You know what else is big and amazing. Why the variety of programming that you can find over at I was going to clip that, but it got too weird what thats exactly when you clip that theres a trap door in the floor. Uh the gorilla machine, tiny, mirror gorilla, two catapults machine with arms castle darkness at far left or tunnel. At far right. I would be an idiot to not in did not investigate the gorillas, because with naps you cant be sad when youre asleep thats. Not true, though dont be sad when youre asleep. Why are there so many angler fish? The call back the pawn when a 34 year old underachiever gets run over by a bus. Oh its a bus. This time, not a truck so a whole bunch of people got to watch him die. Oh get! Oh, no! Help im in the sub ocean no come on yeah dude, i dont know what the happening either oh come on. This is uh. This is a bad place. Lets not go here. Every direction! Wait! No thats, not true! We didnt try south Laughter nope, just because things are in categories. Doesnt mean that the lines between the categories are, you know, super well defined and thats. Okay is a second party studio, a hot dog who knows? Oh, please, please. I im fine with all anyone having a conversation away from me. All i wan na do is draw myself into another creature.

I was wrong. I dont wan na be somebody who gets to see a giant woman, hello again everybody and welcome to dice friends, guys nice friends, so the diner that youre at is currently just a mile away smile. We can im going to start shambling along myself, im shambling shamble with me and then afterwards, in reaction im, going to take a selfie as a free action. Yeah, oh randall, and the homeowners association meeting is tonight goodness. I dont know how id be able to compose myself worrying about our near dead leader in our brood, that is being suffused with jazz. Yes, things are dreadful. The great warriors of cholt were also fans of fitness and im a fan of fitness sword. In you, i mean every dm has that thought in their head right like what, if i just killed everyone, this could be fun. Why not? I decided to name everything here after mythological cannibals for no reason: dang, that is 22 damage for magic missile cast at the third level. Have i obliterated him? I roll real. Well, i had nine hit points, no need to linger. I know exactly where we need to be and starts heading down the left, hallway, im. So sorry, everyone player courtney feels very bad but barnaby having the time of his life. Could i kill one of them and is that is that an ethical choice that that happens? If i kill an imaginary character in a book, oh no terry has book madness.

I need someone to give me some sort of dice roll. That gives me a justification to give you her elaborate backstory. Do you have an erotica section at the library because youre supposed to have everything here right? What does kojak know about fossils like? Could you do the test where you lick it and if it sticks to your tongue, you know its bone thats, a thing: thats. Okay, im, sorry: are you gon na lick the room thats? What i would do, dont lick the room, thats dangerous, look at the picture here. Look at this! This is a room that is described as having not much going on Music, its like the iron giant. If it was a flesh, golem yeah, i want to cover this slender mans piss, and then i want to test him for drugs. No, an exotic! No! No! Oh! No come back to me baby. Can you see it goodbye yeah its falling forever? Oh goodbye and were in the pit dq for going the wrong way in the pit lane the wrong way being, of course, sideways bye. Oh, what no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No extremely! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I can see. I can see right up your great code, Laughter, thats, fine, thats, fine, thats, fine, whats happening to your glasses. It looks like theyre just windmilling around anyway have fun with this. I think i will all right im. Glad for you is everyone else dead Laughter.

Well then, i summon a giant drake and i say: hey drake. I havent really liked your last few albums, but i respect what youre doing. I guess and in response i summon a giant josh and say: look im. Sorry, i didnt invite you to my wedding. We were just co workers in response to that. In this now three player commander game. I cast nickelodeon, who says, wait a second. You cant bring those two into it. Ah, thats impossible, you dont even have the rights to it. Paul play the music toss, sallys some scrambled eggs, oh that wasnt what i was going for at all, but you know what im here for it his tiny portrait is just so i mean thats. What happens when you decide? Fire is a fashionable scarf cam. I dont think this is osha compliant, oh god, damn no wow, but he died at the same time. It is a matter of timing, not even reflexes, but planning strategy. Clear minded Applause eat eat my what the was that roses are red and i know you like cat, but i drafted a deck with three dog and two hats Laughter soon. May the weatherman come to tin our wires and solder. Our bums one day when the joining is done well take our electrons and go quick. Yeah egg egg, hell yeah whens, the snake drop a chicken egg. Excellent question next question: two words: thatll get a big laugh serge all right, ive shared my scream.

