This requires the least amount of investment up front, allows you to practice flying to your hearts content without any risks, and once youre pro at flying in the game, youll actually be surprised at how much of that muscle memory transfers over to real life. The thing is, i know that that method doesnt work for everyone, not everybody – has a great computer and others just really prefer to jump into the real thing right away, which is why today, i want to talk about another option. This here is the tiny hawk 3 rtf kit and rtf stands for ready to fly. Ready to fly kits are great because theyre designed for beginners and they come with everything you need to get started in one easy package. This kit, in particular, comes with all your main components like your goggles controller and the drone. You also get some goggle antennas, a battery battery charger, spare propellers spare screws tools, a usb cable and a few little extras now other than maybe wanting a few spare batteries. This is everything youre going to need to get out and get flying the best part about it is in a kit like this all the components come set up and ready to go as well. All you have to do is charge everything up turn everything on plug. In the drone battery and youre ready for your first flight – and this is all really convenient, but to be honest, i was never really sold on most of these beginner kits because i feel like they always come with the same few problems with the tiny hawk 3.

Though i got ta admit that emacs is doing some really cool stuff to address some of these issues. So i want to talk about that. The first problem for me are that microdrones are usually harder to fly than a standard sized drone like this one because of their weight distance between the motors and added power. Bigger drones like this are usually more stable in the air and will also be less affected by wind. When i first tried the tineak 3, my first impression was that it felt significantly underpowered compared to the other tiny quads i own, but the more i used it. The more i realized how intentional this actually is, first of all, because its less powerful its way easier to maintain a constant elevation which can be one of the hardest things for beginners to learn. My dad is currently learning how to fly, and this is something he usually struggles with, but when i let him try the tiny hawk, i was surprised that he was actually able to control it fairly. Well now, two other things that helped were putting the quad in angle mode, which will level it. The drone automatically and the tiny hawk, also comes set up with a lower controller sensitivity or rates which make it easier to control as well. The tune on the tiny, hawk 3 is also great, and i could perform inverted maneuvers with minimal prop wash im, not sure how this compares to the tiny hog 2.

But i can definitely say that this is a huge improvement from my old tiny hawk s. Overall, the more i used it, the more i started to love it, and i would definitely say that a beginner would have a much easier time. Learning on the tiny hawk than they would on lets say the mobilis 6, which is still my favorite tiny loop. The next issue that comes up is quality. Professional fpv setup can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. So to get a kit like this down to a reasonable price. You kind of have to cut corners somewhere because of that these kids will often use cheap materials and can be very limited, forcing you to quickly upgrade as you advance through the hobby. The tiny hawk kit is no different and definitely feels more like a toy than a professional product, but compared to their previous kits, emacs has made some pretty big improvements with this one. First of all, the controller in this kit is much more usable than the one that comes with the tiny hawk one and two its bigger and feels very comfortable in my hands. The gimbals or control sticks are very basic and i wouldnt expect much, but for a super budget, radio like this, i actually really enjoyed using them and controlling the drone was not a problem. Although i havent tried, apparently its also possible to use this controller with other drones as well as long as they have an fr sky receiver in them.

I can confirm, though, that i was able to hook it up to a computer and use it with a simulator without a problem moving on to the goggles in this kit. These are actually really cool. They extend to three different distances to provide a more comfortable viewing experience, and the design also makes them much more portable when theyre folded in the field of view is also pretty large, which i really like and, for me id say, theyre comfortable enough to wear. I will say, though, that out of all the pieces in this kit, the goggles definitely feel the most flimsy and cheap and theyre. Probably the first piece that i would want to replace. Whats really cool, though, is that emacs actually acknowledges that and a useful feature that they added is that the screen can actually be removed. And while the body of the goggles feels cheap, the screen part feels pretty durable and thats cool, because if you upgrade to a better set of goggles, you can still keep this part and use it as an external monitor for your friends or family to watch along. Not only that, but for those of you who wear glasses and cant wear the goggles emacs also includes this little attachment that can be screwed into the controller and allows you to mount the monitor to it. Instead, now you have more of a traditional drone setup. I honestly love this idea and i think it adds a lot of value to the kit.

