A good drone um depends on what youre looking for um. This is more of a beginner drone than anything. I personally think this also could help the intermediate level person um. I remember when i was first trying to fly and stuff. I needed something kind of like this. I had a pro mark, but that was a little more advanced than this here, so this would be a good step to start off at or maybe even uh. The next step, because it has an okay range and stuff, and once you learn the controls now, the controls and stuff is something that i have a little tiny issue with. But you know its everything has something to be different with. So, on your controller here, the things i dont, like usually youll, have like some sort of trim buttons or whatever on anything hobby grade type thing this one here to Music access the trim functions. You have to hold this one down like push it in. You know until your click hold it down and then, if you want to trim it this way, you just keep pushing it. You know, however, many times same as that way, or you know whatever way you want to trim it out um it does work and it works fine um. If you try to fly this outside without turning on the what i call sport mode, um youre going to have problems, because the drone itself will get pushed around by five mile an hour wind, i mean its its a light drone, which is good, but its also Bad um and beyond that it also has um uh.

It suffers a little bit from um. The anemic motors is what im calling it. I really know how else to describe it besides that guys, im sorry um, but if you take the second stick over here, the right stick, one that you control most of it with and click it in and then just one little click um. That brings it to what i call sport mode, which is, and if youre gon na fly outdoors thats the only mode that i would use um and it actually handles itself pretty well now, if you get it up and it gets a bunch of wind yeah. Of course, it is a small drone. You got to keep that in mind, um, just to give you a little comparison um. This is the teller that i have okay, and this is the little one theyre about the same size and they weigh almost exactly the same. So the telo for its size has a good weight balance, its still a little on the light side too, because you know you cant, you cant, take it in certain areas where theres a lot of wind, because itll just get bounced all over the place. This one here is basically the same thing um, but its got a bigger profile. You know its got a bigger, bigger area that um the wing can catch. So just keep that in mind. Um, it doesnt really get hot. These little batteries here um i used to hate little batteries like this but um.

I dont know if its what theyve got in here or what, but these little guys here, um im getting excuse me im getting 12 minutes or so on a flight. If im, if im easy and lower to the ground ill get a solid 15 minutes, thats pretty damn good um, i wish they would have put a better camera in there i mean it has hd whatever. When you order it, it says 80 meters, resolution of the camera, okay and whatever. That means hd 1280 times 720 whats in the box, and it tells you whats in the box me on that. So all they really tell you about the camera is that its hd and its 1280×720. So this is what ive looked up for 1280×720. Okay. So let me just read you what i what ive found here on the camera um – and this is where i think it suffers. Um pretty, i wont, say bad because its a beginner um. This is the number 720 and 180 refer to horizontal resolution. Okay, therefore, 720 hd camera provides images that are 1280 by 720, which is what this is um now its thats, not terrible, but nowadays when everythings 1080 and above its its behind um. So, if youre looking to get this to take decent pictures and stuff youre going to be a little disappointed, its mainly Music kind of market it as a fpv type thing, but it doesnt come with goggles or anything like that um.

I think the idea with this one is and it it misses the mark a little bit on packaging and explanation and things like that, but its its kind of like a little bit of a gem in the same respect. And let me explain because that that sounds kind of goofy um. So when you get a pro mark, for example um i was, you know, kind of blown away with them for a while back just because of the size and quality and stuff like that. That you got, they came with fpv um, like a headset thing that you can put your phone in. I think this would be very well suited for something like that as well. I do believe it has some sort of a mode like that on there. The app is something i havent really explored very well and im, not gon na go crazy with it because theres a million of these things out there, you guys, are free to do and figure that part out on your own. Now again, it does come packaged very well: um uh. You can take the um protectors off there and they do fold in im, not gon na fold. This one in here at least not right now until im done kind of messing around with it um, but for a beginner and for someone to learn how to fly or something that doesnt go really fast. You just want to kind of play around the yard.

Its pretty fun, i have the most fun when i dont even hook up the app to the drone. I just want to use the controller im, not an expert on everything, so you know i could be getting that part wrong, but um. In my opinion, the optical flow on this one here, if you put your hand under here, should theoretically do the same thing. It doesnt do anything. I can put my hand here. I can even touch the bottom of the drone. Nothing happens, um, so thats a missed safety feature, i think um, because if its touted as a beginner drone and thats really what youre marketing it for you know and and kids and stuff can be playing with it. I think that would be a great feature that they can take advantage of all right, so im just gon na let some of the video and stuff play here, ive cut and chopped a lot here just to show you. I spent a lot of time with this drone here, a lot more than i normally do, because i really did have fun with it um. This is your instruction booklet and it comes in many different languages. Just make sure that you, you actually look through this and read over it, because the instructions for using this or even the app is a lot different than many of the other ones, especially at the lower grade. So just kind of take that into consideration when youre using this thing, it can be fun um and, like i said, for a beginner level, its not bad.