Your screen, ive shared my screams with you id just like to remind people if you are ever in the position where you have your hand inside of anyone else, do not, and i repeat, do not grab whatever you find in there dont make it easy. If someone cracks your password, you die. Okay, i have put in a secret word, no ones gon na guess it now. Everyone else will try to crack the password, ah crap as a team guess the password or device you get a clue. If your guest has a letter in the right spot, im ruined yall are gon na get it. Everyone right by accident, hes been doing what appears to be like a ridiculously huge amount of inventory management. Finally, we can do it. We can do it chat, Laughter yeah, because that should make difference. Dont forget not to hit the lasagna right. Oh my god am i gon na clip. I just i did it. You didnt. I flew off to the sunset. Look, no field, cart. Devs, a japan problem online, multiplayer lobby ill destroy everything in sight. Im the most powerful creature around Music, no come on, you got ta be kidding. Me come on greed, oh hubris, all right, uh whyd! You just tap your island at the end of turn, hahaha idiot, uh, im gon na upkeep mystical tudor come on greed, okay, okay, this is up, keep missing, upkeep im, gon na mystical, tutor all right.

Come on greed, keep going! You helped you now thats fine! In my upkeep im, gon na mystical, duder hes running out of thumbs, oh hes, got ta, be kidding me all right, ill. Tell you what, in my other, i think ill, mystical tutor my man, i love it. Oh five in a row crark. I live with my mistakes and mistakes shall be made. I refuse i wanted to go this way. Oh, oh im in a minecart, hi, hello, okay, hurry up chris! Is it chris or rocket roger chris, roger chris roger, come on chris, its roger hey, this bailoff killed. My bailout, luckily i drew another bale kill graham before he fires you id usually know all of us search, i think graham gets lets. Try called this is my tenth time. Oh, my god. Hunger is the best spices bell pay. I mean i i would agree, but i also really happen to like msg use the hammer of proving to focus an umbral engram at the prismatic recaster in the helm, ill repeat that use the flingflong on the wibble flop row row row your boat gently down the Stream merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream right before the countdown finished uh. The shelf next to my desk, fell over in a very loud and terrifying way and im just gon na im. Just gon na show you all the the wreckage yeah.

I deal five undefendable damage back to you yeah, even though theres auto save nowadays save often yeah theres. That team, i should save, does dawnguard not exist. Can i just its a living while were waiting between games? Lets see what bens doing welcome back everybody to crossing the streams here on loading ready run where wheeler is going to make the sound like the bear from harvey birdman. Thank you simultaneously knows explain. No and all the words have to line up perfectly Laughter, the three most annoying habits in the world. I got a tv for seeing someone die, wish that happened every time, Music, a beautifully polished wooden bowl lies in the grass. You pick it up and study it, but see no use for it, except possibly except possibly. What can you do with the bowl adam salad, highly suspicious of jer yeah, as you should be, and now over to me thanks me, if i block your largest thing, you can still drain me for two and hit me for a whole bunch, so actually heres. What i can do is i can pay three life for priest of fell rights to bring lets, say air amoeba back and then i can play this swamp. And then i can tap this five mana cracking this treasure and then i can unearth priest of fell right and we did thank you for the games. This month is going to be wild, because you will get to experience me making a bunch of grotesque noises.

Heres a quick tip. Buddy dont go after a guy just because hes got a big backpack you might find out. The backpack is filled with assault rifles. Put the anvil right here: oh no! Oh! What? Oh! No! Oh! No! What did you give me this axe is absurd. You have any idea how long it took udon to make that floor. Why would you give me an ax that did whatever the hell that just was james? It took us hours what the herringbone the hairy bone. You know people not able to get the ps5s they want, but theres just nothing i can think of, and you know i ive been ive been just too busy uh playing on my five ps5s Laughter chat. I think i dont think you had my best interest at heart. This empty chair right here is providing more support than most of the randoms in twitch chat that cant understand people are new to video games, youre supposed to be wrong. All the time twitch chat, i mean twitch chats wrong. All the time reduced sanity was correct, theres one instance when one of them is right, they are all right when one of thems wrong, theyre, all wrong. Okay, live by the sword die by the sword banana. Please work first, then banana if youre watching us live stick around ian is gon na, be making udon on tinker, taylors, solderfry, next and uh. If youre like me, and enjoy noodles um check out ians hot nudes, yeah all right, youre banned too yep all right.

