Welcome to the van. I have a five inch quad here sitting with a GoPro ready to go. We'Re gon na try to line of sight power loop and this might be the start of a game of quad between DC RC and bak Reiner, see if he wants to do the Q out of quad and to see if we can get something going line of Sight play around have some fun with these quads no goggles required let's see if we can do this Music, all right so first I'm gon na do like I'm gon na do just a few loops here just to practice and then we're gon na try to power. Loot, the trees all right, wow that's, a pretty small loop I'm gon na – have to go big here, be able to make those trees up and over Wow okay that's harder than I thought it was up and over big loop. Big lit big loop igloo. Oh, my god, that's ridiculous I'm gon na hit the pavement I'm gon na hit the concrete I'm, not feeling super confident right now, all right coming back for another loop, not even sure what angle to do this that I should oh, my god, I was way off – Should we go for the trees actually do one more? I need big sky for this. Oh, my god. Oh that's, not good I'm. Afraid of that happening on the concrete, pretty wet out here too. Okay, I'm, just gon na kind of practice.

On this one get some speed up Music. There was nothing holy. Nice came in on the other side of the tree. Gon na come back around here for another one hopping over holy ground, Oh into the curb that's. Not good did I almost made it that's such a bad angle. All right batteries got to be getting low. Here we go. I didn't even break a prop, Oh God, so the wind is kind of pushing me off to the right holy. This is so hard yeah. The wind is definitely pushing me to the right here I go again. Oh God, I got completely discombobulated Music. I think I'm gon na stand over on like go through this section this time, because last time I was being pushed by the wind, so let's get some speed up and go up and over, Oh God, yeah baby, yes, let's see if I can get it back. Oh, my god that was crazy line of sight. Power loop come on back in please back on the ground and have done. I did it full speed. Yeah, yes, find a site power lose out, freakin crazy. It didn't come without some carnage.