This is the luland drone. They sent this out to me for review, for you guys and this things pretty cool its made for ages, 14 and up and thats, because it can be pretty dangerous, but it only costs under a hundred dollars has a camera on the front 720p camera. So its good enough to record some video with doesnt have any type of wind resistance, but it does have a couple of different speeds, so you can fly as fast or slow as you want to. You can fly it pretty high. You got to be careful, though, because days like this, when its windy, you have a lot less control over it since its so light. So my camera girl over here its going to do her best to try to keep the keep the drone and video. But this is a really nice drone they sent out to me. This is a new company too theyre on amazon. They are looking for some people to take a look at their drones because it actually is really good. Ive been really impressed with it. Ive had it for probably a month now, and it flies really well take a look at the remote control, a little plastic, but nothing too serious. You turn left to go left right right, all that good stuff right, so its really cool, really easy to learn and to use now you guys may see on the ends ill, try to bring it closer to the camera.

Without hitting my camera grow, you guys can see some little things hanging off the sides of it. Those are our bumper guards. At least i can get closer to you. The wing keeps blowing it away, so i dont want to go too close, but there are some bumper guards there on the sides to try to help you keep this from crashing youre going to crash this drone, especially with it being so light and no wind resistance Whatsoever, but you can keep those from running into things a little bit and i have got this stuck into a tree before i had to get a brand new one, but i did get it stuck into the tree because it does get pretty high. I cant remember exactly how high it goes, but it goes im gon na raise it all the way up for you ready. It goes pretty high up. There ill move it for it. There we go so it can go really high and really far. So i want to be careful, because this is how i lost it last time, the higher you go, the more wind resistance, youre going to find actually im, not controlling that at all. I need to bring it down. I lost control over it, so its very easy to lose control over it. Just because of how tiny it is im going to bring it back because theres some cars coming. Oh okay, well, lets stop right so to land it youll press down on the right, thumbstick or analog, stick which will do oh there.

It goes so, it finally landed and it turns off just in case. You need to land, so youll just actually just hold down on the stick and it lowers it down to make it fly, youll, press up and then press down and it starts the propellers and then you can press up to get it going again. So its a really easy im going to bite down its a really easy toy to use and again its for ages, 14 and older im very impressed with it. I gave it five stars out of five one really cool thing about lulin is. It was over 100 and i actually complained that this thing is over a hundred dollars and theres companies who are who are charging less for better camera quality. This ones 720p and most people are given 1080, but they actually changed the price immediately after i said that, so they are listening to customer feedback, so thats pretty cool, so im not going to fly this anymore because theres a lot of people coming by, but i Just want to show you guys this, so in the description box there will be a link in the description you guys should check us out for yourself. Thank you so much to lulun for sending this out. There is an app you guys can use. You can download the lulan app and you guys can see in first person view of the drone when youre flying around, so you can get some really cool shots.

Take videos and shoot some pictures. So, thank you so much to lulun for sending this out guys hit that comment box. Let me know what you guys think about drones. Have you ever seen one before? Have you ever driven one before? Let me know that down below in the description, and we will see you guys in the next video okay, skye out peace.