Well, i do just want to see what happens when we give this a little hit. Well, that god, damn it not again, im, definitely wearing pants. He wasnt wearing pants uh. Well is 92 the longest or is there longer like? I feel like were closing in on 100 months, ooh the one year wow, once we are ready to leave, we dive in the underground river and well merge somewhere downstream. No one has ever died doing this ive met, none that have Laughter just as this game is something that im playing, because a bunch of people told me to do it. Um. I bought a shirt because a bunch of people told me to buy a shirt. I just had a vision of langston opening up his thermos and pouring out a hot dog pass. Damn versus asmorano martica dice tina, kuldakar more, like asmorano martica, dystina cool, to carry her off to the morgue bud. Thats, terrific and the final card we have today is what Laughter sure. Oh Laughter, you did fine joey. I just spent more money, my grandpa owns a card shop and he maps all the booster boxes and gives me the best ones. I got them at banana republic. I feel one of my attacks: uh charms people theyre like oh, please, smash me again. All right, dont make it weird. It just says fast: oh no, this is the worst yeah. Maybe you shouldnt kill the two loudest people you yeah whats.

Your deal enjoy this im going to play this abundant harvest and say non land there we go. Oh great, oh my god holy crap. I dont have pen stabilization on this. You cant draw anything straight happy pride. How can anybody say this game is bad? This game is awesome, oh my god, oh my god, this game, sucks god, damn oh hey, graham today on the show ian, does tetris with blocks heather. Is there also and we dive deep into our hardest memories in something were calling bg eats the whole thing all right? I dont make films films, but if i did they have a samurai, i summon my demon of catastrophes, heck thats, a big problem, its the biggest flyer that youll ever see. Really. Oh, my gosh got ta be kidding. Oh, my god and the fake creature looked at me and a tear appeared in their eye and they said sir im rich. You can lick my so i did and see. I thought you were gon na end that that sounds good well, im, not just straight youre. Just gon na stop im not straight james, got dumpstered so bad. He really came to terms with himself. Sometimes when you get beat so badly introspection is the only option. Yeah yeah things really come into focus when youre like. Is this what i want from life? Yeah yeah, i came out on a mold of four Laughter 11 hit points, but i hit well its kind of cocked, but i mean i take in my favor: oh thats, crazy Laughter, its been a long pandemic yeah.

Oh man, damn Music, how big she is! Oh, she has to duck just stuck to the door yo the way your eyes lit up, hes, still my beating heart. How is soap, your passion yeah, sir im 16., my only passion is video games and masterpieces really not yeah. My wall has been tapped down. My wall is so thirsty. Wait is this fanfic huh? What was that noise? Oh there we go now theyre coming must have been the winner. There we go whose footprints are these im going to kill this golem and theres, not a trap card? They can have that all right. I got good news and bad news. What do you want to hear? First, always the bad news, uh uno died and lost. All of his stuff thats, not bad news sketchy. I hope it. I hope it was boxy because otherwise shes going to be so mad at us. Oh, my god. Okay: okay, oh good, no fault Applause, i have to game, but i have to game with training wheels on lets. Go see you suckers Laughter, good, good cool. Oh, we did it and were out. Oh hell goodbye. I mean theyre theyre free real estate. Really, oh goodbye. So what happened? There was uh momentum, momentum, yeah, okay, we can do this, you got ta like Music. This is slow. This is much faster, hey james, you fall in a hole, hey highlight reel ow. I fell down a hole, hey all right, everybody, everybody clap! You did the thing.

Ah, i hate scaffolding yeah, you never actually got into the section james, oh, no, its fine finish. The section finish the section. No, i didnt. No, i didnt. No, i didnt. Oh, this is Laughter. Oh perfect. They didnt put it on no ow. I died, hey look free stuff. I dont. I dont like this game anymore, hair dye, again Laughter. Why stop it a month? Yeah you get fit every day. Every day you get 50 bucks and the joy of breaking the neck of a tiny mitch mcconnell. What knowledge makes us human uh is is fascinating and the slow integration of your society into theres a moth, the size of a softball in my home. If you watch your parents perform the act, youll be born with the ability to do this. You must watch every. Second, though, do you watch. I got three minutes im, just loving how in sync, you two are its amazing. The next card here uh is gon na. Have me pull up my billy boyd impression, its a royal science? Oh, we cant. We cant do that. You we cant, do we cant do will kendrith impressions youve unleashed a pandoras box. I dont want billy boyd to block me on cameo. Again, i, for one, am not gon na sit around im gon na go and destroy capitalism, hello and welcome to crossing the streams. This is a very special and very cool crossing the streams, because we are sponsored sponsored sponsored today by humble bundle.

