this power and reserve is a bit intoxicating, for example, im on the freeway lets say i need to pass somebody or i need to catch up to that ferrari, im still in smooth mode im still in the lowest Mode, but i can still do this – i mean right all that power does come at the expense of range.

Now there is a range version of the dream edition and it has 520 miles of range, but it only has 933 horsepower im just kidding its all. Still a lot of horsepower this vehicle, the performance 471 miles of range, so thats more well thats, more than tesla, which has been the king of range for a decade now well not anymore. To be fair. This does have a larger battery topping off at 118 kilowatt hours versus teslas 100 kilowatt hours. Now this vehicle has the larger 21 inch wheels, which reduces some of that range down to a paltry 451 miles, which is still you know, thats a lot uh during my range test with this vehicle uh, where i was driving 70 miles an hour on the freeway Using cruise control and then i did a lot of back roads driving a lot of driving in the suburbs, i got a little bit north of 400 miles, which is still 400 miles, thats without any sort of hyper myelin or anything 400 miles, making sure the vehicle Charges quickly, lucid used a 900 volt architecture that supports dc fast charging up to 300 kilowatts at supported stations on the home charging front. It supports ac charging up to 19.2 kilowatts, which is more than well most home chargers can output. It also has bi directional charging, which means that the power thats in the vehicle can actually be sent back out to say the grid or to your home, which is great, because if you live in a place, lets say like california, where were always having blackouts.

Because of fires, you could use the lucid to keep your lights on other than well going really fast and potentially keeping the lights on during a blackout. The lucid air is just a very nice luxury car, its eevee or not ev, its its its comfortable, its fun to drive its smooth on the road. The steering is tight, but not twitchy its its forgiving, its just nice and smooth, which is exactly what you want to be delivering to customers. Looking for a luxury vehicle, the vehicle has three available drive modes. It has smooth swift and sprint now in smooth and swift. You have up to horsepower if you want all of that 1111 horsepower, though youre gon na have to put it into sprint and then use the launch mode right, so were gon na try launch mode were in the middle of nowhere. We have it set on sprint. Shove the thing down, theres the bear launch mode is activated here. We go, oh god, yeah launch mode is uh, no joke. Those drive modes. Do change the suspension ever so slightly, but i do suspect that most people that drive this vehicle are looking for. A luxury vehicle will keep it in smooth 90 of the time when theyre not trying to impress their friends with 1 111 horsepower design wise. It looks fantastic, it conveys a sort of futuristic feeling, while also being classy, which is something thats very tough to do. It also has a very comfortable rear seat.

Im actually sitting behind me im six foot three. I got lots of leg room, the seats tilt back, so i have lots of head room lots of shoulder room and this door opens to 90 degrees, so its easier to get in and out of the car inside. This is where lucid hopes to set itself apart from tesla, and it does. The materials are top notch. The layout is luxurious, but minimal its more volvo than mercedes. There are physical buttons, though there are buttons for the temperature to control the fan, to control the volume, of course, to shift gears and the ability to turn on and off the windshield wipers. When you have some stuff on the windshield, the rest of the controls are stored in this 34 inch 5k display well its actually three displays, plus this additional display down here. So you have one two three touch screens and one dash cluster you have to remember. This is a new car company with their very first new car. In fact, this isnt even a production car. This is a pre production car, the production, cars, those are all going to customers, because if youre making a car and youre a new car company, you need to make sure your customers get their vehicles. But there are some quirks of having a pre production car. For example, this cover for the trunk, its kind of flimsy, the one that the customers got is much nicer, the hardware for the infotainment system.

Well, the hardware has been upgraded for customers and so itll have less latency than what im experiencing now. What i do like about the infotainment system is this cool feature where you can sort of swipe down from the top screen down to the bottom, for example, if im using navigation, i can swipe down, and while i have turn by turn navigation up here, i have The entire route down here, if im listening to music, i can have the player here swipe down and then have the playlist down here, but it only works with one application at a time. I cant have media up here and navigation down here, which is sort of a bummer whats. Also cool is that this bottom display its called the pilot panel will retract into the dashboard, revealing this little cubby hole that you can put a bag of burritos in or maybe a large purse thats filled with burritos and while youre driving to those burritos lucid notes That, in the future, the vehicle will have level 3 capability thats when, in certain scenarios, a car can drive itself without the person paying attention to the road, but that driver has to be able to take over when needed. Currently, it has level two drivers assistance which well, it has adaptive cruise control and its pretty much on par with everything else, thats on the road right now, its not overly aggressive in its acceleration when someone pulls away its, not overly aggressive with braking when someone cuts In front of you, although i will say that there was one instance where i was stuck in, stop and go traffic and the car was stopping at a nice pace and also it just stopped, which was probably a little bit quicker than the person behind me, would Have liked all that said, there is one issue that i wish that they would update soon, and that is when you are in heavy traffic and you come to a complete stop when the car in front of you pulls away.

The lucid does not automatically follow. You have to tap the accelerator or tap resume, which is really thats, not very luxury. I do like the dash buster, because its very minimalistic, its essentially just the speed and your trip, thats kind of it, even when you put on adaptive cruise control, it just says adaptive cruise across the top and it tells your speed and it has the line. It shows a little picture of the car in front of you and thats pretty much it. I dont like really cluttered dash clusters because its its too much information – all you want to do is look down, see the information you really need and look up and continue to drive and in that instance, theyve done a really great job. Another feature that i like and its weird that im saying this, but hyundai also has it is that when you put the blinkers on the camera, thats stationed onto the side mirrors itll show your blind spot here in the dash. So if i want to get back in the right lane, i put it on oh look at that theres, no one. In my way i can move over everythings peachy. One thing that is well im on the fence about whether or not i like it is that the controls over here on the left theyre all touch screen the lights, uh, your windshield wipers, locking the doors, unlocking the doors and, of course, the defrosters.

Again, whenever youre dealing with touch screens theres nothing tangible to like reach to hold on to like these buttons here. So when you hit a bump, your finger does this: if you are concerned about the price there are far less expensive, lucid airs on the horizon, for example the air pure, which starts at 77 400 and has 406 miles of range. If you still want all these fancy bits and impressive range, there is the air grand touring, which starts at 1′ 000 and has 516 miles of range, regardless lucid has accomplished what its set out to do: building luxury ev that competes with german automakers, but some of Those automakers are already building their own luxury evs like the eqs. So if youre looking for a luxury ev that actually has elements of luxury, you can check out the other automotive startup in california, in addition to checking out the germans for more automotive coverage.