Okay, so theres actually one more thing that i noticed only after filming this review, but i think it has to be mentioned so you might have seen in my previous flight footage that overall, the image looked pretty clear. You might have seen a little bit of breakup from time to time, but this is perfectly normal. No matter what type of goggles you have the thing is, i didnt actually record those clips with these goggles, but i used a different pair and the reason for that is because originally when i was testing these out, i didnt realize that one of their weak points Is video recording and although you can record your flights with these for some reason, every little crackle that you see during your flight ends up recording as this giant flash on the screen that pretty much makes the video completely unwatchable so anyways the rest of the clips. In this, video are gon na be from the emax goggles, so you will see what i mean. I apologize in advance, theyre, pretty terrible. But again this is not what youre gon na see while youre flying but anyways. In my opinion, the best part about this kit is the tiny hawk itself, its also plastic, but in this case, because its so light and small, i actually think thats a good thing. It doesnt seem to impact its flight performance too much. But if you were to crash the soft plastic would help dampen that impact out of all the gear.

You get id say that these two things are probably what youre going to end up using the longest, so its nice to see that emacs tried to make these a little bit more durable so that they at least last you longer now the next limitation that these Kits often have is range, and you definitely cant expect to be doing any long distance flying with this kind of setup. You have to keep in mind that this is a budget kit with budget components and its not really upgradable in any way. That being said for just flying, the tiny hawk around i didnt feel limited by its range whatsoever. I tested it in the house and was able to fly from the second story, all the way down to the basement, with pretty clear video, the entire time and without losing connection. I also took it out to the park and in this open area i was able to go the length of the baseball diamond without a problem. I didnt want to test it further because there were some people with their dogs, and i was a bit worried that i might lose connection and one of the dogs might come and pick up my drone, i wouldnt bet on flying it much further than that, though, But with a tiny whoop like this for most uses, theres really no reason to. Finally, even though microdrones like this can be beat around quite a lot, theyre definitely not invincible and will eventually break in a hard crash.

What sucks about that is because theyre, so small, the components on the inside are tiny as well and theyre, usually also more crammed together, which makes them a lot harder to fix to help with this its nice to see that emax finally made the top canopy of The tiny hawk removable, which makes it much easier to access the electronics if youre, someone whos intimidated by soldering as well youre. Also in luck, because youll notice that the motors simply plug in which makes replacing them very easy again, you probably wont be repairing this quad. Very often, but when the time comes, these little things will make a difference. Overall, honestly, i think emacs did a really good job with this kit, especially after letting my dad try it. I was genuinely surprised at how well it worked for him. So if you are someone that prefers a more hands on product, i definitely think this could be a decent option for you, especially if youre someone with a casual interest in fpv – and you just want to fly around the house and have some fun. This kit could actually last you from a pretty long time, but if you know that your goal is to get into freestyle or cinematic fpv, just keep in mind that you probably will end up upgrading most of this gear fairly quickly. Now, if there was one final thing that i would say that emacs could further improve on, i would say customer experience now, although you get this qr code that you can scan to get a full user manual, most of the things in that manual will not make Any sense or be useful to a beginner – and i say this all the time, but just including some basic instructions like how to arm the drone.

What channel the drone is set to and how to use all the equipment, at least like a basic explanation, would really help, and even something as simple as adding stickers to all the switches on the controller just to label them could significantly help with a lot of Those frustrations that beginners face this is something that seems to be the norm with a lot of fpv companies, though, and i do see that its very, very slowly changing but im, hoping that if i keep complaining about it, maybe itll change a little bit faster, anyways Thats all i got for today guys hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always.