I practiced this four times before i went live, and this is what i get yes, man im feeling lucky its time to. I think its time to get into these stock market stock stock market stop stop stock stock stock market meow Applause, okay. I took it too far today: im dumb paul cool. This is chill point if you would id like to call it r, lrfnpf n d, c m r, w uh, slash, uh, f r. I e n d s uh, please clap uh helpful tip. If you ever had to write your own config, sys or auto, accept that file to play ultima 7 serpent island. This is your reminder to go and take your uh ibuprofen for your back. What magic player actually reads cards you memorize what it does and you never confirm it. The quest has been won its the ending and your stricken lord will live Music. Oh this book sucks. This is the best book ever written. Oh man, this book sucks were net positive on skeletons for the turn. If you look at the graph, this is a massive bleach white skeleton, oh bad, bad time to do it. Man lets follow that arrow. Okay, oh hello, um freedom, no rules, no rules. I can really appreciate the vista from up here. Just the lush scenery go come on. Why im? Okay, you can also see if i can figure out where our all right, what our position is there we go were 24th.

We all saw that right that that just all happened to us in the middle of this thunderstorm that the forklift just disappeared bobby. You see that jackass over there in the kabuto helm go ahead and sneak up behind him and backstab him, no james. What did i prank you and did i forget that i pranked you its quite possible that i pranked you and ive forgotten that i did it because i honestly have i dont. Have i dont even remember what i did next turn its gon na be loads of fun. Music. No next turn wont be loads of fun anymore. Yeah well, see if kathleen can get it here. Laughter call me poker face to be here. Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh, please be fake, oh i did it. Thank you, everyone who believed in me, oh even from way back here, i thought he smelled weird on the outside. Look at this horrible thing that james left in here yeah. Well, no ben and i left in there. Oh good great ive, never worn a pair of shorts in my life compression squeeze jesus right. Oh sorry, did you uh, it was the uh alex just saw the cornhole board. I hate this yeah thats thats, most peoples response im, not trying to relive my youth and then he walks out uh from behind the couch wearing the speedo and thats the joke. Paul play the laugh track. Please thank you paul. Can we please get an adult left Laughter any chance? You have a sort of Music, anti birds, thats most swords yeah, i mean nature, is healing.

Why were recording? Oh ive got to close the door, ah, just like how it used to be. I love you adam. I love you too, im just gon na put the boots on her as well, and then im going to attack. Graham, i have two triggers im going to draw a card and im going to make that monkey block americas, favorite game fat monkey Laughter. Everybody saw that right, holy crap. Gentlemen. Can you push your land slightly more into the camera shot? Yeah. Thank you. Yes, dad! Yes, call me man or dad. I dont know im just going with what you said. No the contents too good. The cops are here: im not going back to jail. I could. I could accidentally sacrifice my cathart commando and then forget to attack with some gold sentinel. These are all possibilities: oh yeah yeah grahams, an idiot Laughter, everythings, fine. No, you, son of a no. I cant talk about extra crispiness. What am i doing? This is against the spirit i almost had him chat. Music makes me lose control, oh god, yeah i mean i got a cute face. Chubby waist thick legs in shape rump shaking both ways make you do a double take. This is the most liberal, localization ive, seen since season two of b stars. What is your gender noodle noodle thats, my gender? Oh, yes, what day is this camera night? I lost you won the ppr bud. Applause, wait ive, never seen perfect blue.

I dont know how this goes next, its a happy ending right, uh, yes hold on my god, its a sheep. Oh my god, serge yeah. What are you talking about? Are those your feet? No european student amateur foot modeling. I have to tell people that im from europe. Oh okay, why is that getting more money now i dont know if anybody warned you before you got here, but did you know youre in the presence of a highly skilled gamer? Is there some way youre going to be able to get in contact with her, maybe call her phone or shoot a gun into the air? I left her number at home and im not allowed to bring guns to school anymore were on express elevator to hell going down, oh soul, just bought it on stream or but just bought on, seem says. Steam, says strife, tz, uh, tgz, wait hold on everyone! Ignore that im gon na read that again, where i dont mess up literally every single part of one single, simple sentence, and then we can clip it and send the people who paid us to play this. It was this day in 2003 that paul and i uploaded our first videos um, one of which was oh nice, very fancy, uh, one of which, we hasten to remind you, was a video of us uh hitting tennis balls at uh, jamess nuts, all right! What do we uh? What do we cut in here? I dont know you figure it out.