It really isnt, im, probably gon na rate this somewhere around three or four stars, um and thats. Out of five, which is really not bad um, i bought many things at that level. So keep that in mind and as you watch the the videos and stuff here ill, just kind of cut and chop a little bit here. So you can kind of see some of the limitations as well as some of the advantages of the drone itself. So all right, so the first thing you can see here is you know the packaging and stuff become pretty well packaged like everything else um. I have already opened this up, so its not new to me, but uh heres how it comes packaged and, as you can tell it has a little legs on the bottom that fit in those little holes. Uh everything seems to have a nice little place. You take the package out like so, and you get all your manuals and stuff i get in there now. I do have to say one thing: im not much for reading a manual, but i do like how thick this is. I mean theres a lot of really good information in there for somebody that doesnt know uh its in different languages, i mean its its pretty pretty decent. So far, um im not gon na go through and check the grammar or whatever. You know this does come from china, so there may be some of that as well, but um from what i can tell i mean they tried to put together something pretty comprehensive.

So i do like that, you know again, most people might think its a little overkill and just want to go with the quick start sheet. So heres the quick start. Um you got a app to download. I i assume that thats what it runs on and you got to set up your controller very much like the one that comes from pro mark. Most of those are very similar um i dont know what the uh range of stuff is on. This lets see if it says it on the box. The range here you go, so the brand is lulin. The z3 rc drone blah blah blah comes with two batteries, especially about 60 minutes flight time. Um well, do some range testing and stuff on it, because i dont see the range listed on here lets see if its listed on the listing okay. So, as you can see, this is where you would attach your phone. You do have to supply your own batteries. Let me show you how how many and how easy that is. It comes with a supplied screwdriver here so well. Just take that out. Take off the battery cover here and ill show you what you need for that? Okay, it takes four double a batteries, as you can tell um, when you loosen the screw, it will not come all the way out its designed to kind of stay in the door. There, which is nice because so many of those come out and then you lose them um.

One thing that i will say about this and well get some batteries here in a minute is it comes with three batteries and on the packaging it says two so theres one inside the drone. Now let me kind of show you this here. This is a cover here, so you push this little button and the cover is supposed to come off like that see how it has the battery already inside theres a battery right there, which im now charging – and this is your indicator – light to tell you when its Ready itll go out or itll change, the color or whatever, and then heres another battery here that it comes with now. These are not like the helicopters and such that youve seen before. That has just the regular jst connectors. These have their own like proprietary type plug, and what i mean by that is, if you look theyre a little bit different than the others i dont know. If that will connect the same way it may i dont have any jsts to kind of compare it with at this time, but i will find out eventually so its kind of kind of unique kind of cool at the same time, but can also be something of A hindrance later, if you want to buy aftermarket batteries or you destroy these or they just run dead, whatever you know everything wears out, and you want to replace them so, depending on how long that the drones life is, that might become a problem.

Um again, who knows what thats actually going to be yet um? It may be totally fine. These batteries may last forever uh, so it comes without its little caps um. Those are actually inside of one of these bags over here that come with extra propellers and stuff im, not gon na, actually install them right now, im just going to kind of keep my mind of this right there, they dont really serve a purpose. I mean, i guess they hold the screws and stuff in there, but im going to double check and make sure everythings tight before we go out and fly for the first time. I do want to point out one thing, though: so, if you notice this is a that says: b uh whenever youre doing these blades or replacing them or whatever, whether its the oem factory stuff to replace it with or if you buy aftermarkets remember a and b They go on differently, so one thing that were going to do, which i always like to do is were going to snap on our blade protectors or whatever you call this. This is a safety feature and where i fly at you know, i just think its a good idea. Uh. Sometimes i get around kids and stuff and its not on purpose. But whenever i get things like this out, it tends to draw a little bit of a crowd and i want to make sure that uh, everythings, safe and and uh nobodys gon na have any problems with what i do going forward.