Okay, do they connect to each other like if you have a root that you have to like connect like breasts to niece Music? Do they touch yeah? Do they touch the breast, the nice breast, welcome to the nice breast ferry night time, shrek swamp all star by smash mouth begins to play shrek exits, an outhouse and goes about his day in the swamp yeah. I think im done with this truck. You have to steal the essence of track. This is my submission for the cant draw horses club, everybody ship – that can you all ship this off to uh to corey? There is no explanation for the things that happen on kandra horses club yeah, like whatevers going on over here. Why is it all green? Every time i hear the description for that stream, where hes like uh cory and friends are gon na. Do do your thing. I picture corey as a sock puppet for some reason: hello, welcome to a normal episode, cant draw horses club im; sorry, the idol aspect, pat what huh, what oh theres a music tag. I didnt see it. Oh my god! Why, anyway, back to the sewer? Thank you for having me its great to be here. I havent played it, but i will go grab a toot, so i stop looking like ians adult son. Whoever lived here is a narc just for that im taking their fridge. I cant pick up the combat rifle because im so full of alcohol.

I have so much booze again, ive just been theres a lady whos talking to me through the computer, and she told me that i have to get the memories and take them from the tourism place to the card reader. Do you know where that is? I do not have time for this: okay, thats thats, reasonable, thats, thats, fair, i i shouldnt have. I shouldnt have asked you in the first place: im sorry im just gon na go out and stare at the lights, adam jensen, quits drinking and then, like years later at christmas he has a chocolate, liqueur and explodes ready, yup oops! Oh no wait come on one time. What the oh so its break time dude come on poof all right, please please catch! This is my life. Welcome, get your fall off Laughter, hi, hello, hi! Thank you for your input. As always, baxter really appreciate it. You literally cannot sit here. You cant sit here dude. This is our table. Maybe this is where youll bond, maybe youll both discover that you love to scream Music, say goodbye youre gaining life. Every time one of your things dies so its completely negating the dog. Negating the dog, hey, hey! What are you doing? Stop negating the dog hey! Put that hey, oh hey gs in the moon base. Has the thing ian did been discovered, wow contingent cat thats a horrifying thing for me to read. You cannot turn to the left.

Now we had said that this would be the first ppr that, where we would be back in person playing paper magic at the moon base and we were right hows, it feel to get bamboozled just kidding. You morons were together again Laughter Music. Oh thank you for the games. Thank you very much for the games yeah. You know, you know what we didnt do. What thank you for the games. Thank you. Ah lets play. What are we doing? Dude jesus christ, megados x, literally just typed in chat, look out. Graham hes behind you before you came in the room, but i hear the audience asking kathleen. Why do you do these kinds of artsy crafty things if youre so shitty at them holy marios dead, corey somebody called the ambulance cory. You killed him. Jesus, oh hes. Okay! Never mind looks like fire doesnt work on the dragon. Eh. Oh, i died. Oh no! Well! I guess it sucks to suck then doesnt it it does suck to suck. I got kicked off the server i died so hard. I got kicked off the server. I killed. The game youre about to die on your last life, you it lose quits. I would like to go to combat yeah and put two one one counters on each creature. I control. Is it each or each other uh on each creature its in wait? What do you mean its each and the gifts in each and we take a mile? We got this.

Everything is fine. Wait you play mongara my mongara new wood just dropped. That was part of the update. Oh, a gazebo wait: theres, multiple gazebo theres more than one gazebo. I know exactly where i want to put this: oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, my japanese garden is going to become a reality, its a house serge. Why wouldnt there be a basement and nelson is here on judge and his mustache hi? Are you gon na? Are you gon na go with whatever it tells you yeah? I think i have to for comedy right, yep, mario uh, who know you probably want to be careful uno uno uno. Oh my god! Oh no, hes in the zone. He cant be hurt; hes, fine, oh no, Music, wow! That couldnt have sucked the air out of the room any harder if you pretend to really hate commander, but you still play it all the time does that make you commander ray Laughter, fred jones lets go gang at the start of the game drawn item card. Oh all right once per turn, oh and you can give and alright it has the give and take lists. One second fred is a trap. Fanatic Laughter, oh, i know where the uh the end portal is. Have you checked your butthole skid up Laughter Music? I have not seen your ring, but have you checked your ring? You try and get me game im fearless ben thats why they put me in charge of this stream, fearless ben? What the oh! What the oh jesus! You scared the out of me Laughter, ah im.

So sorry, its okay, all right im gon na go poop me too. We call that minting an nft Music is Music. Let me ride that donkey donkey. Let me ride that donkey donkey. That is something i should have thought more about before. I actually said it, but here we are, did you know that sometimes you say things and you dont even know what you mean the last poor yorick its clobbering time. Wait is poop a taco or a sandwich. Isnt it a bunless hot dog, stay in the hole. Im excited now and when you cant see beej thats when hes the most dangerous, i put a cow in a wind tunnel, ive got a huge shed of shoulders and a tiny hand. The plan is to demoralize them out of the game. I hope we never play. Garfield card, ever again, you ever just really regret streaming. I think we typically take eating ass and dial it back once the butt is really just the shoulder of the leg. Wigglytuff is thick. Oh, i dont know how many holes you have. Oh thanks. Ann youve ruined christmas again and its only august look at how charming i am. If i was sober in the 80s, nobody stands a chance. Dost thou shittist me baby. Oh man, i got ta, show you pee pee. Did you dance around on the blocks and give everybody a nice little tinkle show uh? Can you guys, like moisturize your balls, please? What did you just say we love to make the balls jiggle uh people rub themselves on all sorts of things in this game.

If you think, im gon na continue being cameron after the apocalypse, when i could just rename myself rick disirectus, who had faceless meat man on their bingo card, lifting your arm is basically using your meat magic. Did you know that hot girl summer uh is followed by the fall of man? While you were busy being cannibals? I studied the blade, you know what they say: chicken in the future templar in the past i cant tell whats going on. I dont. I cant even see whats happening. Can somebody peel me what is grass, if not the hair of the world? The problem is that this is a french pastry and youre putting too much english on it. I havent done the math because i refused to do the math. I didnt break a leg i broke both my legs find you, someone that you can surgically attach yourself to Music. You did it. You have indeed found some undigested herbs in the deer stomach. My face hurts from smiling so hard victory is mine and across the line. Well, do it again nice job, have i tried asking the drone nicely lets. Try, sir. I cant help but notice that you have a trident. I would really like your trident. Please know that when i kill you here its not because i dont like you its just because i need that trident uh, if you have a family ill, send them some money. Yes, yes, i got it.

I got it, i got it, i got it come on. Come on? Oh, yes, oh! That feels good. Please just Applause! I didnt play sydney olympics 2000 on the playstation to not know how to absolutely murder a button. Mashing minigame thats. All that game was oh. I think i goofed this one yeah, oh Music. Oh snap, boom! Oh whoa, he wont stop. He cant stop holy crap Music nicely done. Wow Laughter, oh shoot. I thought i had it. Okay go plant, this bike, one enemy! This is good. Cory stay right! Here i missed. I missed watching you get a pistol kill on your second. In a row there james well done shock dirt done. We can look at their deck if you want to yeah. Well, we already know whats on ours. Put that in their graveyard. Good idea, oh catchers, monument pack 3, would be great. Well there you go ill catch. This monument, easy game, easy planes off the top, see see. Oh no thats, okay, theres a gem underneath this just like i said. Oh yes, yes see its, not just me its! Not just me! Yes were just talking, you guys are just arguing about the the among us meta. No, no, no im not already knowing im discussing the tunnel and its uses in a non trihard meta, yeah, im, saying im talking about this from a new player, slash viewership experience right where this map doesnt seem as though its the best no votes.

This is unbelievable. Zero votes. We do it now because its all instant right we get through further. Well, it doesnt really matter, because this damage just transfers over here. I guess oh yeah, i guess thats true yeah yeah, yeah yeah, you do it now, yeah yeah, still on deck. Still on deck, oh youre, dead Laughter lets go storm deck, no youre, not oh! No! No! No! Okay! Then you can click to to finish it. Jesus, okay, its heavy bandage. Oh well, thats one way to get the quest done. Ladies and gentlemen, what the was that dont look at the time yep come on here we go time, yeah Music castle otranto. You are the very first person to hit 100 months. That is unreal. Thank you. So much – and i know more of those are gon na start rolling in as the next couple days and weeks go by um throughout the month of december uh. Thank you legitimately. Thank you. Weve arrived near the end of the game. Youre almost foose road done Laughter dont hit me with the credits, kill the criticism dont. Do that do it to us, please! No! No! No! No come on come on really was that it was that the game i just speed run this in like two hours.